Is free web hosting safe? You should know everything by 2020.

Today we will answer the question related to your free Webhosting very well, is a free web hosting safe?

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If you do not know about hosting, then you must read this article, we have given very good information. What is web hosting? Now let’s talk is a free web hosting safe? about this.

Is free web hosting safe?

Friend clearly tells you that we should not use free web hosting, there are some reasons which I am going to tell you now.

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Free that if something can be good, then it can be given by God. In today’s time, there will be some interest in everyone else. Let us know what are the reasons why we should not use free Webhosting.


We should not do free web hosting due to the following reasons.

1. Free web hosting If you want to start blogging and earn money, then it is not possible. Because Google Adsense will not validate your website in free web hosting, Google’s system will recognize your hosting whether it is free or paid hosting.

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2. You can only backup your website in free Webhosting. That is, if you ever want to buy a paid web hosting and run your website on it, you will not get this facility. If you get, then you will have to pay money to that free web hosting company only then you will be able to back up your website.

3. If you create your website in free Webhosting and even if no visitor comes in it, then the speed of your site will continue to be down, in which you will have trouble in getting the site run properly.


4. If you start your dream blog in free web hosting, then there is a lot of chance that your website data can be copied i.e. any free Webhosting company can copy your website data and sell it. Therefore, you should not use free Webhosting.

5. This reason that I am telling you now, this is happening to many new bloggers, due to which they have a lot of trouble. If you create your website in free web hosting, then that free Webhosting company can lock your site at any time, that is, neither you can write an article on it or you can delete any article and backup, you will not anyway Because they have locked your site to make money from you. If you want to run your site, then you have to pay them, only then they will unlock your site. Therefore, you should not use free web hosting.

6. Free Webhosting companies also run their ads on your site, which they get paid for. For this, they add a script to your site and then they can run any ad network ad on your site.

7. Free Webhosting can close your site at any time because nothing happens here, they start their company by investing money, but later they can close your site due to any reason. Due to which all your mahants can be wasted, you cannot even backup your site data because they can do this work without telling you that they will not give any information that they are closing your site.

8. Free web hosting company does not help you in any way, ie no help mail or mobile call facility is provided to the customer. Because the reason behind this is that the companies do not have any help team that can give you this facility. If you have any problem, you will have to fix it yourself or you will have to take help from someone else or you leave your site, in addition to this, you will not have any other option.


So friend these were some important reasons why you should know why we should not use free Webhosting. We hope that you have got the answer to this question (is free web hosting safe?).

If you use free webhosting then all you should do is to learn. In which you have to edit the theme, how to install the plugin in it, how to install WordPress, how the domain looks, how to write the article, how to upload the file, and any other work that you just want to do once and see your experience and If you want to increase, you must use it. But never use free Webhosting for blogging, keep this thing in mind.

If you do not have money, then you can start a free blog from Google Blogger, in which you also get a free domain. And otherwise, if you have to spend on a domain, then you must spend a good chip on this domain, we have already written an article on it, you must read it.

And if you have to run your site on the hosting itself, then we have written an article on hosting at the best chip price for the beginner, you must read it. If you read it, you will get good hosting for very little money.

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