Is WordPress Free for New Bloggers: How much does it cost to build a WordPress website?

In today’s time, only two best platforms are available for blogging, one is Google Blogger and the other is WordPress free.

Hello, my name is Pradeep. In this article, I am aware that if I get WordPress free or not, then for how long it is available. What are the benefits of using it? What is the difference between a free and paid WordPress site?

And we can earn money using WordPress or not, I am going to give you all the information with the help of this article.

Top 5 Best Plugin for WordPress : Must Use Your Website

I believe that if you are a new blogger then you will have very little knowledge of WordPress. Second, there will also be a question in your mind whether we can use WordPress for free. Let’s know from this same question, Is WordPress Free?

 Is WordPress Free

There is no owner of WordPress yet, it is a free software designed for Blogger. It can be used free by every blogger who wants to make their website on the hosting of a company.

Is WordPress free. Digital SEO Life

But we can tell you that there is a company named WordPress Foundation, by which this software has been improved, again and again, we must do the same as the WordPress Foundation because it is constantly working on it to make it better. It is engaged in making it good without any selfishness.

The second thing is that WordPress Foundation also cares that no one is selling this software because it is free. If someone gets sold, then strict legal action will be taken.

We also have to keep in mind that we cannot use the name of WordPress in any of our domain names and not its logo because it is also wrong in the eyes of the WordPress Foundation.

I hope that you have understood this information about WordPress very well, if you still have a question related to Is WordPress Free, then you can ask us by commenting.

How can we use WordPress for free?

We already told you that Is WordPress Free for New and old Bloggers. This is free software that any beginner blogger can use.

WordPress software comes inside the GPL license, that is, what we know by the name of General Public License, which we can also call General Public License in Hindi.

We do not have to pay anything for it as long as we use WordPress.

Old version or a new version of WordPress is free for everyone. If you use the old version then you can use the new version for free. Just you have to update your WordPress.

Some important things related to WordPress

Friends, we have come to know that WordPress is free, which is the software that comes under the GPL license. But we would also like to tell you that we can use this software only on one hosting.

Because it can be installed on top of it, it is a software used on the Internet. And we also tell you something about hosting.

Hosting is an online store where all the data on our website is stored and that’s why we can install and use WordPress software. We cannot use WordPress without hosting.

We also told you earlier that we can use WordPress software only by installing it on hosting. Which gives you a different company at different price. We will also give you information about this and you will also get information about how you will get free WordPress and free hosting for 14 days.

But before that, we tell you some difference between free WordPress website and paid WordPress website, which you will not have any problem later.

What are the things we need for a WordPress website?

If you are a new person and want to build your WordPress website, then you should have knowledge of hosting and domain. That is, we need a top-level domain and a good hosting that we can easily make our website.

For this, we have written a separate the article, in which you will get good information that you can get hosting at less cost than stated and you can get a domain for less than said cost.

Make a good WordPress website for your low cost. This is our goal. Because you have to spend on both these things if you can create a WordPress website.

Because WordPress will be available for free, which you have to install in your hosting and also connect the domain to the hosting. And your WordPress site will be ready.

Now there are some more important things that you should know.

Friends, now when you add these is WordPress free and domain hosting. So your site will be ready in which you can write your article.

Now you will get some free themes and free plugins that you can use for free, you also get paid plugins which you will buy using them.

If you have a news page theme of 50 dollars, we are giving you only 10 dollars, which is the best theme for the WordPress website.

WordPress free blog for Beginner

Friend, if you want to create a free WordPress blog then you can create your own WordPress blog without any expense.

Here you neither have to spend on hosting nor spend on the domain name, you will get both for free. You can create a personal blog using them. is a site that gives you this facility.

Now there are some more things related to WordPress free blog which we would like to tell you.

Now if you are making a blog for free, then here you need some things which you should know. Just like if you create a free WordPress blog, you cannot earn it with Google Adsense, you will get a watermarked domain from WordPress and for example, you will get a domain like So this was an important thing that you should have known.

Now if you just want to teach, then you can create your own WordPress free blog here and you can also purchase a plan given by them here and make a custom domain name and earning. This will be better for you than any free hosting site. Because your data will be safe here.

Difference Between Free WordPress Hosting and Paid WordPress Hosting

Free WordPress hosting

Friends, if you want to get free WordPress hosting then you get it for a limited time like 1month or more for 1 year which you can use for free but this offer comes for very little time. Which some company launches.

Now I want to tell you one more thing that there is some other company which gives you free WordPress hosting. But let me tell you. This company blocks your site’s data by seeing your site rank quickly and then you can take a lot of money to unblock it again.

Therefore, I am afraid that you should avoid such a company.

The second thing is that you cannot earn free WordPress hosting. You get limited space in it.

If you want to build your own site and you are looking for free WordPress hosting to test. So I am going to tell you a good company for Is WordPress Free and Hosting, which can make you run a website for 14 days. And if you like it, you can buy it.

For this, you can visit the site by clicking on the banner shown below. Friend offer is for a limited time, if you are reading this article after a few months or years, then this offer of free will have expired, then we cannot say anything.

Now let’s talk about paid WordPress hosting

Paid WordPress Hosting

You get different types of paid WordPress hosting, in which you have to do it accordingly. You do not pay for WordPress, you only pay for hosting.

For more information about hosting, you must read this article. What is web hosting

In this, you can make your website by installing your WordPress, if you want to get a website, you can contact us, you can visit our service page for more information.

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