21 Jobs That Pay Cash Near You

21 Jobs That Pay Cash Near You: In today’s world, Most of us receive our salaries or wages through the convenience of our bank accounts. Employers typically credit our income directly to the bank or issue checks that we can deposit at a bank or credit union to access our funds.

Additionally, there are now apps that offer advance payments or even the full paycheck amount in exchange for a fee, further simplifying the process of getting paid.

jobs that pay cash

However, there’s an intriguing alternative – jobs that pay in cold, hard cash. Yes, we’re talking about actual Dollar bills and Cent coins instead of bank transfers, checks, or digital payments. Surprisingly, many Americans prefer this method of payment for various reasons.

Reasons to Get Paid Through a Bank

Before we delve into the enticing world of jobs that pay cash near only, it’s essential to understand the advantages of receiving your income through a bank. Here are some compelling reasons:

1. Proof of Income

A bank or credit union statement serves as solid proof of your income, invaluable for various purposes such as obtaining credit, loans, or mortgages.

2. Boosted Credit Score

Banks often verify your credit credentials when you request a credit score report. Your credit score is often linked to your regular income, potentially boosting your creditworthiness.

3. Employment Verification

A salary credited to a bank is direct evidence of your employment and tenure with an employer, which some employers may require as proof of your work history.

4. Taxation

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) relies on bank or credit union statements to verify tax returns, ensuring that all income is declared.

Reasons to Get Paid in Cash

While there are several advantages to receiving your income through a bank, there are situations where being paid in cash can be more beneficial:

1. No Bank Account

If you don’t have a bank account for any reason, cash payments can be a lifeline.

2. Urgent Cash Needs

When there’s an urgent need for cash and you can’t wait for a check or bank transfer to process, getting paid in cash is the quickest solution.

3. Bank Lien

If a bank or credit union has placed a lien on your account due to unpaid dues, they might automatically deduct the lien amount from your income, leaving you with little or no money. In such cases, cash is preferable.

4. Tax Avoidance

Some individuals prefer to be paid in cash to hide additional income from the IRS and potentially reduce their tax burden.

5. Illegal Work

Certain jobs exist for which paying through banks is impossible due to their nature or legal status.

6. Secrecy

Some people, often those with fixed jobs that prohibit additional employment, choose cash payments to keep their work off the record.

However, it’s crucial to note that engaging in illegal work, concealing income from the IRS, or attempting to evade liens can lead to severe legal consequences. Breaking the law can result in significant fines, imprisonment, penalties, and loss of assets.

21 Best Jobs That Pay Cash Near You

Before pursuing a job that pays cash near you, ensure it’s legitimate and won’t lead to legal trouble. Never hide such income from the IRS, and consider depositing the cash in your account, even if there’s a lien. You can often negotiate with the bank regarding deductions.

Here’s a curated list of 21 jobs that offer cash payments:

  • Babysitter/Nanny
  • House Cleaner
  • Pet Sitter/Dog Walker
  • Freelance Writer
  • Tutor
  • Landscaper/Gardener
  • Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor
  • Handyman
  • Street Performer/Busker
  • Event Staff (e.g., catering, security)
  • Food Delivery Driver (e.g., for local restaurants)
  • Farm Worker (e.g., seasonal agricultural jobs)
  • Car Washer/Detailer
  • Photographer (e.g., for parties, events)
  • Day Laborer
  • Snow Shoveler
  • Call boy & Girls Jobs
  • House Painter
  • Moving Helper
  • Hair Stylist/Barber (self-employed)
  • Repair Technician (e.g., electronics, appliances)

These 21 jobs provide opportunities for cash payments and don’t typically require extensive qualifications or experience, making them accessible to a broad range of individuals.

Finding Jobs That Pay Cash

If you’re interested in finding these cash-paying jobs near you, there are various platforms and methods to consider:

  • TaskRabbit: TaskRabbit offers a wide range of simple tasks that you can complete for cash payments, both online and offline.
  • Gigwalker: Gigwalker provides instant tasks at your location, allowing you to earn cash for completing various assignments.
  • All Bette: All Better specializes in connecting handypersons with tasks, offering cash payments for your work.
  • Handy: Handy is a versatile app for finding skilled workers, and you can download it to find cash-paying jobs in your area.
  • Thumbtack: Thumbtack offers jobs that pay cash daily and is useful for finding full-time or part-time cash gigs in various trades.

In addition to these apps and platforms, you can also explore local resources such as malls, cinemas, newspapers, and community notice boards to find cash-paying opportunities. However, ensure that the employer or service requester agrees to pay in cash, as most transactions are typically conducted electronically.


Finding jobs that pay cash near you can be relatively easy and can provide an additional income source. It’s generally acceptable to accept cash jobs, but exercise caution by declaring your income to the IRS and avoiding any involvement in illegal work or attempts to evade financial obligations. Always prioritize legal and responsible work practices to avoid legal complications in the future.

FAQ’s – Jobs That Pay Cash Only

How to Find Jobs That Pay Cash?

Explore local classified ads, job boards, or gig apps. Network with friends and family for referrals. Be cautious of scams; prioritize legitimate opportunities.

Where to Find Jobs That Pay Cash?

Look for cash-paying jobs in your area on platforms like TaskRabbit, Craigslist, or local newspapers. Consider industries like freelance work, gardening, and house cleaning.

What Are Jobs That Pay Cash?

Cash jobs include roles like babysitting, landscaping, and event staffing. They often involve payment in physical cash rather than electronic transfers.

Where Can I Find Jobs That Pay Cash?

You can find cash jobs through online platforms, word of mouth, or local community resources. Popular options include gig apps and asking at small businesses.

Where to Find Under-the-Table Jobs That Pay Cash?

Seek under-the-table jobs on informal platforms, referrals, or by inquiring at cash-based businesses. Exercise caution and ensure legality in your area.

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