Keyword Research using Free SEO Tools

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How To Keyword Research using Free SEO Tools: If any article or I want to rank a website, then we will need less competing and more searched keywords for it.

If we have a new website, we will need it even more, because no page of the new website ranks quickly in any search engine, then we have to rank our website by using good keywords.
Hello friend, my name is Pradeep, in this article today I will give you information about the best free keyword research tools which will prove to be very beneficial for you. Let’s know about the Free Keyword tool.
Keyword Research using Free SEO Tools



9 free keyword research tools to help your new website rank quickly.

Whatever tool I am giving you, it is free in the year 2019. If he gets paid after some time, I cannot say anything about it.
Use any tool, you always have to keep in mind the search volume and competition, the higher the search volume and the less competition you will find keywords. Your website will be ranked in the search engine as soon as possible.
Secondly, these tools, which I will give you the information, take the data from Google, with the help of an API, I am going to tell you about the best tool for Google.

1. Google

You have keywords but you do not understand them, you do not see them at all. Google a Free Keyword tool that you use every day.

I am talking about the Google search box whenever you do some search, it shows you the keywords related to that keyword.
When you do some search, you must stop for a few seconds and you will find very good keywords. On which you can write articles and rank your website quickly.

 2. Google Search Console

In Google Search Console you will find the keywords on which your site is ranking. You have to take those keywords on which you can write a good article again.
I am asking you to write an article on that keyword again, because it is ranking the same page of your site on a keyword in which you had previously written an article which has become outdated.
If you write an article on that keyword again, and if you add new keywords to it, then your other keywords are already ranking, with the help of that your other keywords, will also rank.

3. Google Trends

If you want to rank a website quickly, then you write articles on trending topics because people are searching for them at that time, then your chances of ranking your website are high.
You can use Google Trends to find a trending topic. This site is a product of Google, so you will get a perfect trading topic.
In this, you can find a trending topic according to your topic and you will also find keywords related to that topic.

 4. Google Correlate

Google Correlate is the best free keyword a research tool that very few people know.

 This tool will give you information about the keywords associated with a keyword. You can add those keywords which will be useful for you in your article.
But I can tell you that it is also showing you the data of the previous years, which you have to understand with the help of graph.
If you see the graph increasing further up, then you can understand that the searches for that keyword are still happening and if that graph is falling down, then its searches have started decreasing compared to previous years.
So you can find good keywords with this tool if you understand it well.

 5. AdWord

This is a Google product. So this will give you a good keyword idea and will give you the exact information of the CPC you get on it.
With the AdWord Free Keyword Tool, you will get very good keywords on which you can search and get a good keyword.

6. Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere are the best free a keyword research tool, this is an extension of Google Chrome, which you will have to install in your Google Chrome browser.
This tool will help you a lot to find a good keyword because it will show you the search volume, competition, and how much CPC google ad you will get on that keyword together.
This tool will show you search volume, CPC, competition, if you find a keyword in Google search box, keywords found in Google Trends, and anywhere else.
This tool is free and you must use it.

7Keyword Shitter

Keyword Shitter tool is a very fast keyword research tool that gives you a lot of keywords search once you search.
It can give you a lot of ideas on a single word. Once you search, it will keep searching when you do not close it yourself.
With this tool, if you use Keywords Everywhere, then you will also show search volume, competition, and CPC.
This tool has changed its look and changed its privacy policy some time ago, to use it, you must first register on it now.
So far this tool is free. But if it gets paid later, then we cannot say anything about this tool.

8Answer the Public

This tool will search all types of questions that are formed by your one word. This tool is also free and gives you paid service.
But we have told you this because it gives you very good keyword searches even for free. If you want to use its paid tool, you can.
We tell you that if you use the Keywords Everywhere extension, then you will also show search volume, competition, and CPC. Which will make it easier for you to find a good keyword.


Ubersuggest is a Keyword Research Tool and Free SEO Tools. This tool belongs to Sir Neil Patel. Which is free till today and we hope it will remain free even further.
Ubersuggest is a free Keyword Research the tool, in this tool, you will find it very easy to find good keywords because in this tool you will also see search volume, competition, and CPC.
This tool is a website, so you will not need to install any of its extensions. With the help of this tool, you will get the correct search volume of up to 80 percent of any keyword. Which is a good thing for you?
This tool gives many more features that you can use for free, so we called it a free SEO tool.

10keyword keg

keyword keg is a very good tool that gives you search volume, competition, and many other types of information like CPC.
But let us tell you that this tool is paid, so you will be able to see only a few limited keywords in it. That is, you have to buy it to see all the keywords.
I will not ask you to buy it because of the keywords you will get in its free plan if you search on them properly in other tools, you will get a very low competition keyword which will have a good search volume.

11. Wordtracker Scout

Wordtracker Scout is a free Google Chrome browser extension that you need to install first in your Google Chrome browser, after that, you can use it.
This tool will give information about the search volume and CPC of the keywords you have searched in a search engine. This will show you many keywords at once. That is, it will give you a big keyword data.
This tool is very easy to use, with the help of this you can quickly find keywords, that is, it will save your time too.
Friends, these were some tools that we can use for keyword research for free. So far this tool is free if any of these tools get paid in future, then we will delete it from our list as soon as we know.
And if we get another free Keyword tool, then we will also add it to it. If you have information about any tool, then you can comment on it.
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