Money making app from home in 2023

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Money making app from home in 2023: Hello friends, today in this article I am going to give information about money making app sitting at home . If you are also looking for money making apps sitting at home. Then this article is just for you.

Well, there are many apps available on the internet. who claims to have paid. But there are only a few of these apps. By which you actually earn money. In this article you will learn about the same trusted app.

Rest of the apps just waste your time and nothing else. These apps give less money by getting more tasks done. Some apps will not even pay you money. Therefore, only good and reliable apps should work.

Money making app from home

How To Earn money app from home

There are many good apps to earn money from home. But in this article we have told only 10 apps. All these apps are good and reliable. If you work hard on it. Then you can definitely start earning money. He also sat at home.

Here we have listed ten apps to earn money sitting at home. which is the following.

Place Money making app from home

Meesho is a Reselling App. In reselling , profits are made by reselling or reselling the product. Today a lot of money can be earned from online reselling.

Today many people are earning money sitting at home by using this app. Especially women who are housewives. Reselling is the best way for them. Earn money by reselling with your household chores.

Because in this the product has to be sold. But you neither have to pack nor deliver the product. Reselling can be done from your mobile only. To do reselling through Meesho app, first you have to download Meesho app and create an account on it.

Note:- Creating an account on Meesho is absolutely free.

After creating an account, after finding a good product from the Meesho app, you have to share the photo of the product on WhatsApp, Facebook or Facebook page and Instagram etc. When someone will like that product. Then he will contact and talk about buying the product.

Note: – With sharing the photo of the product, you can write in it. Contact to buy this product. By writing that who will like the product. He can approach you to buy the product with confidence.

Then you can give full details of that product and ask what color they like, where to get the product delivered etc. When he will ask the price of the product. Then you have to tell by adding Shipping Charge and your Margin (Advantages) to the price of the product.

Product Price:249
Shipping Charge:49
Margin (Advantages):51
Total Price:349

Example: Like in this example, you have to tell the total price for the product price. In this, the real price of the product is 249, the price to deliver is 49 and your profit of Rs 51 has been mentioned in the example. You have to tell your benefits according to your own thinking.

In this way, if the product becomes ready to buy for Rs 349. Then that product has to be delivered by putting a margin of Rs 51 on its given address. That’s what your work is all about.

After that the delivery boy delivers the product and takes Rs 349. After this your Rs 51 is credited to your Meesho account. In this way reselling is done through Meesho app. Millions of women have described this app as trustworthy and trustworthy.

1. EarnKaro

EarnKaro is also a good money earning app. To earn money from this app you have to do Affiliate Marketing . In Affiliate Marketing, a product has to be promoted. When someone buys the product by promoting you. Then you make money. To earn money by doing Affiliate Marketing from EarnKaro app, first you have to download EarnKaro app and create an account on it.

Note: Creating an account on EarnKaro is absolutely free

After creating an account, you can create a profit link of a product and share it on a blog, website, YouTube channel or any social media. When someone buys the product from your Profit Link. Then you make money. You must have often seen the link of the product in the description of the video of the big YouTube channel. In this way these people also earn money from Affiliate Marketing.

To create a Profit Link of Amazon’s product, copy the URL of any Amazon product and paste it in the Profit tab of EarnKaro and create a Profit Link. Affiliate Marketing is considered the best way to earn money online.

2. GlowRoad

You must have known about the Meesho app above. Money from GlowRoad is earned by reselling like Meesho app. Like reselling was done through Meesho app. Similarly, reselling is also done in this app.

Margin is earned in this also like Meesho app. You will find much more in this. It also does not include the Shipping Charge of the product. Due to which the price of each product will be reduced. You can resell more products than this.

GlowRoad app cannot be identified with Meesho. It has its own distinct advantages. But it has been told to shorten this article. So that you can save your time. GlowRoad and Meesho are both reselling apps. Reselling is the best way for me to earn money sitting at home. All you have to do is find the customer.

3. Mall91

Mall91 is an Indian e-commerce app. That is, you can also shop like Amazon and Flipkart. This app was also nominated by MyGovIndia for self-reliant India. Mall91 has also won in self-reliant India.

Today lakhs of unemployed are earning money sitting at home from Mall91. This app is also completely legal. In this, you can earn money by sharing the product on social media like WhatsApp. There are many other options to earn money in this. But making money by creating the easiest and best network in this is.

4. Quora

Quora is a question answering app. You can ask any type of question by creating an account on it. There are many people here. who can answer your question. You know the answer to any question asked here. Then you too can answer anyone’s question. You can think of it like a social media.

Quora also gives a chance to earn money. But along with earning money from it, you will get to know a lot from it. If you are a student. Then this app can prove to be very beneficial for you.

It is very easy to earn money from this. This is a question answering app. With this you must be thinking that money is earned by answering on it. But it is not so at all. Here you are paid for asking questions.

To earn money by asking questions, one has to first join the Quora Partner Program (QPP). But you cannot join QPP on your own. For this Quora itself invites and you accept and join QPP.

But you can also earn money by creating a platform in Quora. The Quora forum is like a Facebook group. In this, you can write an article or share the answer given by others. The more people from your forum see the answer shared on your forum. The more money you earn.

How to earn money from Quora? Read this article to know in detail: What is Quora? Its benefits and how to make money from it

5. Paytm

PayTm is also an Indian e-commerce and e-wallet. It is used a lot in India. This is an e-commerce app. That is, you can shop on it like Amazon and Flipkart. With this, mobile recharge and many types of bill payments are also done along with shopping.

Talking about earning money from this, if you have a shop. Then you can earn money by selling shop products from Paytm. Apart from this, you can do Affiliate Marketing of the products available in it. Money can be earned from Paytm in many other ways.

6. Fiverr

If you have any skill. Then you can make a lot of money from Fiverr using that skill. In this, you work related to any skill. For example, suppose someone wants to design a website. Then he comes to these apps and how he has to get the website designed. Like writes all the necessary things and posts them.

Anyone present on this app knows how to design a website. Then he earns money from that person by designing a website for him as per his instructions. That’s how you come to design a website. Then you too can do such things. You will find many such jobs here. You can earn money by completing it. This work is called Freelancing.

Not only website design here but any kind of skill can work. like:

  1. Website Design
  2. App Development
  3. Content Writing
  4. Digital Marketing
  5. Seo

You can earn money from Fiverr sitting at home and Freelancing is one of the best ways to earn money online. How to earn money from Freelancing? Read this article to know in detail: How to earn money from Freelancing

7. YouGov

Earn money by taking surveys from YouGov app. I consider it a wrong way to earn money by doing surveys. Because surveying wastes less time and money.

But YouGov is not like that at all. Points are given for all the surveys done in it. In this, from 25 points to 200 points are given for each survey. When your point reaches 5000.

Then you can transfer to Paytm. 3600 rupees are given for 5000 YouGov points. Points can also be earned by referring it.

8. JioPosLite

You must have known Jio company. It has launched JioPosLite. Money is earned from JioPosLite by recharging Jio Sim. If your mobile needs to be recharged. Then you go to the retailer and get it recharged. But have you ever thought that how those people would earn money by recharging mobiles.

Because the amount of money we give to recharge them. They recharge that money. Then how do they earn money? They don’t even take extra money.

So friends tell you that those people earn money as commission. They are given 6 to 7 percent commission on each recharge. Similarly, you can also earn commission by recharging with JioPosLite.

9. RozDhan

RozDhan is also a good app. In this, you get many tasks every day. Earn money by completing it. Along with referring it, you can earn money by doing surveys. You can earn money by reading news in it. RozDhan gives earned money on Paytm. That’s why you should also have a Paytm account. You can also transfer money from Paytm to your bank.

Paytm Money Earning Apps


There were many apps to earn money sitting at home. But no more apps are needed. Because many apps are fake. That’s why I’ve always been saying that.

If you are thinking of making money in some new way. Then first of all check its credibility. You can do all this very easily on the internet. Similarly, before working on a new app, it is necessary to check its reliability.

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Here we have told only 10 apps. They can earn money by doing different types of work from all the apps. You consider yourself compatible in whatever work you do. They can work.


I hope you liked this article on earning money from home and the apps mentioned in it. If you have any query then you can ask through comment. Don’t forget to share your thoughts on how you liked this article. Share this article with your friends also. So that they too can get the information of the money making app sitting at home.


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