Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Full Information

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What is SEO If you have come to this post by searching this keyword in google then you will be fully assisted?

If I am right, you have started a blog. That’s why you have tried to know about SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization.

If you want to start a blog. So you should know about seo first.

This is a very important part of the blogging scutter. If a new blogger is not well aware of Search Engine Optimization. So he can never become a successful blogger.


Search Engine Optimization Google

You will also be surprised to know that everyday bloggers publish more than 1 million blog posts on their own blog.

That is sec. According to this, 12 to 14 posts are being published.

I agree that these figures will keep you scared but you will have to face them to become a successful blogger.

Generally when I take 5 to 6 hours to write my blog post. So I take about 1 hour to optimize it and it is most important for me.

 Another surprise is that millions of people search the keyword What is SEO on Google every month. That is, people are not getting the information of Search Engine Optimization right now.

The reason for this is that he can be a new blogger, his new blog does not rank quickly, due to which he keeps finding search engine optimization techniques to rank his blog quickly.

More than 1000+ people search every day on Google alone and this is only Google’s statistics, the rest of the search engine, you know how popular they are.

In this article, we will give you information about seo, along with it you are going to tell some such facts which you will be surprised to know.

Ranking on Google’s First Page is no small thing in today’s time. But this also does not mean that it is very smiling.

If you know what is SEO and “how it works”, it becomes well known. So you can bring any of your blog posts to Google’s first 10 results in just 10 days.

If you have noted, in one of the paragraphs above, I told you the time to write my article and the time to optimize it.

What do you think is SEO? What did you know about SEO yet? You can tell us in the comments.
SEO – You probably know that it is known for Search Engine Optimization.

So Let’s start…

What is SEO?

SEO is a broad techniques. Which covers all brands and ranking factors to drive the keyword’s Through Organic Traffic from Search Engine to their website, to their blog posts. Our keyword game is in all of this. Now some do not even know about the keyword.

What is Keyword?

When a user types some words in Search Engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.) to clear their Queries.

So those words are called Keyword. Like “what is seo” “digital seo life” is all these keywords.

Below you will see an image.

What is Seo is a Keyword in the given figure.

Now you can see in the picture, then we searched the keyword What is SEO in Google then we are ranking the blog page of at the top. is a seo tool company. : So I will click on this link of and will be automatically redirected to the article of this website.

I was using the Moz website for just one SEO tool site. But when I searched Google for what is SEO keyword, then a blog post came in front of me.

Similarly 75% of Internet users come to websites by typing these same keywords in Search Engine.

SEO as we know full name is Search Engine Optimization.

S E O is one such Online Marketing Technique. Through which you can bring your website to the top in SERPs [Search Engine Result Page] for any Particular Keyword.

SEO includes Technical Aspects like Site Architecture as well as more Imaginative Elements like Content Creation and User Experience.

This sounds quite easy to listen to, but SEO is a moving term in which time-to-time changes occur.
Even for Experienced Digital Marketer, sometimes it creates problem.

Because the algorithms of google are constantly changing. Algorithms are sometimes given to you Penalty. Which causes your Ranking Decrease.

Note: – Google never reduces the ranking of any site. Rather it brings up the websites that people visit more often. And they spend more and more time on them.

So you have to keep deep knowledge to keep your site optimum.

If you do not have deep knowledge, then it will take you a long time to rank your blog.

Such as how Search Engine thinks, how Audience the Search Engine explores, and how it reacts to our content.

We have to make our content in full detail, user friendly and search engine wise.

So Usability, site architecture, and content creation makes Search Engine feel better.

Therefore, you will need to learn all this much if you want to avoid the SEO Expert and the Penalty of google.

Why do SEO in website?

Increases our Visibility in SEO Search Engine so that we get maximum traffic. We will not be able to earn much until organic traffic comes on our website or blog.

Now a question is coming that What is Traffic?

Let us understand this with an example.

Suppose you type in Search Engine What is Search Engine Optimization.

Now if your website is ranking at the top on this particular Keyword. All the users need to know about Search Engine Optimization and if they access your site through this Keyword.

So the number of users who visit your website is called Traffic.

Along with this, SEO also helps in converting Local Business into International Business.

Suppose our target was digital marketing agency in Mumbai and on this Keyword our site ranks top in India.

Now suppose there is a user in USA who is looking for an outsourcing company to learn Digital Marketing.

Now if we rank our site on Worldwide 1st position with the help of SEO.

So this will convert our Local Business SEO into Through International Business.

So SEO is an easy way to show your business as a brand.

What is the process of SEO?

By the way, the process of SEO is very broad. But in this article we will cover some points:

1. Strategy:

What we will do in this is that for example: – We have to create a website by giving it to a client. In this, we will understand the Goal of the client and understand that on which keywords the client wants to hit / rank the site. For example, Client’s Goal is to rank S E O Company in Mumbai or India. So according to that we will make a strategy and plan how we will do S E O of the site. So that the client’s Goal is Achieve and can rank his website on Targeted Keyword.

2. Analysis:

After this, we will analyze the site and also analyze the Competitor Site. Now what is this Competitor Site? Suppose S E O in 2022 is my target. Now the websites that are ranking in the top on this keyword in Already Search Engine are all my competitor sites. So I have to rank my site above them with the help of S E O, hence analyzing Competitor Sites is also necessary.

3. SEO Compliance:

After that, we will analyze the structure of the site as if there is any recommendation in the structure or not. Whether or not I_frame is used inside the website. Or something like this that is decreasing the loading speed of our site. We will Resolve such issues. With this, you will see what kind of content should come in Meta Tags etc.

4. Submission:

After that we will submit the site to Search Engine Directories such as Google Webmaster, Bing, Yahoo, yandex, bindu etc.

5. Link Building:

We will do Link Building such as Link Analysis, Link to Relevant or Create Backlinks from Site & Blogs. In other words, Link Building is called Create Backlinks. Now another question is coming out that what is Backlinks?

If there is a link to any of our articles on another website or the home page of our blog, then it will be called Backlink. We have written a separate article on the backlink, if you want to understand the backlink better, then click on what is backlink.

After clearing all these things, remember one thing that earlier our target was Digital marketing agency in Mumbai. We set our strategies accordingly and we were able to rank our site at the top. After ranking at the top, we also have to maintain it so that its ranking is not decrease.

Now suppose my target has changed and I want to hit digital marketing agency in Gujarat. So I will follow the same process again. Do S E O Strategies Plan, Link Building, and cover all other SEO Ranking Factors. So that once my Site Number Ranked at 1 Position. Then its ranking should not be Decrease. So I have to maintain it.

The best way to make more and more powerful backlinks in less time is to hire a good freelancer from Fiverr and get backlinks made. I follow this method for my blogs. Follow this method only if your blog is 3 months old.

What is a Search Engine?

If we divide Search Engine Optimization, we get 2 parts: Search Engine Optimization.

It is clear that SEO is based on Search Engine. If we want to learn SEO then first we need to know about Search Engine and its Working. Search Engine is one such software system. Which is designed to do information search on the Internet. Or we can say In which Google, Yahoo, Bing, bindu, yandex, are the most used Search Engines.

Let me tell you for your information that 50% to 60% of Internet users use Google to find a solution to their problem. While 50% to 40% users use the rest of Search Engines. Isn’t it interesting! That is, a 50% interest user alone is with Google. And the rest 50% of the users have Yahoo, Bing, Bindu, Yandex,, etc. is near

How does Search Engine work?

Major 3 is in Search Engine.

  • Crawler
  • Indexer
  • Ranking

We will know these three very well one by one.

1. Crawler

As we know that a lot of websites exist on the internet and Daily New Websites are being launched. According to me, around 1000+ blogs are launched every day. So the first is Crawler Active of Search Engine. Which we also know as Spider.

This Crawler is available on any number of websites internet. Their source code is read_Out. Or if we say in technical language, we do Crawling and store it in Search Engine’s Local Server. Now you might be wondering what is Source Code?

Source code is the codes in which the website is built. To see the source code of a website, press Ctrl + U from the keyboard or right click with the mouse, you can also view the source code of your site from the View Page Source.

2. Indexer:

The indexer’s main role starts after crawling. The indexer performs indexing of the website by collecting data from the local server. That is, I will index Blogging’s site in Blogging’s category.

Health’s site will be indexed in the Health category. If the website is on study material, then it will be indexed in the category of education.

Or just say that Categories Wise Index will do. After Indexing will store all the data in the Main Server. Now suppose a user comes, he has to type his Query Search Engine and send it through Browser.

Websites show in the result that the user will get the result. The top will be the same website in which good S E O has been done. And in which the user will get good information.

3. Ranking:

Who Decides Ranking of Websites That Show In Results?

Meaning which website should be on 1, 2, 3 or which website 7 number.

Who Will Decide This?

So for your information, let me tell you that this happens through the Ranking Algorithm. Different Search Engines have different algorithms. Based on different-different guideline.

Ranking Algorithm Decides the ranking of a website on a particular keyword according to those guidelines. When someone does a search, Search Engine shows highly relevant content and that content.

Which has the Ability to clear the user’s query. This result list is known as Ranking. In General, you can assume that websites that are ranked at 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 Position. Search Engine believes that it ranks on Websites Top. Those websites have more Ability to clear the user’s Queries.

How many partitions is seo divided into

SEO is basically divided into S E O 3 Partition: →

  1. White Hat SEO
  2. lack Hat SEO
  3. Gray Hat SEO

We will go through all these partitions of s e o in detail one by one. How do they work?

What is White hat SEO?

White Hat SEO is also known as Ethical S E O. In this, we work on our website according to the guidelines of Search Engines.

But this is definitely a slow process. Because whenever we choose the method of White Hat SEO for a website, it takes time to rank its keywords in the top. In White Hat SEO, we have to work with patients. It can also take about 6 months for a Genuine Result to arrive.

Nevertheless, I would recommend you to use White Hat SEO. Of course, it is a slow process. But through White Hat SEO, we get Long-Lasting Growth in Ranking.

What is Black hat SEO?

Now let’s talk about Black Hat SEO. Avoid doing black hat seo on your website. Some Techniques of Black Hat SEO:

  1. Link Spam
  2. Keyword Stuffing
  3. Cloaking
  4. Hidden Links
  5. Hidden Text

Black Hat SEO is the Opposite of Just White Hat SEO. We also know Black Hat SEO as Unethical SEO. With this, we do not follow any Guideline of Search Engine. But still it gets quick results.

Nevertheless, I would advise you not to use Black Hat SEO. Because the result provides quick but short-lasting growth in ranking. Now the question arises why Black Hat SEO gives short-lasting growth in the ranking? So you know Google updates are coming every day.

Software / Crawler from So Search Engines is quite smart. If they come to know that Black Hat SEO Use is in the optimization of the website.

So Search Engine will black-list your website.

Once the Guys have been added to your Website Black List, then your ranking will be completely down. Then your website will never be able to achieve ranking.

This is why we should not use Black Hat SEO.

What is gray hat SEO?

Now let’s talk about Gray Hat SEO, let’s understand this with an example. Suppose you are an SEO Expert and your client’s need is to get to the top on the Targeted Keyword as soon as possible. So you can not use White Hat S E O in such a Situation. And if used Black Hat SEO, then Search Engine will add the client’s website to the Black List.

So what should we do in such a Situation?

In this case we will use Gray Hat SEO. Let us now know about Gray Hat SEO. Gray Hat SEO is basically a combination of White Hat SEO & Black Hat SEO. In which 95% we use White Hat SEO while 5% also use Black Hat SEO. But at the initial level you should not use Gray Hat SEO.

Because if the Ratio of Black Hat SEO becomes a little bit, then your website can be added to the Black List. Well, Guys I would recommend you to use White Hat SEO only at the initial level.

When you have a lot of knowledge of SEO, then you can use Gray Hat SEO. Now let’s talk. About 3 Techniques of SEO.

  • On-Page Optimization
  • Off-Page Optimization
  • Technical SEO

What is on page SEO?

On-Page SEO we also call On-Site Optimization. That is, when we write an article or blog post, we do it at the same time.

SEO Friendly Content Writing 10+ Tips

In this, we optimize the website according to the guidelines of Search Engine.

That is, on-page SEO basically optimizes the internal elements of the website.

If we talk about On-page SEO Techniques, then not only do we keep Search Engine in mind, but also keep the user in mind.

If once the user accesses our site, Search Engine, Social Media or Direct Access.

In that case our website takes more time to load. So Users Experience is bad. In this situation, the user will go back from our Site.

Such small requirements that we have to Resolve.

Only then will we be able to optimize the site from the Point of View of User Experience and Search Engine.

What is off page SEO?

Off-Page Optimization is nothing but a Technique that improves the ranking of your website to bring a Particular Keyword to the top in the Search Engine.

In this, we create Backlinks on Generally Others Website. It may be a slow process, but we should keep doing it regularly.

With this, keep in mind one more thing that Off-Page Optimization is the only thing you can do well. When your On-Page Optimization is Perfect.

If your On Page Optimization is not perfect. And you have improved the ranking of your blog with Off Page Optimization Techniques.

So users will not spend time on your blog. Because you did not pay attention to On-Page Optimization.

Basically users will irritate with this and will bounce back from your blog.

Therefore, you have to take special care of this that On Page Optimization is done before and after Off Page Optimization.

What is Technical SEO?

Now let’s talk about Technical SEO. Technical SEO is basically Opposite to the content of your website.

This includes Strategies to improve the Site’s Backend Structure and Foundation.

Technical SEO improves the readability of the site which makes it easier for search engines to crawl and understand the site and provide a good user experience.

Which helps Search Engine see that the site is of high-quality.

Good User Experience is also most important for readers and it can also effect Overall Traffic and Engagement Rates.

In Technical SEO, what do we have to see on our blog site?

  1. Site speed
  2. Mobile-friendliness
  3. Indexing
  4. Crawlability
  5. Site architecture
  6. Structured data
  7. Security

To check the technical SEO of your site, you can use Paid Tools Ahrefs, SEMrush. These tools check your site very well. And gives you a proper guide which you can fix your website. You can rank it among the top in Google and other search engines.

If the Ahrefs tool gives you 299 rs. But if you want it according to the month then you can take it from here. If you buy the Ahrefs tool directly from its offical website, then it will cost you a lot.

SEMrush This tool is the second best paid tool after the Ahrefs tool. Which we can do the technical SEO of our website or blog. You get it both free and paid.

It also gives you this free trial for 7 days, in which you can do it fully. Now use it free for 7 days. 7 day free trial with SEMrush

These were paid tools. But now we talk about the free tool.

Apart from these, you can also use the free tool Ubersuggest.

Ubersuggest is Paid by the way, but your work with Free will do.

Create an SEO Plan which gives us the real result.

We cannot take along only a few selected ranking factors of SEO.

Therefore, we have to use different SEO strategies and see which SEO strategies work better for us.

As soon as you create SEO Strategies. Use tools that cover these three points (On page optimization, Off-page optimization & Technical SEO).

You can use these tools to do SEO audit: –

  1. Keyword Researcher
  2. Ahrefs
  3. Screaming Frog
  4. Seomator
  5. SE Ranking
  6. Seoptimer

If you want to generate SEO Blogging or Site Through Online Income, then you will definitely have to learn SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization.

If you do not want to learn SEO, then by contacting an SEO Expert, you can also get your site’s SEO done, but this method becomes a bit expensive.

If you can afford it, then you can get SEO of your site by talking to SEO Experts. Otherwise, this article will definitely help in learning the basics of SEO.

Well dear, I hope you enjoy this article.

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