SEO for Blogger : 16 Best Easy Ways to Rank Your Blog Posts 2021

If you too are blogging and your post is not ranking as soon as the visitor comes and goes, he spends less than 1 minute on the post you have written, then in this article today I am going to tell you which one in your post Make mistakes that you have these problems with. And some things that you need to know in this field, otherwise your time will be getting worse, then read this article carefully and if you like it, share it.

What is SEO for a blog?

Friend SEO is the setting in our blog with the help of which our website ranks in Google or any other search engine, it has two parts. One is on-page SEO for blog and the other is off-page SEO for blog.

Due to the rank not being posted

Friends, if you do not rank the post, then there can be some reasons for it. If you make that mistake again and again, your article will never rank.

I am giving you a list of what you should not do wrong in a blog post below, read it carefully, do not repeat those mistakes and if you have made that mistake then you create a new blog with a new domain name and again Do the work.

1. We should never copy another post. Now you will think what happens to it, friend Google is very smart, it gets to know that which article has already been published or has been published and which domain has been copied which it will never repeat on that domain.

Do not know, it reduces the authority of your domain name and none of your posts rank. If you have copied the data from another domain, then close it now and publish your jump article if you can even tell the domain person by doing a msg, which your domain will be closed to your entire site by claiming that copyright.

Will get it done again, and if the blog or blog from which you are blogging starts from the IP address, then it will not rank as well.

2. Some people become very smart, copy anyone’s article and spin it and put their website, oh brother, as much as you are smart, it is more advanced than Google where you think after that Google does its work easily. If you recognize the article that has been spinned, then brother should leave his smartness and write his own article with the heardwork.
3. We should never use photos of others. If you use his photo too, you can get a claim of copyright and it will not even rank your post.
4. Keywords for blogs:- We should never put more keywords in our posts, this is spam, keyword density should be at least, we have been told further.
5. The post not being user-friendly also prevents your post from being ranked.
6. Do not open your article, again and again, it also makes a difference in the ranking of your article.

SEO for blogger: 16 best easy ways to rank your blog posts

Friends, now we are going to tell you 16 way with which you can rank your blog easily, you read them carefully and you must apply in the blog post.


What can we do to rank the post?

Friend, if you want to write an article on a topic, then write it yourself, do not copy and paste someone else’s article, I am giving you a link to a site for free images, you can use every type of photo from it without copyright. And if you are going to tell me about how to write a post, then read it carefully and you can get your article ranked by following the work that you are going to tell you.

How to optimize blog posts for SEO

1. If you are not able to write the post, then you should get someone else to write the post, it will cost you but you will get a good article but do not copy anyone.
2. For free photos, you can go to pixels website and download the photo for yourself and use it for free. But you will have to write down the name of your site in the article of your post, whatever photo you use.
3. Before publishing your post, check its keyword density, if you have not put more keywords and spam, if your article is 500 words, then you have to put 1 percent of your keywords in it, that is, use only 5 times in total. Do it 
4. Add search description in your article and add your main keyword in it. Which your post will rank quickly.
5. If you want to add a photo in your post, then you must add at least three photos so that the mind of the reader should put the photo full of good quality so that it looks good.
6. The article should be at least 500 words. Write SEO friendly blog posts.
7. Add all the questions related to the topic in the article.
8. You must add ALT text of every photo you add, you can add your title in it.
9. Try to write the post in point so that the visitor is easy to read, the fewer words you know, the better it will be and he will read your other article. 
10. Try to make your article user-friendly. As soon as the user comes to your article, he gets all the things well.
11. By making a headline subheading in the post, it will be easy for the user to understand what has been written and he will get what he wants.
12. To rank your site, you must install the share button on your site (How to add a share button like WhatsApp, Facebook) so that it can share it with anyone.
13. After publishing your post, you must share it on Facebook, WhatsApp, at least 5 to 6 times a day, you have to do it continuously for 2 or 3 days after that. Otherwise, your account will be closed, it will be spam if you do more.
14. You have to post a post in 2 days, in these two days you have to share your post and make a backlink. For a backlink from a good site, you have to resort to a gas post and make a backlink.

The backlink which you will get from the gasset post will rank your site and your article quickly because you are going to get a backlink on a good site.

The more you get the link, the more your site’s authority will increase and your post will start to rank. So make sure to post the gasset and leave the backlink.

15. You should also share your article in a pdf file and if you share the pdf on Whatsapp, then it will quickly become viral, its viral name will spread your name, which people will search your site name in Google and your entire site Will rank
16. If you have a youtube channel, then you should provide a link to your site in each of your videos.
So friends, if you follow these things, then your site will definitely rank, you will have to do a little patience and you have to take care that you will not copy anyone’s article and neither photo will be lost by you.
 Friend, he will close your site by claiming copyright and the IP address mobile or laptop, the computer you used to work with will come in the eyes of Google, which you will have trouble even if you become a site again.

If you are good at ranking, then you should do a little more money now if you can write the post in 2 days or you do it no matter how many days you post in 3 days.

If you are a good blogger, then you have to make your article according to the user, you have to try to answer all its questions in one post even if the time takes a whole week, but you have to write a good article which anyone can read Impress.

Optimizing content for SEO

If you want the user to stay on your site, then let me explain it in fewer words in the article. Add his questions one by one to your post.

If 1 photo is of good quality, then put three, put the alt text of the photo, the article should be at least 500 words user-friendly, then only your site will start appearing and ranking in the eyes of Google.

I hope I have been able to answer all your questions, if I have not been able to give you, then comment me your question.

And if you have found anything special in the article, then you must share it on your Facebook, Whatsapp or whatever social account you use.

Because sharing of knowledge increases if you share it, then any other mistakes that are being made will stop blogging well.

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