SEO Friendly Content Writing 10+ Tips For Blog post With Example

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 Hello friends, if you do blogging, then today we will give you SEO friendly content writing tips, with the help of which you can write a good SEO friendly article for your blog post.


We will also give you an SEO friendly article example, what is necessary to be in an SEO friendly article, which you will always have to take care of, only then you can build an SEO friendly website. Because good content will rank your website in any search engine.


If you do not have a good article, that is, it is not an SEO friendly article, then how will Google or any other search engine rank your website?



In SEO friendly content writing tips, we will give you the best information which you must apply while writing your blog post and write a good article, after reading this, your visitors again ask you for any tips.


It is very important to be focused on solving your visitor’s problem only then you can become a good blogger.


A good blogger will add all the things that the visitor needs to his article to his visitors so that he can read and understand that article better and solve his problem. Come, know that by following SEO friendly content writing tips you can rank your blog well and only by following all these tips you can become SEO friendly website builder.

SEO Friendly Content Writing 11 Tips For a Blog post

Friends, we will give you 10 such tips that you have to follow whenever you write these articles and follow these tips, only then you can write an SEO friendly article and become a pro blogger. Let’s know about SEO Friendly Content Writing 10 + Tips.

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SEO Friendly Content Writing 10+ Tips



Collect information


I had already told you that if you want to write an SEO friendly article, then you will have to write good content as well and you can write good content only if you know about it well.

If you want to write an article on the topic, then you should be well aware of it, for this, you will have to collect information. To collect information, you will have to read another blog. Only then you can give good information and write a good article.


Use Best SEO Friendly Themes


If you want to do your website seo well. Then you should use seo friendly theme. If you run your website on WordPress, then you should get seo friendly theme for WordPress. Or if you use Google Blogger, then you should take seo friendly theme for Google Blogger.


Keywords research For SEO Friendly Content


For any article SEO friendly, it is necessary to have good keywords in it, only then will your post rank. You have to do keyword research, for this, you can also use the free tool, we have already told about the free keyword research toolwhich you can use.


You have to take keywords with high search volume and flame competition, you do not have to pay attention to CPC. If you pay attention to CPC then you cannot become a good blogger. Your focus should be on putting good content in the article. You can read this article for a keyword research free tool.


seo friendly content writing tips


Word Length


When you do good keyword research and collect information, then you will be able to write a good article. You write a very good article which has 700+ words, so you have to write it, if you can write more words then it is even better for your article because the longer the article is, the sooner your post will rank.


Split Post Into 3 Part


While writing the article, you have to write the article in three parts like in the first part you have to tell the man what information you are going to give in the article. After that, you have to write the information and in the last, you have to write Outro. You have to do all these three things carefully.


Create unique title


You have to make a unique title, which should look like it will definitely work for it. And click on it.


seo friendly content writing tips


You must have your main keyword in the unique title. A unique title is 7 to 12 words, do not write more words than this. If you have problems in making unique titles, we have already written an article for this, in which you have been told about some tools, with which you can create a unique title.


Create Search Description For SEO Friendly Content


To write a good SEO friendly article, you will also have to write a search description. You should have your man keyword in it, only then you can make a good search description, in search description, you have to write about the article, in short, you have to write a search description, targeting your man keyword in 100 to 120 words.



You have to make the permalink manually. Do not keep the auto permalink before you make the article public, you have to edit the permalink and see if it has your main keyword or not, then you have to edit it and add it. This is very important for SEO friendly articles.


Use Copyright Free Image


You do not have to download and use any image from any other blog in any of your articles. You always have to use the copyright-free image. If you have problems finding the copyright-free image, then we have already done a The article is written in which we have told about 10 websites from where you can download the copyright-free image and use it in your blog post. No credit will be given.




Image SEO 


When you add an image, it is very important to SEO it, this work is very important for this SEO friendly article. If you do not see the image, then your post will take a lot of time to be ranked. For image SEO, you must read this article to learn it.


Internal linking


Friends, it is very important that you have to do internal linking in your blog if the article you are writing and the other one is getting the name of the topic or it is related to that article, then in any way, you should add a link to that article.


You have to do that by doing this article related to it, there will be help for the visitor to get more information and it will remain on the website or blog.



External linking

It is also very important for an SEO friendly article, if there is a word in your article or there is a line on which an article can be made and you have not written it, then you add a link to another blog there.




This will increase the value of your blog, which will help you in the ranking. Whatever the link you have given to Dofollow or Nofollow Back Link, the value of your blog is more in the eyes of Google.


Friends, these are 10 such tips in SEO friendly content writing tips by following which you can write a good SEO friendly article and rank your blog post easily.


What is SEO writing and how do I do it?


Friend SEO writing is that in which you write an article keeping your keywords in mind. If you want to write an SEO friendly article, then follow the steps which we have told you above and write a good article.


How do you write content for SEO 2022?

If you want to write content in 2022, that is also SEO friendly, then you should follow the SEO friendly content writing tips given by us. After that, you can write a good SEO friendly article and rank your website.