Seo meta tags and description for blogger

Hello friend, if you also want to create SEO meta tags and descriptions for a blogger for your blog, then today I will give you the right information about it, along with the answers to these related questions. If you still have any questions, then you can ask us by commenting and you must like our Facebook page, you can get an instant response by msg from us personally.

First of all, you should know what is meta tags and description, what is it, why do we have to put it in our blog, if we do not find it, then what is the effect of not adding them to our blog? So let’s start this article today with some basic questions.


What are meta tags and descriptions in Blogger?

Meta tags tell Google about our blog that this blog has taken an article on this topic, in this, we can have any blog-like if a blog is on technology, then it will have meta tags related to the technology. Or if a blog is on health, then only tags related to health will be added.

Example for meta tag

If you are making a blog and it is a technology-based blog, then what tag would you put in it? According to my, you have mobile phones, laptops, computers, CNC, tech, internet, etc. You will use some similar words. If your blog site is connected to an education, then you will use the tag of education like book, current affairs, pdf, history, etc. You can add more.
I hope that both of your questions have been answered asap. How can you add them to your blogger, I will tell you his information and how you can make them, he will also tell you. And how you add it to your article, how many words should be in your information, if you feel it, then you must read it carefully.

How to generator meta tag and description for blogger?

You can also generate a meta tag description online with the help of a site, but I have also made a format for it, in which you have to add the keyword according to your bottom and copy and paste it. And I am also giving you a link to the meta tag generator site from where you can create them for your site. But if I tell you, you will have to type. You will get the download link below. I am going to tell you two ways to add meta tags, in one you just have to type but in the second you will need either generator or you download our file and add it and paste it.

How to add meta tags and descriptions in bloggers?

Meta tag and description You have to keep between 100 and 150 if you use more words then it will not be saved. In this, you have to add keywords according to your low. If your blog site is on technology, then you have to add a technology tag.
If you do not have any ideas, then you can also add them by looking at the keywords of your website. To see the meta tag of your competitor’s website, you have to paste the code you see in this bracket (view-source: in your browser and instead of you should enter the URL of your computer’s website You have to search the tax after that, you have to find the meta property there, then you can see them, if you do not see them then you can find the description or you can find the keyword, meta content in these words then you can find all the meta of that site. I can see the tag.
To add a Meta tag and description to your blogger, you have to go to your blogger’s dashboard.

After the dashboard is open, you have to go to Settings.

In Settings, you have to click on Search Preferences. There you will see the first option Meta tag and description.

Edit it and click on yes, paste your meta tag description and save it.

Friend, you can add it in this way. The second way is to tell you, you should also watch it carefully and follow it.

To add Second type meta tag

Friend, you should do this in the computer itself and before doing this, you have to backup your template as we are going to do it in the theme, if you accidentally delete something, then your site will be defective. Once you have your blogger templet ka backup, if you do not know how to do it, then we have given a link to it, you should go and read it and take a backup first and only add it.

To follow this method, you have to go to your blogger’s dashboard.


When the dashboard is open, you have to click on the theme. Here you have to click on Edit HTML.


Now a new window will open in front of you. You will see the code, click once in it and press Ctrl + F on your keyboard and in it <b: include data = ‘blog’ name = ‘all-head-content’ /> copy and paste the code and enter If you do not find this code by pressing the button, then you have to search </title> again and find it.

 After that you have to paste your meta tag code and save it. If you paste a secure code, your site will rank quickly. Therefore, you should use the code given by us.

How to add meta tag and description in blogger post?

Friend, this option will be enabled only when you first add the meta tag description in Blogger, after doing the first method that we have told you, you will be able to add the meta tag in every post. If you do not do that, then you will not get any option in the dashboard of writing your new post.


So you first add them. After that when you write a new post, you will see the option to add a description.

Seo meta tags and description for blogger

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