Student How To Make Money Online?

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Student How To Make Money Online: While it is possible to earn money online, it is unlikely that a student will be able to earn $1,000 per day. Earning that much money will likely require a significant time commitment and a high level of skill in a particular area.

It’s important to be realistic about your earning potential and to be careful not to fall victim to scams. It’s also important to remember that earning money should not be the only focus while you are a student. Your education and personal development should be your top priorities.

Welcome friends, I hope you all are safe and sound in this difficult situation. Today in this article, I will discuss ‘How to make money online in 2023 for students in India’.

We had a bad time last 5 years. Students are forced to study at home, businesses are collapsing and common people are finding it difficult to run their families, there may be someone in our family who has lost their job due to lockdown and covid.

Finding a new job in the current situation is not an easy task. If during these two years lockdown and covid have not done any such loss of some work, and that is Blogging, YouTube, Instagram Influencer etc.

In the last one year, the study pressure of the students has reduced a lot as the exams are not being held like that anymore. At this time most of the students are thinking of doing something at home so that they can meet their own expenses and help their family a little.

Today in this article you will know that how students can earn money in 6 easy but powerful ways.

I think students can do a lot if they want. If they want, they can start doing such things at home which others cannot easily do. This is because the students are young and have a lot of time and courage. As a result, they can easily start something new with a lot of time. I also started my online career when I was a student, and today I am a successful blogger.

Student How To Make Money Online

Student How To Make Money Online? – 6 Simple But Powerful Ways.

There are 6 Simple But Powerful Ways to make money online. Here are a few options:

Student How To Make Money Online

1. Make Money From YouTube

Many of you must know that how to earn money from YouTube. Anyone can become a YouTuber. But it is not possible in a day or a few moments. For this we have to continuously create good content.

We can earn money on YouTube by making videos from there with the help of Google AdSense, Affiliate Marketing and Sponsorships. As you all know that first of all we all have to create a channel on YouTube.

Then you have to complete 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time on that YouTube channel in a year. It is not an easy task nor is it very difficult. Many of you think that people will not watch videos other than English or Hindi language videos. But I think it is totally wrong.

Now there are Youtube channels in almost all languages, and those channels are growing very well. I am an Assamese. I have seen that now we have many channels in Assamese which are getting love of people. There is also a Subscriber in his channel in Millions.

So now you can create a YouTube channel in your desired language. If you are not comfortable with Hindi or English language then it is not right to make videos forcibly in that language. Making videos in your mother tongue would be more beneficial.

Comedy, Vine or Roasting videos can be made in any language. But in my opinion cricket and vlogs are doing very well now. Learn About Youtube Channel Growth Hacks.

Student How To Make Money Online

2. Make Money From Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a way to earn money sitting at home in less time. We can promote their products by joining Affiliate Marketing of various companies. Some famous affiliate marketing Network.

By joining the Affiliate Network of Cuelinks, and EarnKaro, we can promote products of multiple companies at once. In such a situation, we can promote the product through WhatsApp, Facebook or Message.

But if we join Affiliate Marketing of Amzon, then we can promote the product only through our blog and YouTube channel. Apart from this, you cannot promote Amazon’s product in any other way.

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Different affiliate marketing companies have different rules like Amazon, Flipkart. If we join Amazon Affiliate then we have to sell 3 in 6 months. If we fail to do so, Amazon may close our Affiliate Account.

We cannot send Amazon, Flipkart affiliate links through WhatsApp or messages. In case of Amazon, the minimum payment is Rs 1000 which Amzon sends to our bank account at the end of the month.

Student How To Make Money Online

3. Earn Money from Facebook

There are many ways in which you can earn money from Facebook. For example, by creating pages on Facebook, creating courses or selling products through advertisements. But apart from these, there is another way to earn money from Facebook. He is a Facebook Influencer.

We can also earn money on Facebook by making videos like YouTube and earning money through advertisements from there.

Some creators earn a lot of money just by posting images from Facebook pages. Many people make money by selling Facebook pages again.

So you can also create pages and by posting regularly in it, you can earn money after a few months. You start from today. If you work with patience and consistency then you can definitely become successful in it.

4. Make Money From Instagram

We can earn money from Instagram just like Facebook. On Instagram we can post images, videos, stories, IGTV and reels. Like Facebook and YouTube, we cannot make money from Instagram through direct ads. But there are many ways to earn money from Instagram.

Many YouTubers, bloggers, public figures want to become Instagram Influencers. Because sponsorship of most brands is done through Instagram.

From Instagram, we can earn money through sponsorship, affiliate marketing, page sales, link promotion and personal brand promotion.

If we want to increase the followers of Instagram fast, then we have to post more and more reels daily. Through Instagram, we can also earn money by selling PDF or courses.

You just have to start, everything else will continue to happen. But keep in mind one thing that online work takes time, if you lose patience then you will never get success.

5. Earn money from Telegram

In Telegram we can create Channel and Group. That too is of two types, private and public. In my opinion it is better to make public channel because we can earn money from there. Anyone else can join our channel if they want.

On the other hand, if we create a private channel, we can only add a few and the rest will not be able to find our channel.

There are many ways to earn money from telegram channel like affiliate marketing, sponsorship, link shortener website, referral, paid promotion, telegram channel promotion etc.

I have been running telegram since 2017. Earlier I used to join the rest of the channel and use it for offers. But since 2018 I am using telegram to earn money.

My telegram channel is on fantasy cricket, offers, apps, referrals etc. So despite having only 3.7k subscribers, I made a pretty decent income at the end of the month. I make money from my telegram channel through affiliate marketing, sponsorship and referrals.

Student How To Make Money Online

6. Earn Money From Blogging

I think blogging is the best way to make money online. Now many people think that blogging is over. But me and thousands of professional bloggers like me do not think so at all.

YouTube and blogging are one and the same. In one we write the content and in the other we mean the content through video.

Blogging is basically something that we can do in two places. First, free through Blogger, which is Google’s own. On the other hand, after purchasing the domain, hosting through WordPress (recommended).

What you are reading now is a WordPress website?

When it comes to blogging, we have to work hard from the beginning. Then we can earn money through Google AdSense, Affiliate Marketing, Sponsorships, Backlink etc.

If you want to earn money from Online With Out Investment, then you can read this article How to Earn money online without investment for students, in this my friend has given complete information.

How can students earn $1,000 a day online?

There are many ways that students can earn money online, but it’s unlikely that they will be able to earn $1,000 per day. Here are a few ideas for ways that students can earn money online:
1. Freelancing.
2. Online tutoring.
3. Selling products or services.
4. Participating in paid online surveys.
5. Renting out a room on Airbnb.

How can a student earn money?

There are many ways that students can earn money. Here are a few ideas:
1. Part-time job.
2. Create Youtube Channel
3. Start Blogging
4. Affiliate Marketing


I hope you must have read this total article about making money online in India for students. Hopefully, you will get better earning option from this post.

So today’s “How to earn money online student?” how was it ? If you have any question or suggestion in your mind, then do tell by commenting below.

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