The Janson Method

Panic attacks & anxiety – What to do?
How to release inner turmoil, sleep well again and live a carefree and happy life.



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How to calm down again and live relaxed and at ease

You may be familiar with any of the following symptoms: 

Pressure in your chest, tingling in your stomach, a feeling of anxiety or panic, a dull feeling of being uneasy, tension, overwhelming anxiety, suffocation, dizziness, nausea, shortness of breath, difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep, obsessive-compulsive thoughts or actions, insecurity in groups of several people, fear of tight spaces or crowds, etc.

If at least one of these symptoms sounds familiar to you, then you’re definitely not alone. Hundreds of thousands of people have the same problems. There is a way that you can do all the things you did before you were suffering anxiety or panic attacks.

The Janson Method

The program I developed helps you get rid of panic attacks and anxiety. You will learn how to escape negative thoughts, quickly get a clear head again and relax! My program clearly spells out exactly how to deal with unpleasant everyday situations and find inner peace again.

For years, I was consumed by anxiety. At first I didn’t want to admit it and suppressed it. I often felt unhappy in situations that seemed “normal” to others. I didn’t want to disappoint my wife and children. I felt trapped in my situation. I thought I was a failure and was ashamed to have anyone discover it. But now I am totally healed and lead a carefree and happy life. I can go through the day again with ease. I am at peace, happy and am no longer afraid!

I have created a detailed summary of all the knowledge that has personally supported me to overcome my affliction. With this guide, I could have saved myself hours of worrying and many trips seeking therapy. In this digital program, I will guide you through every single step to conquer your anxiety disorder or panic attacks.

What you learn with this method

  • The one trigger that initiates your problems
  • How to release inner restlessness, sleep well again and lead a happy life
  • How to go through the day with ease and be really happy again
  • How to relieve panic attacks and anxiety without others knowing that you might be affected by them
  • How you can go out normally again without anxiety and enjoy everyday life
  • How your anxiety arose and why you have not yet had success with anything you’ve already tried
  • How to avoid a mistake you probably make on a daily Basis
  • How to get rid of obsessive thoughts
  • How to prevent panic attacks even in unpleasant situations (ex: at work or with friends) without anyone noticing
  • How to break the cycle of anxiety
  • How to gain a new sense of self-confidence and positive energy
  • Why everyone can conquer anxiety
  • How to get back to doing the things that bring you joy and fun in life
  • How to be freer again
  • How to get rid of negative thoughts

More secrets I’ll reveal in the book

  • My advice to you as a person affected, not as a doctor – p. 8 4
  • Things that help immediately when you feel the first signs of a panic attack – p. 86
  • What tips you’ve probably gotten before that don’t do anything or are a waste of time – p. 9
  • 2 ways to quickly get into a calmer state when you just feel anxiety or panic (works in 5 minutes and also on the go) – p. 19
  • The poison you probably unconsciously consume on a daily basis that brings about anxiety – p. 34
  • 1 Vitamin that most people lack and can cause negative thoughts – p. 38
  • The simple trick you can use to eliminate the things that trigger panic attacks in you – p. 20
  • The mental hack that will result in positive thoughts, so that you are happy and cheerful during the day – p. 63
  • The one thing that is considered “healthy” but which I still advise against – p. 37
  • Why your body creates stress that results in vertigo or nausea – p. 18
  • What you can put in your room to resolve permanent restlessness or obsessive thoughts – p. 82
  • How to reverse a “block” that results in your mood being happy and cheerful again – p. 21
  •  How your relationships can give you energy so that you can freely do things that are fun again – p. 62
  • 1 Exercise that lets you calm down – p. 29
  • Foods that have a huge effect on anxiety (you don’t have to completely change your diet or buy any exotic foods) – p. 31
  • The method paramedics used to save me from my first panic attack -p.13
  • The specific behavior that detoxifies your body and mind – p. 25
  • The shortcut for how to identify what triggers your panic attacks in a few seconds – p. 45
  • What influence your teeth or root canal treatments have (this sounds counter intuitive, but is more important than I would have thought) – p. 66
  • 1 exercise that will make you sleep better so that you wake up relaxed the next morning – p.46
  • What you can do so that an anxiety attack does not suddenly come “out of the blue” – p. 19
  • The one thing that messes up your hormone balance (you can avoid it and even save money in the process) – p. 55
  • What the feeling of shame has to do with your panic attacks – and how you can take advantage of it – p. 22
  • The simple hack that lowers your resting heart rate – p. 65
  • High Fat? Low Carb? Paleo? There are foods that have an impact on your well-being. – p. 24
  • An athletic 5-minute exercise that calms your body and relieves anxiety (you don’t need to pay for a gym or buy equipment) – p. 74
  • Why bad things, trauma or other trigger situations may be experienced by you again and again – and how to get rid of these bad thoughts – p. 22
  • … and much more!

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The Janson Method
The Janson Method