Top 10 free google backlink checker tools

Best free backlink checker tools with which you can make your blogging journal even better. With the help of these free tools, you can easily see the backlink of any site.

Behind the ranking of a site is the do-follow backlink found from its high authority website, which helps it to rank on a keyword in Google. If you also find those sites, then you can also go back and make your site. Can rank

If we give you a list of the best backlink checker tool, then you should take full advantage of it. If you are reading this only for me, then it is just your wish but if you want to rank your site, then you have all these tools that should be used.


If you do not know what is the backlink and how many types and how it works, then it is important for you to go, you must first read this article What is backlink? After that you came to this article and using all the tools one by one, you see the backlink of your competitor’s site and you should also try to create a backlink there.

Let us know about which cone from free backlink checker tools and how much backlink they can show you at once.

Top 10 free google backlink checker tools

All these tools are free till today if they take some chargers later, then digital seo life will bring you and new tool list, you will be able to give us information about any tool only then we will be able to help you.

Best backlink checker tools

Backlink checker ahrefs


Friends, is first on our list Ahrefs Backlink checker tool This is the only tool that is the most famous tool in the whole world, you get it both free and paid. If you use it for free, then you can only check the backlink from it, that too up to a certain limit, you can see about 100 backlinks on this site. You can see the link of the site you wish for free in this day, but you will not be able to see the backlink of any site above 100 backlinks, if you check on its free page, then the link is given below, you can go and see.

Backlink checker moz


With the backlink checker Moz tool, you can see all the backlinks of all the sites. This tool is also free and paid. If you see the backlink on the paid page of this tool, you can also tell about the authority of the site, You will not have to create a backlink by visiting a lot of sites, you have 10 bake links equal to 100 bake links from any high authority site. So you can also use this tool for free, to make a backlink, the link is given below, you must go and see it.

Link: – Backlink checker Moz

Backlink checker ubersuggest


Backlink checker with ubersuggest tool mate. This tool is free of cast. This tool belongs to Mr. Neil Patel Ji, which I personally use. If you go to this tool and check the backlink, this tool also gives you very accurate data. This tool of Nil Patel Ji paddy you on many more facilities, so you must use this tool, we have given the link below, you can go and check.

Link: – Backlink checker ubersuggest

Google search console Backlink checker

The best free of cost is our Google Dada Backlink checker free tool, with the help of this you can check all the good bad link of your site which your site will rank very quickly. If you do not find a good tool with this tool, then you must use it every day to see the link, we have given the link below, you can go and see it.

Backlink checker backlink watch

There is another site in the backlink checker tool that enables you to view the backlink, you have read its name above, this site allows you to check the backlink of thousands of sites for free, but let me tell you all this site If you do not see the correct link, then it shows you the site on which you can make a backlink.

Backlink checker buzz sumo


Backlink checker buzz sumo gives you a very good service, which will help you rank your site. This tool is available both on paid and free. You can check the backlink on any of its pages, it gives you good results. This works like Backlink checker ahrefs tool and Backlink checker Moz tool, in this, you get to use all the good advance tools and links, you will get the link below, you can go and see.

Link: – Backlink checker buzz sumo

Backlink checker semrush tool

When it comes to checking the backlink, no one forgets the semrush tool, you get this tool both paid and free, you can check the backlink for free, the link is given below, you can go and see it.

Link: – Backlink cheker Semrush

Friends, these tools were live, you can check google backlink for free, in this my best backlink checker Moz, which I used to use for the first time is also the free page, after that I started using backlink checker ahrefs, that too I use the same page, even today, after that the one that I have used the most, then backlink checker ubersuggest, friend, I use all these three tools to check the link everyday till today. Has used these free tools.

After that, these other ones which I use occasionally, most of these ues the backlink checker buzzsumo, it seems easy to use, so I can see it once.

Google search console Backlink checker uses it to see the back link of my site, it tells me how many of my link links have been indexed, so using it gives me the correct data of my site.

And with other tools, I find out the sites on which I can create a back link, if you have got anything to learn from this article or you have found any helpful tool for your work, then you must share it.

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