Top 5 Skills to Learn for Your Future

Top 5 Skills to Learn for Your Future – Who does not have the problem of money today, do you know that not having money is not a problem, it is just a symptom.

For example, if there is pain somewhere on our body, then the pain that is there is not the problem, there is something wrong in our body, because of that the pain is happening, then that is the root of the problem, not the pain.

Similarly, not having money is not a problem, but the problem is not having expertise in any skill. In actual, you do not need money, but you need a skill.

Friends, so today we will know about the top 5 skills, which you can develop and make a career in it and if you are a student then you can do this along with your studies.

So let’s start –

Top 5 Skills to Learn for Your Future 2022


Skill No 1 – Voice Over Artist

You can also become a voice over artist to earn money, if you have a good voice, you can speak anything impressively, then you can earn a lot of money by doing voice over.

But to work in this field, you have to work on your voice quality, because you will not get the job until your voice quality is not there.

You have to charge at least in starting.

Friends, once you become a good voice over artist then you can get work in Radio, in TV Serials, in Youtube, and also in Film.

But if you want to start something of your own then there are some freelancing sites like – Upwork and Fiverr, etc. There you create your account.

When you check once there, you will find that there are many such voice over artists, who are earning millions of months.

So if they can do it then you can too, if your voice quality is good.

Skill No 2 – Coding


There are some skills in the industry whose demand is never less, nowadays because of all the things being online, the requirement of coords for doing web development, app development or software development in the IT sector is very high.

Friends, you can learn it online from a professional course or you can also learn it offline.

Skill No 3 – Video Editing


This is a skill whose demand is very high even today and it is going to increase a lot in the future also.

The problem of many people is that they do not get work, because you did not work on your skills and charge more in starting.
Whoever you approach, if the person in front has liked two things i.e. if your work has quality and secondly if the price is according to your customer, then he will definitely hire you.

The quality is very high in your work but your price is also very high, so in 90% of the cases, it may not hire you.

On the other hand, your price is very low and the quality of your work is also very low, even then the person in front will not hire you.

But if your work has very good quality and the price is also very much according to the budget, that is, the front person can afford it, then the front will hire you.

It will take you just 2 months, and spend 2 months your whole life in learning, reduce everything else i.e. studies also a little.

Focus on just one skill and achieve mastery in it and then see how much money you get.

Skill No 4 – Animations


This skill demands a lot of creativity from you.

There are also many types of animation – 2D Animation, 3D Animation, Typography Animation etc.

It has many times more money than normal video editing, but it is also many times more difficult to learn than normal video editing.

There is demand, money is also high, but learning is a big challenge. And if you overcome this challenge then you can do anything in this field.

Skill No 5 – Graphic Designing


This skill also demands a lot more creativity from you. But this skill is a little easier than Animations, but it also takes a lot of hard work.

There is a lot of demand in this too, but you will be hired only when there is quality in your work and when your price is a bit affordable.

After learning Graphic Designing, you can also apply for jobs or you can also start your own work through Freelancing Site.

Many people are earning lakhs of rupees a month through this skill, you can also earn, but you have to work very hard, you will have to put your whole life in this skill.


Friends, all the Top 5 Skills I have told you, in this you go for a year expecting that you are not going to get any money.

In the beginning, you have to focus completely on learning. You let people do some work for free, contact different people and say, I will do your work for free.

Give many such people for free each one doing some 2-3 work, after that many of them will definitely give you both work and money.

You can also increase your experience a lot like this.

Friends, you can easily learn all the above-mentioned skills on Udemy within a very low cost (ie Rs 500 – 600).

Friends, if you develop only one skill out of these, then you will never face any problem of money in your whole life, you can be financially free and work from anywhere.

So I hope you have liked today’s article (Top 5 Skills).

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What did you learn today?

If you have any question or suggestion in your mind, then do let me know in the comment section below.

Thank you very much for giving your valuable time.


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