Web 2.0 definition and Submission site List 2021

You will get the Web 2.0 site list below, but first, we will give you information about what is Web 2.0? When it started, and before that it would also give you information about what used to be in Web 1.0.

Hello, friend, my name is Pradeep you are welcome your own blog named digital SEO life | Let’s first get information about Web 1.0.

What is Web 1.0?

Web 1.0 had a simple site in which we could only read information. They were very simple to see the site, the same person could add information on the site that created that site.


We tell you that in these sites we did not even have the facility to comment. There were long pages and the only text was available on the site. There used to be a site on which we could see one or two photos. Now let’s talk about Web 2.0.

What is Web 2.0?

With the advent of Web 2.0, we have gained a lot of conveniences. In today’s time, all the world web 2.0 sites run. In Web 2.0 site, we not only read the content, but we can also put our content on it. Web 2.0 gives us the freedom to share any information on the Internet and people should read it.

If you give an example of Web 2.0, we can take Facebook. This site gives us the freedom to share the text videos of sharing the text which we can share for free. If we take another example, we can take twitter, this also gives us complete freedom to share photo video text.

Now if you have a question about youtube, whether it is part of Web 2.0, then a friend will say that youtube has been created for this purpose so that people can put their videos. On this youtube earns money by running its aids, that is, people work for youtube. Now let’s talk about whether Web 3.0 will come or not.

Web 2.0 vs Web 3.0

We cannot say anything about the arrival of Web 3.0, nor do we have any idea about how Web 3.0 will work. Because Web 2.0 has given people all the facilities that they needed.

Now what is left for Web 3.0, you can think that if Web 3.0 ever comes, how will it work if you have a good idea, then you must tell us by commenting. Now let’s talk. How and why bloggers use Web 2.0

web 2.0 site uses

People use web 2.0 sites for their benefit. By peoples, I mean this to Blogger. Some people create a lot of their blogs on the web 2.0 site.

They write their 10 – 20 articles in them, after that they give a backlink to the people in those blogs, some people charge for it, some make a free two link, but later they also charge.

Most people use the web 2.0 site only for themselves. They write some of their articles and they include a link to the article of their personal blog. Which his article quickly ranks.

In web 2.0 site, you can create an account for your publicity too, because nowadays people create many accounts and use them. If you are an artist or a writer, you can share your articles and photos on a web 2.0 site.

I can make myself famous soon. Now let us give you a web 2.0 submission site list which you can use for free.

Note: Friends, the web 2.0 site list that we will give you, you can use it for free, but if you spam them, your account will be closed. After that, you can never open your account again. You will have to create a new account again.

Secondly, on which site you create your account from these web 2.0 submission site list, first read their rules, that is, you should read their privacy policy carefully if you feel that it should make their account.

If a site sells your data, your articles contain your personal information. So we are not responsible for this, so before you create an account on any site, you must read the privacy policy of that site.

Friends, we will give you a list of the best sites which are also free and their domain authority is also very high. After that, we will give you a pdf of all other sites which you can download and use them, which is also free.

But you have to keep some things in mind while using all the sites that I have written below. Let’s see all the best Web 2.0 site list one by one.

1. Google Blogger

It is the most used platform in web 2.0, it is used by everyone. In this, you can create a site for your web 2.0, if you do not understand how to find a name for your web 2.0 blog,

then you must read this web 2.0 name generator article, you will get very good tools to find names.

2. WordPress.com

The second and most used platform is WordPress.com. It is happy to say that which platform is most used among google blogger and wordpress.com for the platform. But both are worth a lot of money, you can use them for your web 2.0 site for free.

3. Tumblr.com

Tumblr.com – is a very popular platform where you can get a very good backup link, it is free, it is very easy to create an account on it. Today, Tumblr.com is used by millions of people for web 2.0 sites.

4. yola.com

On yola.com you can create your account in less than 5 minutes and you can create a very good bake link for yourself. yola.com is also free for you, in this, you also get the facility to install a custom domain like google blogger and wordpress.com, you must also use it.

5. justpaste.it

justpaste.it is the simplest easiest site in the list of web 2.0 site, you see a simple page in it, you can write your article and make a backlink. This is also a free platform, so you must use it as well.

Friend, these were some important sites that I have used and I still have more sites left to see the list of those I use, click on the Shobton is shown below and see this list for free on the web 2.0 site list. It is that you can use it.

If you have any queries related to the web 2.0 submission site list, you can comment on us.

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