Google's Innovative NotebookLM Unleashed!

Discover the latest from Google as they launch NotebookLM, an experimental AI-powered note-taking app designed to transform your note-taking experience.

Gemini Pro Powers NotebookLM

Explore the capabilities of NotebookLM, now fueled by Google's advanced Gemini Pro large language model, promising enhanced note-taking, summarization, and content search features.

Available in the US, Coming Soon Worldwide

NotebookLM is currently available for users in the US, with plans for a global rollout. Stay tuned as this cutting-edge app prepares to redefine note-taking for users around the world.

Powerful Features Unveiled

Delve into the rich feature set of NotebookLM, offering a dedicated noteboard space, citation integration, and more. Google aims to revolutionize your document understanding and reasoning.

Dedicated Noteboard Space

Experience the convenience of a dedicated noteboard space, allowing seamless note-taking and referencing. Easily pin quotes, excerpts, and personal notes to create a centralized hub for organized note-taking.

Effortless Citation Integration

NotebookLM automatically shares citations when responding to user queries, providing context and a comprehensive view of quoted content. Navigate seamlessly from citation to source for enhanced understanding.

Suggested Actions for Productivity

Discover how NotebookLM suggests actions based on user activities, from summarizing text to assisting in understanding technical language. Enhance your productivity with smart suggestions tailored to your needs.

Tools for Note Refinement

Uncover tools within NotebookLM to refine and improve the quality of your notes. From polishing prose to suggesting related ideas, this platform fosters creativity and coherence in your note-taking.

Structured Document Creation

Learn how NotebookLM provides tools to organize curated notes into structured documents. Request the creation of new content in various formats, fostering flexibility and personalization in document creation.

Export to Google Docs with Ease

When your notes are ready for the final version, NotebookLM enables one-click export to Google Docs. Streamline your workflow and bring your ideas to life effortlessly.