What does aperture mean in a camera?

Whenever it comes to the camera, whether it is a smartphone or DSLR, it is a matter of aperture, you must have used the camera at some time and when you want to know more about the camera.
Then you have the camera I must have heard or seen about the aperture like F2.0 aperture or F1.7 aperture, etc.
But do you know what the aperture is in the camera? What does F mean in aperture, there will be many other questions like these?

When initially you are interested in the camera or are learning photography, then many things are told about the camera such as ISO, shutter speed, one of which is something else.

In the aperture camera, aperture plays a very important role, so you should know what is the meaning of aperture in the camera. Let’s know what is the use of aperture in camera.

What is the meaning of aperture in the camera?

If you look carefully at the camera of your smartphone, then you will see a small lens (Lens) or we can say that the sensor of the camera will show you, but you will see a small hole ie hole.

If you want to look in the camera of the smartphone, then you do not see it well.

But if you have a DSLR Camera and lens, then look carefully in the lens, but you will see a small hole in the hole, now how much will this hole be open or how small it will be closed, it depends on the aperture value.

Now, what is this aperture value? So the value of F1.7, F2.0 in the camera is 1.7 or 2.0, we call it value and it is measured by this F which means F is the focal length, so always keep in mind that F value is as much as The less the door of the lens is, the more it will be open and the light which will be able to go in more.

Let’s understand this, for example, you can see in the photo that the aperture value in the first lens is F1.7, so this value is less then you see that the door of the former is more open or say that the hole is bigger.

Look at the door of the second lens, whose value is slightly higher, F2.0, so see that the hole is a little bit smaller than before.


In the same way, if the camera has a higher F value, that is, F8.0, then the door that is in it will be smaller, ie simply means that the lower the F value, the larger the hole is and the higher the F value. The smaller the hole will be.

Now here comes the question, what is the difference in the camera if the aperture is more or less, then see as if the hole is big, that is, the door is more open then the light that is illuminated will be able to go more in the camera which you will find in low light There are also photos that will get more good, in addition to this, another advantage of being less aperture is that you will get to see the bokeh effect in photos, i.e. Depth of Field) Depth of field) will get bigger, so that the things in the background will get better, you will get blur and the focus on the object is better.

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