What is a domain name? And how does it work function?

Domain Name: The address of any site or we can also call it the name of a website site like my name is Pradeep and the name of the site on which you are reading this article is Digital SEO Life. A domain name is a name given to each website on the Internet for identification.
Many people still did not know what it is, how it works, how many types are there. But today we will give you information about every topic that is necessary for you in today’s time.

What is a domain name? 


A domain name is the name of every website that is known on the Internet or we can say that the domain name is the identity of any website which is available on the Internet, with the help of which we can find that website on the Internet.
Domain name examples If you want to give, then you can give the name of this website or any other sites are available on the internet like digitalseolife.com, wikipedia.org, or you can tell about the site you know. |
Now the domain name examples you have seen, if you have noted in them, then in digitalseolife.com, you see .com behind and behind wikipedia.org you see .org. Do you know the meaning of these, why they are different behind different sites? What is their full form?
I am giving you a chart of them, in which you will get to know their full form and you can remember them with some famous domain name examples. And I am going to tell you about the meaning of other extensions like .com or .org.

What is Domain name Extension


In digitalseolife.com, what you see written after .com, it is an extension of this, I am giving you some more examples like .in, .net, .org .co.in, .group, etc. and Is also there but this is enough for you.

Domains name Extension full form

Below you have been given a full form list of all popular domain name extensions which are the most searched on the Internet and are also popular.

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List of Domains name Extension full form

  1. digitalseolif.com – commercial Internet sites
  2. mdu.edu – educational sites
  3. socialhelper.org – for organizational Internet sites
  4. digitalseolife.store – for a retail business
  5. google.web – for an Internet site that is about the World
  6. india.gov – for a U.S. government site on the Internet
  7. android.mobi – for mobile phones
  8. digitalseolife.net – for Internet administrative sites
  9. mysite.nom – for a personal site on the Internet

Domain Name Level Types

You have read this list in your list, but you have missed many domains, but you know that they all have different meanings and in this list, you have shown 3 types of domain names, now you will understand it better.

And we will give you some information about DNS after Domain Name Level Types, which you should know.

Top-level Domains name Top-level Domains Name

Top-level domain names are the domain names on which the visitor likes the most, that is, he uses them the most, in searching these top-level domain names, we are giving you some examples.

If you search them on Google, then I am sure that you use extensions like .com, .in, .net, .org, .eud more than that and most of all you will use .com. |

ccTLD i.e. Country Code Top Level Domains

If you use Country Code Top Level Domains, then it becomes the address of your country or any website of _____ which has a .in behind it, then that website is an Indian website.

I am giving you more examples of this. If you get written on the back of a website. You should understand that that website is from the United States.

Sub-Domains name Subdomain Name

Sub-Domains’ name, as it is known by its name, is associated with or made up of another domain name. We understand this with an example like our website is digitalseolife.com Now if I put eng.digitalseolife.com in front of it, then it will be a Sub-Domains name whose will be digitalseolife.com.

If you have not understood, then another example I give you is that you are in a folder on your computer and you opened it and its name is Domains name and in that, you got another folder and its name is Domains name 1 now You also opened it.

Now you are in the subfolder of Domains name folder. Hopefully, you will understand it well. Now we tell you about DNS i.e. Domain name system.

What is the domain name system

Domain name system is called DNS in short form DNS is known as Domain Name System. By the way, this is a very long left topic.

But if you want to understand it in short, then this number works on the system and every mobile phone, computer, laptop, tab that is capable of running the internet has its IP address and this track And helps to run the site in it.

If you are reading this article now in whatever device your IP address is tracked by the Domain name system and you open this site in your device. However, do we not need to remember the name.

Just as the name of all the sites is different, the IP of all devices is different and we can keep the site running.

Or to understand it more easily, if the site needs the address of your mobile, then it will recognize your mobile ip and run it in your mobile.
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