What is a Good Bounce Rate on your site?

If you run a website and you do not know the Bounce Rate, then in this article, we will give you information about it.
Hello, friend, my name is Pardeep. And welcome to our blog called Digital SEO life. Let’s know, keep reading the blog about the bounce rate.

 What is a bounce rate?


First of all, we get information about the bounce rate, what happens in this website?

Bounce Rate meaning.

Bounce rate is the percentage of time spent on a page of your site by the visitors visiting your the site, ie if any person comes to your site, then on which page he is spending more time on your website, how many pages did he open And later the (%) percentage of time spent on all pages is called bounce rate of your site.
Now you will have another question in your mind that the bounce rate of your site should be low or high, if it is high then how does it affect the site and if it is low then what is the effect?

The bounce rate of the site should be more or less.

Friend, I tell you that the bounce rate of your site should always below, that is, the more time someone stays on your site, the better it is on your site, even if it stays on any page of your site. | Higher bounce rate means that your site people are not looking good, they do not like the content given to you and they leave your website soon.

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Due to the high bounce rate. 

If your website has a very high-bounce_rate. So, there may be some reasons that you have to keep in mind and you can quickly check the mistake you have made and reduce the bounce rate of your site. We will also give you information about how to see the bounce rate ahead. And you will also give information about how you can reduce the bounce rate. You kept reading the blog.

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1. If a person comes to the website and he does not spend even a minute on your site, it means that he is not getting information about some work on your site.
2. The second biggest reason may be opening the site too heavily. That is, a person came to your site and the page of the site is being loaded in front of him, due to which he bakes from your site and goes back.
3. The third reason may be that the person comes to your site and he finds only two articles on your site or I say you wrote very few articles, due to which he has been on your site for very less time.
4. The fourth reason may be that your site may not look good, someone comes and goes back from your site.
5, fifth reason, you have placed a large amount of advertisement on your site, due to which it goes back after getting upset with the advertisements. In these, your popup ads become a big reason for this.
6. This is one of the main reasons that someone came to your site and did not get a piece of good information, that is, you do not understand what you have written in the article and they go back from your site disappointed.
7. Not all people do this, but there are some people whom they do not understand as much as they wish, that is, copying the data of another site to your site, which the user comes to understand, that he has read this article before and he Goes from your site and then he notes the URL of your site and he never comes to your site for the second time.

Friends, these were some reasons due to which the bounce rate of your site is high, that is, if the person comes to your site and soon he goes back. Now we are going to tell you some easy steps to reduce the bounce rate. After that, we will give you information about what is the loss of this on your site due to the high bounce rate.

Ways to reduce bounce rate?

Friends, you should understand that what we have told you because of the high bounce rate, you have to correct them, that is, you have to reverse them. If you still do not understand, then we tell you in the shortcut.

 How to reduce Bounce Rate

1. To reduce the bounce rate, you have to improve the speed of your site, ie you have to reduce its opening time. The sooner your site opens, the better it will be.
2. To reduce the bounce rate, you should give good information in your article so that whoever comes to your site will get all the information related to it in one place and correct.
3. You do not have to place too many advertisements.
4. You have to add 1 image in the article you are writing.
5. You should not copy data from any other site.
6. Use a user-friendly theme on your site.
7. Keep putting every article on your site. At least 2days, you must put an article on your site.

8.  Dear Friend, you have to give the correct title of the article, which the visitor should know what this article is about.

9. To reduce the bounce rate of your site, you must make an interlink in your site. That is, you must provide a link to your other post in each of your posts.
10. Your site should have a search bar in which if the visitor wants to search any other post, then he can easily search.
11. You have to give good labels, that is, if the visitor wants to get something related to the same category, then he can easily read it by clicking on it.

So, friend, these were some tips which will help you in reducing the bounce rate of your site, you must follow them. Now once we see how you see the bounce rate. After giving his information, then what is the harm of high bounce rate, you will lose his information.

How to see the bounce rate in google-analytics

Friend this is very easy, for this you have to connect your site with google analytics only then you can see the bounce rate of your site. Let’s know how to see the bounce rate in google analytics.

We are giving you a link to google analytics, you can click on it and go directly to its home page. If you have not linked your site with it, then you can add it and after a few days, you can see the bounce rate. If you have already added your site, then you have to open it, as soon as it is open, you have to write it in the search bar and bounce rate and search. A graph will appear on the right side as you search, in which you will see the bounce rate of your site in figures up to 100 percent. If the bounce rate of your site is also 30 or 50, then it is good for you and if you see above it, then how to reduce it by doing it.
I hope you have come to see the bounce rate. Now know that if it is more then what is the effect on our site to be more. Let’s know about it.

What is the effect of high bounce rate on site.

 Friends, if the bounce rate of our site is becoming very high, that means our visitors are decreasing. If the visitor comes and goes, then Google or any search engine will not rank our site. Due to which our more visitors will be less. And if our visitors get less, then we will not be able to do more earning.
If we are not able to do anything, then we will quit blogging, that is, we will not mind blogging. So friend, we have to post good or not very good article on our site, add one or two photos to it, install a good theme, speed up the speed of opening of the site, and in a week we should at least We have to write 3 articles, those are very good articles, we have to post our site.

I will give you a adwaiz to do whatever you want, but whatever you do, do well so that any visitor associated with you feels that you give good information even if you give less, he will trust you and will definitely wait for your next article.

So, friend, this was some important information related to the Bounce Rate. If you have got some help with this article, then you must share this article with your friends or on any social media platform you use.
If you have any question, you can definitely comment us or you can talk to us on our Facebook page too.

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