What is Affiliate Marketing and how does it work? Examples of Affiliate Marketing

As we get to know the internet, we start getting many business ideas on it. One of which is affiliate marketing.

Hello friend, my name is Pradeep, welcome to our own blog Digital SEO Life, today you will get all the information related to affiliate marketing with the help of this article.

And if you join the best affiliate marketing network programs, then you will also know what are the benefits of that?

 What is Affiliate Marketing and how does it work?

Affiliate marketing means selling a product or service on the commission. Now there can be different ways like online and offline.

I am going to show you online affiliate marketing or information about it. What is affiliate marketing? If you have not understood this, then I give you an example of it, which you will understand soon.

Examples of affiliate marketing

I work to make website seo and wordpress website and I can tell you that you should find a customer for me who can get the website built or get your site seo. And you have to find a customer for me and he makes me seo his site. When he pays me for his work, I give you some money to get a customer search, that is, I give you money for your work. Now you did not have to do anything in it, you just searched for the person who had to build the website and you sent it to me, whose commission you got.

I hope you have now understood what affiliate marketing is. Now how is affiliate marketing online and how can we do it. How to get payment, to get this, we need to know what will be required.

Friend is telling about online affiliate marketing because it is easy that everyone can do it like part-time work which you can do whenever you want. It earns a lot of money, if you know some of its tricks, then you can earn a lot more from it in a day. That’s why we can do it.

But before that, let me tell you about how online affiliate marketing works so that you understand it better. And if you want to understand offline affiliate marketing, then we can give you an example above which you can understand in offline affiliate marketing.

Online affiliate marketing

In online affiliate marketing, you work with a website, in which you will have to sell the product, in which you will get a commission. In this, you have to share the link of a product from the website or copy the code of that product and put it on your site. Where a person clicks on the link shared by you and purchases that product, you are paid his commission.

Affiliate Marketing for beginners guidelines

Friend, if you want to do online affiliate marketing, then you must first understand how it works. If you have read the above paragraph carefully, then you must have understood it to some extent. Now if you want to earn it, then one by one, take information about the things required for it.

Things needed to do affiliate marketing.

First of all, the place or platform where you will do affiliate marketing.

Friends, we have many ways to do affiliate marketing online, but the most in vogue will tell you, with the help of which you can do this work.

1. Creating a website:- Friends, the first way is to do online affiliate marketing with the help of a website. You can do affiliate marketing with the help of a website, in which you can earn money by putting the link of the product of any company you join the affiliate program here. When any person comes to your site and sees that product and buys it, then you get his commission. He will buy that product from your link or any other product, you will get a commission as many times.

Doing affiliate marketing on the website will help. If your website goes viral once, then you can earn millions in a day. For this, around ten thousand traffic is required to come to your site in a day, the winning visitors will come to your site, the more your earning will increase.

Now it is not necessary that everyone coming will buy a product from your site. Because what do you know, he should leave it only by looking at it or he is looking for someone else and only giving him his information. There can be many reasons for this. So I only mean that the more people who visit your site, the more your chances of earning are increased.

One more the thing I can tell you, Affiliate marketing by creating a website will also be expensive for you, so before you do it, how do you make a good website and SEO the website. There are many other things that you will have to learn. Doing affiliate marketing from the website is very profitable but very time consuming and we have to spend in the beginning.

2. Youtube Channel:- Friend is the second most popular affiliate marketing with the help of the Youtube channel. Today, lakhs of people are earning lakhs of rupees per month with this help. If you do this work by creating a YouTube channel, then you can start earning very quickly, in this, you put the link of any affiliate program of the company you have joined in the descriptive of your video and tell people that Click on those who buy this product, all the people who feed that product with your link, you will get them all.

In the YouTube channel, you will have to focus a lot in the beginning because you have to bring more and more subscribers to your channel, which is not very difficult but not easy. It is not difficult for those people who have some talent and it is not easy for those who like to watch videos of others and read articles. If you have the skills, then show it on YouTube and tell the people to buy the product from your affiliate link, you can earn a lot by doing so.

If you do not have any talent, you can review the product. And you can earn from an affiliate link for that product. But for this, you have to buy that product first, that is, if you have to review some products first, then you have to buy them and review them, then you will have to make your video accessible to the people. If people like that product, they will definitely buy it from your link and you will get its commission.

3. Social Media:- Friends, if you have a lot of friends on your social media, you can also do your affiliate marketing. Social media includes platforms like your Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and if you use anything else, you can also earn money by sharing the link to your product.

And you can tell this to your friend Ristadaro that they can buy any product from your link. Here you have to take care of one thing, you can also close your account by not sharing more links on social media, because of all platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp consider business links as spam, so keep in mind that you Only share 2 or 3 links in a day.

These are some of the platforms or places where you can do affiliate marketing. There are many other means with which you can do affiliate marketing, if you want to know about them then you must read this article. (^) You can earn a lot in them if you do it well. Of these, you can use any platform, some are free, in some, you will have to spend. For example, if you do this work on the website, you will need hosting and domain. And you will have to spend time. You can earn well in a day if your luck is good. Now we are going to tell you one of the best affiliate programs for this.

There are many more if you want to know about them and according to your topic, you must know their information, then you must read this article of ours. From how much you can earn, you will get clear, who will pay you more and who will not. I advise that if you join more than one affiliate program then you will earn more. Just you should come to earn.

Now the affiliate program with which you will work and earn.

Today, there are many good affiliate programs in which you can earn, but my best Amazon affiliate program in which I have earned the most.

To join you in amazon affiliate program, you need some things, we will give you their information and on which basis you will give money, we will give you the information, and along with it you will also give you other important information which is necessary for you.

Important information to join an amazon affiliate program

To join amazon affiliate program you have to have some things ready. What I am going to tell you now, you will need them in all the affiliate programs. And I am going to tell you why it is important to have it.

All the important things you will need.

Active email, active mobile number, PAN card, bank information, website URL, you are full address.

You must have these things.

1. Mobile number:- the Mobile number you must have for OTP verification. If you ever call your account password or if someone else has a quarrel with your account, you will get a message on your mobile.

2. Active Email:- otp verification and account activation = you need to know. But it has more work in it, you will get the necessary information from the affiliate program you have joined, such as the information about the offer, your payment information, and how much information you will get from your link.

3. PAN Card:-If you do not have it, then it is a big problem, you will have to pay a lot of tax if you do not have it. So you must have it made. Or you can create an account under the name of a member of your family who has a PAN card. You can give your mobile number and email.

4. You’re complete address:- Friend, it is not necessary but your account may need it anytime, if the affiliate program company rings you a letter for verification of your address and if you have entered the wrong address in it, then anything. You will not be able to verify it, so I give you a suggestion, you are right.

5. Bank information:- Friend bank information to be given only in whose name you create an account and you also have a PAN card in that name. In this, you will get your payment when you are selling, that is, you will start affiliate marketing, you will get payment in your bank on any one day of the month.

6. Website URL:- If you have a website URL, that is, you have a website, then you can give a link to it, if it is not, then you can give a link to your Facebook profile or you can give a link to your Instagram profile. This is because you are going to say this work, the company wants to go with you, in some you will get approved without seeing your account, but in some you will see your profile, after that your profile will be approved or not. Amazon is giving approval to all the affiliates without seeing the profile so far, if you do not have a site, you can give a link to your Facebook and Instagram profile.

These are the things that you will need to join the amazon affiliate program, you have to fill all your information first, after that you have to fill your form by knowing the photo information of your PAN card in the tax information page to reduce your tax. I woke up to see you and then told you with the help of an email. In this, all you have to do is wake up and your affiliate account will be ready.

When you fill all this information well, then the company will look at your profile and after that, you will sand a verification link on your email, you have to click on it and log in to your account. All controls will be obtained, such as whether to create a link to a product or how many clicks have been made on a link, how many products have been purchased from your link. You will get all the information, you will get information about the commission for which product you will get.

So friend, all this is served if you want to work to join an affiliate program, then you must join it. Now some other information you must know if you want to know more about it. Like it gives us money on the bass and other information which will be very useful for you. Let’s know one by one about those which are very important.

The affiliate program company gives us money on what basis?

Friend, it is important for you, on what basis will the company give money? You get money in three ways in this, but this facility you get in one company is so difficult. Like we are good about affiliate program company CPM, CPC, CPS based on money.

CPM: – Friend CPM means 1000 impressions on the cast. That is, you put the banner of a product in your site and if 1000 people see it, then you will get its money. But this is very less in the affiliate, you do not get any money for the impressions of the product, you only get the money to sell the product.

CPC: – Friend CPC means click on cost. That is, you put a banner of a product and the number of clicks you get on it, you get its money. You get a very small amount in this, but how much or less it is against the dollar of money of a country, you will get money accordingly. In this, all the companies do not give this facility to you, which is such a facility that includes our Amazon Affiliate Program.

CPS: Friend, this means selling on cost. It definitely gives you commission, if any person buys any product or product from your banner link then you will get his commission. The commission rate is determined by the affiliate company how much commission they will give you. Suppose if the company has made a policy of paying a commission of 12% on a product, then you will be given 12% of that product, that is, if the price of a product is Rs 1000, then you will get 120 rupees on one unit of its sale. If the man buys 2 units of this, you will be given 240 rupees from the company.

Can we use Amazon Affiliate Program and AdSense together?

Friend has a website and if you use Google’s Adsense on it, and you want to use Amazon’s affiliate program, then you can do it, you will not have any problem in this, Google has given its term condition I consider it legal. So you must use it.

Is it necessary to have a website to do affiliate marketing?

Friends, you have already told about it well that we can do affiliate marketing in different places. I will not tell you here. It is not necessary, but if some company asks for a website, then you have to create a website to work with it. And if you do affiliate marketing from the website, then there is a high chance of earning more.

Do all the companies have affiliate programs?

Friends, in this we tell you that to date 70% of the company is such that offers an affiliate program. If some new company has elasticity, then it is also thinking of providing such facility, but the well-known company, they have already provided this facility. If in your eyes there is a company with whom you want to work with the help of affiliate, then you can contact them and ask them, they will give you good information. To contact them, you can email them or you can also contact them on the Facebook page where you are likely to get the answer to your question soon.

Which course will be required to do affiliate marketing?

Friend, if you have any such question in your mind that we will have to take a course to do affiliate marketing, it is wrong that you can do this work without any course. But that is a different thing, if you want to learn some tricks of this and ask to increase your earnings more, then you can take anyone. In the course, you are given some ideas which can help you earn more.

Are there any fees to join an affiliate marketing program?

Friends, I have not yet received any affiliate program that takes fees from us for joining, but if you have found such a program or have found a company that is taking fees for joining, then you forget with it. Don’t even join because of they can be frauds, if you have to work, then we have already made a list of very good affiliate programs, you can see them and they The tax-free working together we can make money.

How much the money we can earn or how much we can earn with the help of affiliate marketing.

Friends, it is possible at your work that how much you can do, what kind of product you are selling, which platform you are using. Whether you are applying any trick or not, do you have any idea or not. Everything will depend on your knowledge because there are many people who earn more than 2000 in a day and there are many people who earn 200 too hard. The most important thing in this is to know this work well and then do it. If you understand it well and then you can earn a lot more in a day when you understand well then you will decide for yourself that I have to earn so much today. That is to say, you should come to do it in a good way, only then you can earn it more and do it in a way you will need its course.

While joining the affiliate program, what should we pay special attention to?

When we join any affiliate program, we must keep some things in mind. Like whether they give us customer help or not, they pay at least how much payout, through which they pay us, and how much do we charge tax even after PAN card. Friend, if you do not see all these things, then you may have problems later.

If we are not getting payment, then whom will you contact? If you do not see about it first, then if you only have a bank account to take payment and them payout in dollars, then how will you take it? , And how much tax does he take from you, even after the PAN card, if he takes more tax even after taking the PAN card, then, of course, do not work with him. After depositing the PAN card, at least we have to pay 2 to 4% tax, which is a very small amount but if we do not provide the PAN card it can be 20 to 30% and if the PAN card is received from us Even after taking it, the percentage of tax will be collected, so they are snatched away from us.

What to do for payment related problem

Friends, if there is any problem related to your payment, then you should contact the company immediately, email them to you or you can also call them if you get there number from the phone. Still, after that you will get some information and them will also tell you about what to do.

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