What is backlinks free information like type with examples 2021

If you also do blogging then you should also know what is the backlink? This is so important for our website and how many types it is. How to make them?

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Today I am going to answer every question related to them, let us know in this article. What is backlinks?

What is a backlink on a website?

Backlinks are the way a website or we can go from one web page to another webpage/website. If you want to understand it in a very easy language, then we understand it with an example.

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What is an example of a backlink?

Suppose you are reading this article of ours now and a word comes in front of you that you have to know something about and we put a link on that word for your convenience.

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The same link can also be from our site and can also be from any site which has written some article about that word or that line.

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When you click on it, you leave this article and you reach another page because of the link in that given word/line. This is what the backlink is we have an example of a backlink.

Just like you can see the backlinks checker written below this page, if you click on it, then you reach another page.

It is a link to the page of our site if we do not have any such article, then we would give you a link to any other site linked to it, which will help you completely.

Example of a link: – Backlinks checker We have given a backlink.

Type of Backlinks

Now if you have understood the link well, then we are going to tell you its types. Which you will have a piece of very good knowledge about backlinks and whenever you go to make a backlink, it will help you a lot. So let’s know Type of Backlinks.

2 Type of Backlinks

Friends, our backlinks are of two types which we:

  1. Nofollow backlink
  2. Dofollow backlink

Today we will give you the information on how it works, which one is considered to be the right backlink and which is not.

First of all, we know about the Nofollow backlink, after that we know about the Dofollow backlink, before you know the details of it, you should understand it better, which you will not have trouble in the future.

What is Nofollow backlink?

Nofollow backlink is the backlink which we speak to Google or any search engine, this link is not to be tracked by you and the search engine deems it as a simple text.

This link creates the path of any site or web page, but it makes it only for any user, the search engine does not track it, so such link is called Nofollow backlink.

What is Dofollow backlink?

Dofollow backlink is the backlink that we speak to Google or any search engine that you go to this link and you find what the user wants and you give it if you link to the user’s keyword on this link If you get the data, then you should take this article page or this site in front of it.

This happens in dofollow backlink if your site or web page has got a dofollow backlink and the search engine feels that you have good data on the site then it will start ranking your site quickly.

Why are we making backlinks (what are backlinks and how do I use them?)

If you are a new blogger, then your site needs a backlink because if you want your site to rank as soon as possible, then you have to create a backlink. Bake link helps a lot in the ranking of your site.

If you have good data on your site, then any search engine will ring the crawler on your site with the help of the do-follow backlink that you have created and your site will get someplace. |

A backlink is a part of SEO, if you have been running your site for a long time and your site is not ranking, you have also written very good articles, you have also done SEO, so now you should make a link to your site.

If you make SEO backlink for your site then visitors will definitely come to your site. Now, this should not happen, no visitor comes to the site on which you have linked, if you are not coming on it then you should remember that it will not come on your site either.

What should we keep in mind when creating a Dofollow backlink or Nofollow backlink.

Friends, if you go to make a backlink, then you should first know about the site where you are creating a backlink, even if a visitor comes to that site, it is not if you create a backlink on a site where a visitor If you do not know, do not make a backlink there.

While creating the backlink, we should take a link from the website or web page attached to our low.

We should not spam while creating a backlink. If you spam, your backlink will be blocked.

Always try to make a backlink on those websites whose domain authority is good, ie the same site that you think this site is right, if I get a backlink from here, my site ranking will be quick.

Do not take a backlink by visiting that site, otherwise, your site will never rank. You must understand which site I am talking about.

You should always try to get good backlinks even if you have to drink something.

Whenever you take a backlink, you should not use the tool of any such site which automatically creates a backlink for you, what do you know, how will it go to your site, which will not rank your site. And you will find it later, then you will find them and keep removing them.

Hopefully, you will understand that whenever you go to create a backlink on a site, what should you take care of? Now know

We should create a con link from either Dofollow backlink or Nofollow backlink.

Friend, we have told you above what is the difference between them and what things you should know while making a backlink. If you have understood them, then you will get Dofollow backlink or Nofollow backlink.

If you get dofollow backlink then you will get more benefit from it, your site will rank quickly, more visitors will come to your site.

The reason will be the same, the search engines will also start coming to your site quickly due to the backlink found on your site, which increases the chance of visitors increasing on your site.

And if you have got the Nofollow backlink backlink, then you will also get the benefit, you will come to the visitor, not just the search engine will track the link of your site, but if you have found the nofollow backlink from a site on which more than 1000 every day If visitors come upstairs, then someone will definitely come on your site through that link, it benefits your site.

So, friend, I want to convince you that if you are getting a backlink, whether it is a Dofollow backlink or a Nofollow backlink, then you have to take both of them if you take it from a site that already has some Rank on keywords

How can I get free backlinks?

Friends, if you want you to get free backlinks, then you find those sites which have open openers, comment there a good comment and give the link to your site there. Another way you can request a blogger friend is to give a backlink to one of your posts or give a backlink to your site.

How do you get backlinks?

If you want to get backlinks, then we will tell you some ways of this, you can get good backlinks.

You can take a backlink by posting a guest. You get it both free and paid.

Secondly, you can get good backlinks through comments. For this, you have to write a good comment. You should prepare a comment by writing a comment of at least 100 words and go to a good site. If you like your comment, then your comment will be verified.

The third way you can request from any blogger.

You can also say to another blogger that you give us a backlink, we will also give you a backlink.

You remove any shortcoming in a blogger’s site and tell him about it and tell him to give you a backup link, you will definitely get a backlink.

Apart from this, you make a nice gift for any other blogger whose site is ranking (edit his photo, create new logo for his site, make an app for his site, remove any error in his site, some And whatever you can do for that), you can also take a backlink.

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