What is Computer definition Learn Hardware Software System Functions

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What is the definition of a computer and what is a computer, these questions are often asked in examinations, but today the computer that is found in your home is the same computer, or if we say that the thermometer in your house is also a computer. If you believe, then let’s try to know what a computer is.


What is Computer Definition?

Let’s first know the introduction of computer. The word computer is derived from the word “Compute” in English, which means “computation”. That is why it is also called calculator or computer or computer machine.

It was invented for calculating a simple computer calculating machine, like your calculator.

Computer Definition in Hindi

“Computer” शब्द की उत्पत्ति लैटिन भाषा के ‘Computare‘ शब्द से हुई है, जिसका अर्थ है – गणना करना। कंप्यूटर को हिंदी में “संगणक” कहा जाता है। कंप्यूटर एक इलेक्ट्रॉनिक उपकरण (Electronic Device) है,

जो उपयोगकर्ता से डेटा (Data) और निर्देशों (Instructions) के रूप में इनपुट (Input) प्राप्त करता है।

एक बार इनपुट डेटा प्राप्त होने के बाद, यह डेटा की प्रोसेसिंग (Processing) शुरू कर देता है और उपयोगकर्ता के निर्देशों के अनुसार हमें आउटपुट (Output) प्रदान करता है। Read More

What is Computer system?

The process of functioning of a computer is completed in a phased manner. Input → Processing → Output

For input, you use an input device such as a keyboard, mouse, etc. Also, command or direct the computer through software, or enter data.


This is the second part of this process. In this, the command or data given by you is processed by the processor according to the information and instructions available in the software.

The third and final part output is given by the computer to the output of the information processed based on the command given by you. Which you get by the output device.

A computer requires both software and hardware to function properly. If spoken in direct language, then these two complement each other. Without hardware software is useless, and without software hardware is useless.

Meaning hardware commands are given from computer software. How to make any hardware work His information is already inserted in the software.

Many types of hardware are connected to the CPU of the computer, making the synergy between all of them work to run the computer properly. System software means operating system.

All Types of Computers

But computers do not mean just the computers that are commonly found in your homes, the computer is classified in three ways on the basis of working method.


Three types Of Computers

  1. Analog Computer 
  2. Digital Computer 
  3. Hybrid Computer

These three have their own specialties, so let’s know what is digital, analog and hybrid computer

What is Analog Computer?

They are used in measuring physical units pressure, temperature, length, speed etc., let’s understand a little more, talk about meteorological pressure of air, moisture or rain in the atmosphere or the lowest or most today, What was the temperature. Analog computers have been made to collect all these data.

Examples of analog computers

  • Rain gauge – It measures the amount of rainfall at a particular place.
  • Hygrometer – It measures the humidity prevailing in the atmosphere.
  • Anemometer – It measures the power and speed of air.
  • That is, all these analog computers collect physical data.

What is a Digital Computer?

Digital computers are computers that you usually use. In our homes, in offices, in which data is fed digitally and output is obtained.

Most digital computers are used, and are generally available in markets. Digital computers convert data and programs into 0 and 1 ie binary and take them in electronic form.


Examples of digital computers

  • Desktop – Many people use desktop computers for their homes, schools and their personal work. They are designed in such a way that we can keep them on our desk. They have many parts such as Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Computer Case.
  • Laptop – You must have known about laptops that are battery-powered. They are very portable so that they can be taken anywhere and anytime.
  • Tablet – Now let’s talk about the Tablet which we also call Handheld Computer as it can be easily caught in handguns.

It does not have Keyboard and Mouse, just a touch sensitive screen which is used for typing and navigation. Example- iPAD.

  • Servers – A server is a computer of some sort that we use to exchange information. For example, whenever we search for something on the Internet. All those things are stored on the server.

What is Hybrid Computer?

Hybrid computers have the properties of both analog computers and digital computers. These are considered more reliable than computer analog and digital.

Their job is to provide data received from analog कंप्यूटर in digital form, they are most used in medical, meteorology.

What is the full form of computer.

C= Common  सामान्य

O= Oriented  उन्मुख, अभिविन्यस्त

M= Machine  मशीन, यंत्र,

P= Particularly विशेष रूप से

U= United and used under  यूनाइटेड और के तहत इस्तेमाल किया

T= Technical and  तकनीकी

E= Educational शिक्षात्मक

R= Research  अनुसंधान

Computer Full Form – (Common Oriented Machine Particularly United and used under Technical and Educational Research).

Full Name of Computer in Hindi

Full Name Of कंप्यूटर in Hindi – आम ओरिएंटेड मशीन विशेष रूप से यूनाइटेड और तकनीकी और शैक्षिक अनुसंधान के तहत उपयोग किया जाता है 

History of Computer – Generation of Computer

It cannot be properly verified that the development of computers has been started since. But officially कंप्यूटर development has been classified according to generation. They are divided into 5 parts from the main tower.


When it comes to the generation of computers, it means that the computer’s victims like computers grow. They were divided into different generations. So that it is easy to understand them properly.

First Generation of Computer – 1940-1956 “Vacuum Tubes”

The first generation computers used Vaccum tubes for circuitry and Magnetic Drum for memory. They used to be very big in size. A lot of electricity was used to run them.

Being too big, there was a lot of heat problem in it. Due to which it was also malfunction many times. Machine language was used in them. For example, UNIVAC and ENIAC computers.

Second Generation of Computers – 1956-1963 “Transistors”

In second generation computers, transistors replaced vaccum tubes. Transistors used to take very less space, they were smaller, faster, were cheaper and were more energy efficient. They used to generate less heat than the first generation computers, but still there was a problem of heat in it.

High level programming languages ​​like COBOL and FORTRAN were used in them.

Third Generation of Computers – 1964-1971 “Integrated Circuits”

Integrated Circuit was first used in third-generation computers. In which the transistors were cut and inserted into the silicon chip. Which is called Semi-Conductor. Due to this, the ability to do कंप्यूटर processing increased to a great extent.

For the first time, monitors, keyboards and operating systems were used to make computers of this generation more user friendly. It was launched in the market for the first time.

Fourth Generation of Computers – 1971-1985 “Microprocessors”

This is the specialty of the Forth generation that Microprocessor was used in it. Thousands of integrated circuits were embedded into a single silicon chip. This made it very easy to reduce the size of the machine.

The use of microprocessor increased the efficiency of the कंप्यूटर even more. This very work was able to do a lot of calculations.

Fifth Generation of Computers – 1985-present “Artificial Intelligence”

Fifth generation belongs to today’s Dor. Where Artificial Intelligence has established its dominance.

Now, many new technologies like Speech recognition, Parallel Processing, Quantum Calculation are being used in the new technology.

They are such a generation. Where the कंप्यूटर has Artificial Intelligence, the ability to make decisions on its own has come. Gradually all its works will be automated.

Who Invented Computer?

Father Of Computer Charles Babbage

Who is called the father of modern computer? Many such people have contributed to this Computing Field. But more of all this is contributed by Charles Babage. Because he was the first Analytical Engine came out in 1837.


The concept of ALU, Basic Flow Control and Integrated Memory was implemented in this engine.

Today’s कंप्यूटर was designed by basing itself on this model. This is why his contribution is the highest. Then he is also known as the father of the computer.

What is Computer Hardware.

Computer Hardware The part of the कंप्यूटर is called.

The computer which is prepared with the help of parts is called कंप्यूटर hardware. This includes our input and output devices.


Computer hardware structure

The following important parts of a कंप्यूटर are: –

List of Computer Hardware

  • Monitor or LCD
  • Key board
  • Mousse
  • CPU
  • UPS

Read More : What is Hardware computer Complete Information

Monitor or LCD – Its use shows the display of all the programs of the PC. It is an output device.

Keyboards – It is used for typing in a कंप्यूटर, it is an input device, we can operate the computer only through the keyboard.


Mouse – Mousse simplifies the use of कंप्यूटर in a way it is a remote device as well as an input device.


CPU (Central Processing Unit): – It is an important part of the PC, all our data is saved, all the parts of the PC are CPU. Is associated with Click Learn about the internal parts of the CPU.
UPS (Anitrap Power Supply): – This hardware or machine prevents the PC from shutting down directly on electricity, which keeps all our data safe.

All Types Of Computer Hardware

All this hardware is divided into two parts –

  • Output device
  • input device

What Is Output Device?

Output device: – Based on the command given by you, the information processed is given to you by the output PC which is received by you output device or output unit.

Out device is hardware. The output device is the best example is your PC monitor. This is called I / O devices.

Examples Of Computer Output Device

  1. Output Device
  2. Monitor
  3. Speaker
  4. Printer
  5. The projector
  6. Headphones
  7. Printer

A printer is an output device that converts soft copy into hard copy.

What Is Input Device?

Your most commonly used input device is the keyboard with which you can type very easily on a कंप्यूटर. The input device has developed a lot that does not need to type data, some of these devices are your mouse.

Light pen is graphic tablet, Joy is stick, trackball is and touch screen is all these devices. This provides freedom to select by typing, so these input devices are also called Pointing devices.

Nowadays, the input device is being used at a very high level, even you do not need to type, just by speaking voice input recognition technology. This is a hardware device that can give us any data or command input from the कंप्यूटर.

Examples of Computer Input Device

  1. Mousse
  2. Key board
  3. Screener
  4. Dvd drive
  5. Pendrive
  6. card reader
  7. Microphone

What is Computer Software?

Software is the part of computer that we can only see and work on, software is used to simplify working on computer, nowadays software is created according to work, like Work like software.

Software is prepared by software programmers in large companies keeping in mind the needs of the users, some of them are available for free and some have to be charged.

For example, if you want to do work related to photos, then if you want to see photoshop or any video for that, then use media player for that.

Some important computer software

  • Photoshop
  • Microsoft Office
  • Chrome
  • Pant
  • VLC video player

Use of Computer

Where is the computer used? If seen, we have been using computers everywhere in our lives and will continue to do so. It has become a part of us. I have written some of its uses for your information below.


Uses of Computer in Different Fields

Use of computers in the field of education: They have the biggest hand in education, if a student needs information about something, then with the help of this information becomes available within a few minutes.

Research has shown that with the help of computers, the learning performance of any student has increased significantly. Nowadays, sitting at home can be taught with the help of Online Classes.

Health and Medicine: It is a boon for Health and Medicine. With its help, patients are treated very easily nowadays.

Nowadays everything has gone digital, which makes it very easy to know about the disease and according to that its treatment is also possible. With this operation has also become easy.

Use of computers in the field of science: This is the result of science itself. This makes research very easy.

Nowadays a new trend is going on, which is also called Collaboratory, so that all the scientists of the world can work together, it does not matter that you have a presence in the country.

Business: It has a huge hand in business to increase productivity and competitiveness. It is mainly used in Marketing, Retailing, Banking, Stock Trading.

Due to all the things being digital here, its processing has become very fast. And nowadays more importance is being given to Cashless Transaction.

Recreation and Entertainment: It has become a new hangout for entertainment, talk about anything like Movies, Sports or resturants wherever they are used.

Government: Nowadays Government is also giving more focus on their use. If we talk about Traffic, Tourism, Information & Broadcasting, Education, Aviation, our work in all these places has become very easy.

Defense: Their use in the army has also increased to a great extent. With the help of which our army has become more powerful now. Because nowadays everything is controlled with the help of computer.

There are many places where we use it according to our needs.

The PC is the biggest miraculous invention of science and technology, which has made life easier for people. It can be called the form of the human brain and this small machine performs great things. This has saved time by speeding up operations.

Disadvantages or Benefits of Computer

A कंप्यूटर is a man-made machine, which has many advantages –

  1. Through the simple-कंप्यूटर we can do all the tasks easily. It counts crores in seconds.
  2. Time saving– All the work is done at a high speed on the कंप्यूटर and it is connected to all the areas like holpital, school etc. Therefore, we can pay fees, etc. through the कंप्यूटर sitting at home, which saves time.
  3. Data storage – We can store all our data inside the कंप्यूटर. In today’s time, people put all the data on the कंप्यूटर in every field.
  4. Means of entertainment – On the computer, we can chat and also play many games, due to which it is also a good means of entertainment.
  5. File transfer – We can put the largest file on the computer in another PC.
  6. We can stay connected with our friends and relatives through video calling etc. through Rishtey-computer.
  7. Cheap devices – For us, a multi-purpose कंप्यूटर is not very expensive. We can get a good कंप्यूटर in 25000-30000 and also make it assemble according to our need.

A computer is a man-made machine, which has many Disadvantages –

Like every machine, कंप्यूटर also has many disadvantages along with its benefits-

  • Waste of time– We become the beginning of the कंप्यूटर and without any work also sit ahead of it all the time and waste our time.
  • Negative effect on health– More use of कंप्यूटर has negative effect on health. Running the computer all day reduces vision and also causes back pain.
  • Reduction in blood circulation– Blood sitting is not possible due to sitting in the same position all day.
  • Relief from relatives– People are connected with relatives through कंप्यूटर and for this reason they do not even visit them.

Conclusion- The computer is very beneficial for us if it is used properly, but if we use the same computer too much then it will have negative effects. We all should not have this machine etc. and should use it as per the need.

Computer future

By the way, a lot of technological changes are coming in the computer day by day. Every day, it is becoming more affordable and more efficient and more efficient.

As the need of the people increases, so will there be more changes in it. Previously it was of the shape of a house, now it is going in our hands.

There will also come a time when it will be controlled by our mind. Nowadays scientists are doing more research on optical computer, DNA computer, Neural Computer and Quantum Computer.

Along with this, much attention is also being paid to Artificial Intelligence so that it can do its own work smoothly.

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