What is digital marketing explain with examples

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What is digital marketing explain with examples Guide For Beginners?: Today I will tell you about digital marketing, that everyone is talking about digital marketing or internet marketing, so what is it? How can you learn this? I do this work myself, so I am going to give you very good information.

In today’s time, if you learn well then you can generate a very good revenue. If you create a company, what are the challenges faced in digital marketing, what is the process, from where you can learn, then today we will talk about the complete process.

So read this article completely only then you will be able to know about digital marketing, so let’s talk about it friends –

Digital Marketing

What is digital marketing?

Still many people in our India do not know what digital marketing is, so it means marketing, but here when you do marketing, you do it digitally.

That is, you must have seen that many companies have social media pages, such as Facebook, instagram page has been created, or Youtube channel has been created, or blog/website has become. So from where all those things are managed, someone must have done it or there, a strategy is needed only then you can do digital marketing, today’s era is of digital marketing.

Because more and more people who have started using internet, now by 2020/2021 5G is also going to come, so this marketing will increase in India. So if it is said in simple words, then doing marketing digitally is called digital marketing.

Example of digital marketing:

There are 7 types or categories of digital marketing. Which are included in the examples of digital marketing:

  1. Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  2. Email Marketing
  3. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  4. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  5. Content Marketing
  6. Marketing Automation
  7. Digital Advertising
Digital Marketing Guide For Beginners

Difference Between Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

What used to happen in the earlier times in traditional marketing, that you used to see banners on the side of the road, on top of the big building and in some other places, you used to see posters,

There the costing was also high but you did not have anything in the name of analytics but here you can see everything with digital marketing on the computer, you can plan everything in advance,

Where to place an ad, in which age group you will give it, how many people have seen it, how many impressions have been made, you get to know all those things through digital marketing.

All the big companies are spending on digital marketing, not in traditional marketing, and this money which is being spent on digital marketing, they are increasing every year because as I told Internet users are increasing a lot, so companies are also getting opportunities here.

What should be the qualification?

There is nothing in digital marketing here that you can learn digital marketing only if you have done this particular course, whether you have been of commerce or science or arts, have been of any field,

You have taken any degree, if you want to learn digital marketing then you can learn absolutely, you should only know how to read then you can study anything. There is going to be a lot of value in the coming time.

Digital Marketing Guide For Beginners

How to learn Digital Marketing?

Now the education that we have in India has become outdated, it does not work anywhere, so there are many such institutes in India which teach you digital marketing,

But their course fees are very high, so it becomes a big problem, everyone 50,000; 70,000; Not able to afford fees up to 100000, if you have a lot of money, there is no problem of money then you can go there and learn.

The best way is to learn that you yourself should learn Practically, I mean to say that you can learn Digital Marketing by reading Blogs and watching Tutorial Videos on Youtube.

When you practically implement all those things, then you can learn so much that you can learn more than those who learn by paying 1 lakh rupees. Yes, if you have some money then you can buy course from udemy and learn from it, you get the best course in it.

How to do Video Marketing from YouTube?

Which are Digital Marketing Courses?

What is taught there in digital marketing, let me tell you how the internet works? How does a blog/website work? How does SEO work? How to create Ad? how to grow youtube channel? How to grow every social media account? How can I rise above the competitor? How to avoid hacker? You are taught all such things.

How long are the courses of digital marketing?

So to do digital marketing course, there is a course of 1 month, some is of 2 months, some is of 3 months, some is of 6 months,

So if I tell you that – 3 months is enough to learn.

No matter how many courses you do now, you will not be able to learn anything until you see it practically, even if you have done 6 months course. Do not think that you have taken the course and you have become trained here, the most thing that you have to take care of here, you have to do everything.

Example – If you have learned about blogging in the course of digital marketing, till now you will not see it being created, you will not publish the blog post there, then how will you know how the blog runs?

5 Best Affiliate Marketing Books For Beginners.

What is the job of SEO? How to prepare content? So practical is very important.

Will you get a job somewhere after doing digital marketing?

In today’s time, the number of digital marketing companies you are getting to see in India will not be able to provide you much salary, here you will get a salary of up to 15,000 – 25,000 if you are a fresher.

And this salary is enough for freshers, because if you are freshers then you will not get a lot of work, and you will learn all those things when you work.

So don’t be greedy of money here, in the beginning, if you want to learn work, then you have learned the course, and you got a job, after that you stay in that company and learn the work for a few years, after that you can decide. That you have to do something of your own or you want to stay in the same job if your salary is good.

If you keep this approach, then you can learn digital marketing very well, if you are thinking that you have done the course and got certified, and I will get a good job with a salary of 1 lakh rupees, then you are thinking very wrong, It doesn’t happen friend.


Yes, you have to become an expert and you will have to do the work of 10 people, then you will get 1 lakh or even 2-3 lakhs. Practically, the more you create SEO, Social Media Marketing, Content Creating, Ad, the more you can learn and earn more.

The best thing in digital marketing is that you become a blogger, social media marketer or freelancer. You can work by going to fiverr to do whatever you know for freelancing, you will earn as much as you work there. And you can work with freedom too.

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Is digital marketing Easy?

No! Are you easy to acquire digital marketing skills? You can learn this skill in a few days by taking some books and courses from udemy.

Who is eligible for digital marketing?

All those people are eligible for digital marketing who want to grow their business online. Those who want to do digital work from home job. You do not need higher education to do digital marketing. Even if you have little computer experience, you can learn easily.

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