What is Digital Ocean – How to buy cheap web hosting from it

Friends, do you want to know what is Digital Ocean and how to buy cheap web hosting from it . If yes, then this post is for you only in this post of Q, I will tell you how you can buy Digital Ocean Hosting for your website. 

If you want to set up your blog hosting in Best VPS (Virtual Private Server), then this post is of your use. 

Here I will tell you about the hosting of Digital Ocean from details and with this, you can also increase the speed of your website. Digital Ocean currently offers the best and cheapest VPS hosting.

In this post, I will tell you the complete process of purchasing cloud hosting from the Digital Ocean. Along with this, I will also explain how to create Digital Ocean Droplet. 

If you want to use its hosting for 1 month for free, then follow this process completely. If you follow this process step by step, then only you will get a credit of 50 $ to account free. With this, you can use free hosting in the Digital Ocean for 1 month.

What is Digital Ocean?

Digital Ocean is a Cloud hosting provider company. It uses virtual private servers for hosting. A virtual private server works just like a physical server, over which you have complete control. 

You can control and manage Digital Ocean’s server according to your own. It offers VPS hosting service at a very cheap price. 

In this, you get a plan for VPS hosting from $ 5 to $ 960, you can choose the VPS hosting server plan according to the capacity and traffic of your blog. 

It is a unique hosting provider company. Because of this, it gives private server to its customers, from which you have the right to full control of the server. 

Although it is a virtual server, it works exactly like a physical server. By hosting a blog in this, you can reduce the speed of your blog in less than 1 second.

Special features of Digital Ocean:

How to buy hosting from Digital Ocean – Step by Step Method

  • As a virtual private server, you get full control of the server.
  • This will make your blog like a speed light.
  • In this, the cloud server gives you 99.99% uptime.

Now how do we buy Cheap Webshotting from Digital Ocean.

Note: – Now that we are writing this article, the plan that is present now may change in the future. For new offers, you can look in the sidebar of the website or below the article.

Step 1. Register & Get 1000$ Credit For Free 

First of all, you have to create your account in DigitalOcean. To create an account, click the link below, its page will open and signup there. If you click this button and signup, then only you will get 100 $ as credit.

After clicking the button above, you will go directly to this signup page. Sign up with your Gmail account there.

Step 2.  Confirmation of Account 

When you sign up, you will get a confirmation mail. Open Confirmation Mail and confirm your account. As you confirm the account, you will go to the homepage of Digital Ocean.

what is Digital Ocean

In this page of Digital Ocean, you will get the option of verification. In which you will have to add your credit / debit card. As soon as you add your card, only 1000 $ will be credited to your account.

what is Digital Ocean

Note: Only after adding debit / credit card, Digital Ocean gives us 1000 $ as credit.

Step 3. Billing information

Next you have to fill the information by going to Billing information. In this, you have to fillup your address, postal code. Here 2 options are given for paying the bill.

(a) Debit/Credit Card

(b) PayPal

what is Digital Ocean

Step 4. Enable 2 Months Free Cloud Hosting 

When you add the details of the card, at the same time you are credited 100 $ in the account of Digital Ocean. And it is ready to use. With 100 $ credit, you can enable 2-month cloud hosting. Now follow the procedure as mentioned in this process, then you will easily understand how to enable 1 month VPS hosting using 100 $.

Follow the Process:

  • On the left side at the top of the homepage, you will find the option of Droplets. You have to click on it. After this, click on Create a new Droplet.
what is Digital Ocean
  • After clicking Create Droplet, the next page will open, on that you will get the option of Choose a Size. That is, here you can select the plan according to the need of your site.
  • A 5 $ plan is best for beginners. In this way, you get 1 month validity by selecting a 5 $ plan. In this 5 $ plan, you will get 1 Gb RAM, 25 Gb SSD Disk and 1 Tb transfer data.
  • But if you are a regular blogger then you can select a better plan than this. If you want, you can use the plan by selecting a 100 $ plan. In the 100 $ plan, you will get 2 Gb RAM, 50 Gb SSD Disk and 2 Tb transfer data.
  • You can easily install using the One click Apps method.

When you buy back hosting server, you will get a referral link, create an account in your friends or another blogger digital ocean with a referral link, then you will also get a referral amount. In this way, you can pay your server bill with the credit earned from the referral of your digital ocean.

How to Create Droplet in Digital Ocean

Droplets are used as cloud servers in the digital ocean. Here the Droplets that you will create, work like a web-server for your blog. Within this droplet, you can install WordPress and other software and run your blog.

Now we will discuss how we create Droplets in the Digital Ocean. Read and follow this step by step process of creating droplets very carefully.

1. Open Dashboard & Droplets

  • First you login to your account and open the dashboard. There you click on Create Droplets and go to the next page.
what is Digital Ocean

You will get the option of Create Droplet in two places, you can select it and open it from anywhere. Now select the features you want to use inside it.

You can create Droplet in 2 ways here. There is a very easy way in which you can install all the apps you need by using One click Apps. The second method is a bit longer, in which we have to install WordPress on LEMP Stack itself.

2. Image Selection

When you start to create Droplets, you will get this kind of interface, the first option in this is to do image selection. Droplets can select the operation system they want to do in the server from here.

In this, you get the option to enable different option through different images.

(a) Distribution: Within distribution, you are available with Ubuntu, FreeBSD, Debian, aur CentOS operating system. In this, we can select the operating system as an image.

(b) Container Distribution  : In the   container distribution option you get CoreOs, Fedora Atomic or Rancher OS for installation.

(c) One Click Apps: Within this, you get different applications that you can install with just one click. You do not have to work hard on this. 

With this, you can install WordPress, MySQL, PhpMyAdmin with just one click. India uses maximum Blogger WordPress for blogging. 

If you want to install WordPress in the Digital Ocean, then you have to select the Ubuntu operating system. After selecting the distribution here, select Ubuntu 16.04.3.

what is Digital Ocean

3. Choose Size For Droplets

After selecting the image to select the next Droplet Size size. Where you can select RAM Size, Disk Space or Data Transfer. Starting plan for droplet size can be $ 5 or maximum $ 960

what is Digital Ocean

You can select the size of Digital Ocean Droplet according to your budget. If you are a beginner, then select the $ 5 droplet size.

 In the 5 $ plan you get 1 Gb RAM, 25 Gb SSD Disk or 1 Tb transfer data. If your traffic is increased then you can upgrade the size of Droplet to increase the performance of the site.

4. Add Backups

Backing up of the website is very important for bloggers. Anything can happen with online stored data, anytime data can be corrupted. 

Which can cause website down and you can miss your valuable visitors. That is why it is very important to backup. 

You can back up your site by enabling the option of inbuilt backup of Digital Ocean. To backup, you have to pay according to the droplets size. 

For example, 1 $ pay is required to backup 5 $ droplets size. This backup is enabled when you enable backup.

what is Digital Ocean

The next option to create Digital Ocean Droplets is Add Block storage. By the way, you do not need this option.

5. Choose Data Region

After the back up option, the next option is which location you want to select for the server. The closer the Digital Ocean server and the user are to each other, the better the performance. Bangalore Cloud Server is the best for Indian bloggers.

what is Digital Ocean

6. Select Additional Options

If you have selected the DigitalOcean cloud server location, now you have to configure some additional options as well. According to your need, enable the options from these additional features.

what is Digital Ocean

(a) Private Networking: By using this you can make the server of Droplet private.

(b) IPv6: If you need, you can enable it by ticking IPv6.

(c) User data: You can enable this to keep taking the continuous data  of user metadata from DigitalOcean server.

(d) Monitoring: You will get the notification of any problem associated with the Droplet cloud server from monitoring.

7. Add Your SSH Keys

SSH keys are used to secure the operating system running an unsecured network. SSH keys means Secure Shell which uses a cryptographic network protocol. 

For Droplet, you have to generate a new SSH Key, for this you click on the new SSH Key. SSH Key generation is optional ie if you don’t use it, you can still manage the digital ocean cloud server.

8. Finalize and Create

This is the final step to create Digital Ocean Droplet. Here you have to do 2 important things.

what is Digital Ocean

(a) Droplate Name:  Now you can name droplets in it by your own will.

(b) Click On Create:  Finally you click on create. Now your bus will be ready as a droplet server in 55 seconds.

Now copy the IP address of your droplet and save it in wordpad or notepad. This will be useful at the time of login to your droplet server.

what is Digital Ocean

9. Login Method

There are 2 ways to login to droplets.

(a) Without Use of SSH Key

If you have not added SSH Key then Digital Ocean will send your email address login details.

(b) Using SSH Key

If you have used SSH key then you can login using ‘root’ in username. For this, you need to install Putty in your Windows system. You have to generate SSH Key from Puttygen.

After this you can login to your droplet server using SSH key.

In a nutshell

How did you buy this post from Digital Ocean hosting (How to buy Digital ocean hosting) .

 I hope you have understood through this post how cloud hosting is completely different from shared hosting and how you can set up a website for yourself on the VPS hosting server. 

Buying a cloud hosting Hosting a website is not an easy task at all, but it is not impossible either. In order to make this difficult task easier, we have told in this blog the process of setting up a website on a cloud server like Digital Ocean.

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