What is Reselling Business and how to start it?

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What is Reselling Business and how to start it ? : If you want to do business without investment. Then Online Reselling Business can be the best for you. In this article you will read what is Reselling Business and how to start it.

Today Reselling Business can be done online sitting at home. Many people are earning a lot of money from this business sitting at home. Almost everyone can do Reselling Business.

Usually it is done by housewives, women and students. You can do Reselling Business both online and offline. To do offline reselling business, you have to invest. But you can earn money without investment from Online Reselling Business.

So if you also want to do Reselling Business. Then read this article till the end. Let us first know what is Reselling Business?

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What is Reselling Business and how to start it?
What is Reselling Business and how to start it?

What is Reselling Business?

In Reselling Business, Reselling is made up of two words. The first is Re and the second is Selling. Re means again or again. Whereas Selling means selling. With this, the full meaning of Reselling is to resell or resell.

Reselling is called resale in Hindi. Its Hindi name also means to resell or resell. As its name suggests, in Reselling Business, an item is bought and sold again. Those who do reselling are called resellers.

In this, in order to earn profit, the commodity is bought at a lower price and sold at a higher price. This business is going on not only now but for a long time. You will remember that earlier hawkers used to come. Those who used to sell their goods by going from street to street and door to door in village and city.

These people usually used to buy bulk goods cheaply from the city. And used to sell it again after adding his profits to the same. The profit in this was very high. Along with this, there was a lot of hard work in it. Because these people had to walk from house to house carrying a bundle of goods on their head for the whole day.

But today this can be done online sitting at home. The method is all the same as the old one. But you do not need to go anywhere online. You can do this work sitting at home. It means to say that online profit is the same. But the hard work is in vain.

So let’s know how to start Online Reselling Business?

How to start Online Reselling Business?

As I have already told that there is no need to make any kind of investment to do online reselling business.

For this only you need to have laptop or smartphone with internet connection. Including a mobile number, email and social media accounts such as; Must have Facebook and WhatsApp.

After this you can start Online Reselling Business. Online Reselling Business is done in three steps. Let’s go through all the three steps.

1. Browse

This is the first step of Reselling Business. In which the first thing is to choose the right product. Here it is meant to say the right product. Which product is cheap and good. that people can buy.

Not at all a product that people can easily buy cheaply. For example, suppose you want to resell a product for Rs 250. But that product is available in all the shops for 200 rupees only. Then why would he buy from you? Always keep this in mind.

So choose such a product. On seeing which people can contact to buy. Most of the women in reselling are successful because of this. Because they know who can buy which products.

Note:- Where to choose the product. Its information is explained in detail below [How to earn money from Reselling Business].

2. Share

The second step of Reselling Business is Share. When you have successfully selected the right product. Then share the photo of that product on your social media like WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram. You can write to contact to buy with photo.

You can also target your customers to share photos of a product. like; What do they want and what do they like etc.

3. Earn

When you share photos. Then if someone likes the product. Then he will contact you and talk about buying the product. Then you have to tell the price of the product by adding your profit.

After that, after asking for the address, the product has to be delivered to its address. Just like ordering products in Amazon and Flipkart. Similarly, order has to be made in this too. In this, instead of your address, order has to be placed on the address of the person buying it.

Order is made by adding its margin to it.

How to earn money from Reselling Business?

Reselling business is completed in three steps. which you have read above. After this you must have come to know that reselling business can be done sitting at home without going anywhere. If you do Reselling Business properly. Then you can earn a lot of profit sitting at home.

To do online reselling business, the product can be purchased from any e-commerce website. e-commerce websites such as; Amazon and Flipkart. If you want to do Reselling Business from these websites. Then you have to follow the same old rule. Today many people when offers come on e-commerce websites like Amazon and Flipkart. Then buy the product cheaply and sell it at their shop at the real price and earn their profit. If you also have any kind of shop. Then you can do this too.

But if you want to do Reselling Business sitting at home. Then for this Reselling App should be used. To do reselling through Reselling App, you don’t have to go anywhere, nor is there a need for any kind of shop.

Reselling business from Reselling App has to be done like the three steps mentioned above. Let us know step by step in detail.

Step-1:- First of all you have to register on a good and trusted Reselling App. Almost everyone can create an account on the Reselling App with some simple information.

Note:- Good and reliable Reselling App is mentioned below.

Step-2:- After creating an account on the Reselling App, you have to create a collection of products.

Step-3:- After that the photo of the product from your collection has to be shared on social media like WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram.

Step-4:- When a person likes the product in your shared photo. Then he can contact you to buy. Then you have to tell the price of that product by adding your margin.

For example, suppose the price of a product is Rs 149. Then you have to add Rs 50 to your profit margin and tell it Rs 199. According to your profit you can add any amount of rupees.

Step-5:- When the product is ready to buy for Rs.199. Then after asking for the address, order has to be placed on its address by adding a profit of 50 rupees to the product.

Note:- There is an option to add margin while ordering the product through Reselling App. Where you can order by adding your profits accordingly.

After ordering, the delivery boy of the Reselling App delivers the product to the address and takes Rs 199 (price of the product). Just like in other shopping sites. After that your margin gets deposited in your account.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Reselling Business

1. Is Reselling Business Confident To Make Money Online?

Answer:- Yes, Reselling Business is a good and reliable way to earn money online. This method was going on for a long time. But it has now been digitised. If you do Reselling Business through Reselling App. Then always do it through a trusted app.

2. Who is the popular, good and trusted reselling company of India?

Answer: – There are many Reselling App available on the Internet . That’s why always reselling from the same company’s Reselling App should be done. One who is good and trustworthy. When someone is good and trustworthy. Then it automatically becomes popular as well.

Following are some of the Top Reselling Apps of India.

  1. GlowRoad (Reselling App)
  2. Meesho ( Reselling App )
  3. Shop101 (Reselling App)
3. How Much Money Can You Earn From Reselling Business?

Answer:- Earnings are fixed in any job. You will also put more effort into it. Even then you will earn the same amount. But this is not the case in business. Earning in business depends on hard work. Reselling is also a business. This business is going to sell the product. So the more you sell in this business. The more money you earn.

4. How to get money earned from Reselling Business?

Answer:- How to earn money from Reselling Business. You all must have known this. But how do we get the money we earn from it? This is a problem for many people. Then let me tell that when you order a product. Then after the product is delivered, your margin remains in the form of Pending in your Reselling App. When the return time of the product expires. Then this money is transferred to your bank account.

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So in this way money is earned in the form of profit from Reselling Business. To earn money from this, you do not have to invest in buying the product. Nor does the product have to be delivered. Reselling App does all this work. Your job is to just sit at home and find customers and sell the product. Reselling App does all the rest of the work.

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I hope you would have liked this article about what is Reselling Business and how to start it. If you want to ask anything related to Reselling Business. Then you can ask by comment. If you liked this article and Reselling Business. Then you can share with your friends on social media like WhatsApp and Facebook. With which your friends can also get information about Reselling Business.


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