What is Sitemap? How to create a Sitemap for WordPress

If you are a blogger. So you should know everything about the blog. Like how to bring the blog to search engine, how to make blog SEO friendly etc.  

Now in such a situation, What is Sitemap? It is equally important to know about all the reasons why we use blogs. Because it is also a part of search engine optimization.

So in this way, you should read this article carefully and do not skip it.

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What is sitemap

This is a type of file. Which has extension .xml. Now you must be thinking what is this .xml. So you don’t need to know about it.

What is Sitemap

You just have to know what is a sitemap, as I told you, it would have been a file. In which the details of the pages and posts of your blog are written.

When a post has been written, when the update has been made in the post, these details are read by the search engine. This helps search engines such as Google Yahoo Bing.

About your blog post and with the help of sitemap, the search engine indexes your post quickly.

How to create a Sitemap For WordPress

Creating a sitemap is not so smooth. Everyone can create if you use WordPress, then yoast SEO automatically generates sitemap for your blog. You can check by going to Yoast SEO.

What is Sitemap

You have to log in to your WordPress. Have to click on yoast seo.

What is Sitemap

After that, you have to click on features. And by going down, you have to own the XML site map.

Now you know What is a Sitemap and how to create a Sitemap. Now you have to submit your sitemap in google search console. So that Google can recognize the sitemap of your blog.

How to add WordPress sitemap to Google search console.

First of all, you have to log into Google search console with Gmail ID, after that select your blog. If you have added your blog to Google search console then only the show will happen.

If you do not know how to add a website in Google search console. So you must read this article of ours.

What is Sitemap

After that you have to follow all these steps.

What is Sitemap

When you have selected your domain name, after that you have to click on the site map. You will see such a show as seen in the image.

What is Sitemap

Now you have to type sitemap.xml here and submit it.

Now we are giving you a file to download it. The code given in it is to be copied and pasted and submitted.

What is Sitemap

Now the site map of your WordPress website has been submitted to the Google search console. Now whenever you post a post, it will be indexed quickly in Google.

How to create a sitemap for Google Blogspot

And if you use Blogspot blogs, and you want to generate a sitemap for your blog. So you should read our Sitemap Generator For Blogger article, in which we have given full information.

So you should read this article carefully now.

This way you can create a site map of your WordPress or BlogSpot blog.

So how did you like this post, you can tell us by commenting, if you want to ask anything, you can comment by commenting below.

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