What is VPN and how does it work?

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Do you know what a VPN is? If you want to open, view or access any such website. which is closed to you. Then you can use VPN for this. Because VPN is a Virtual Private Network. Which helps to access Ban Website.

We use websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google a lot in India. But at the same time in our neighboring country China, all this is closed. That is, if you are in China. Then you cannot use these websites. Because there it is Ban. Therefore, opening these websites from there does not open.

Ban government on any website. For this, those websites are blocked by the ISP (Internet Service Provider). ISPs are there, who provide us the Internet. That is, the company of Sim is the ISP. Like we have some ISP in India now. like; JIO, AIRTEL, VI etc.

Now if only Jio blocks any website. Then we cannot access that website from Jio’s Internet. But you can access that website from the Internet of AIRTEL or VI. So when the government bans any website. Then all ISP blocks those websites. That is, ISP can block any website.

But this is where VPN comes in. It can open any block website. But do you know what a VPN is and how it works. If you do not know about VPN. Then definitely read this article till the end. In this complete information of VPN has been told.

What is VPN? 

The full name of VPN is Virtual Private Network. This is a server. Which provides a means to connect to other servers. This medium is in the form of a private tunnel. Which helps to do Internet Surfing Privately. By which the blocked website can also be accessed.

VPN is used not only to access blocked websites, but also to surf the Internet anonymously and securely. With the use of VPN, we can also change the IP address , location etc. of our device. Through this, any data can be sent in a secret way.

Which is not even known to the ISP. Everything we do on the Internet. All that is known to our ISP. But with the use of VPN, even the ISP does not know what you are doing. It is also used by Hackers and it is also used to avoid Hackers.

How does VPN work?

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VPN and how does it work?

Each website has its own server. When accessing a website, that is, opening or viewing. Then our device connects to the server of that website. This connection happens through the ISP (Internet Service Provider). Because of which which website do we open? All this information is known to our ISP.

But when the ISP blocks a website. Then while accessing that website, our connection does not allow the ISP to proceed through itself. Due to which we are not able to access that website. But such website can be accessed through VPN. Let us know how to access Block Website through VPN. its process

As a VPN is also a server. So when we connect to VPN. Then on opening any website, first of all, through the ISP, reach the VPN Server only. After accessing the VPN Server, the VPN Server allows access to any website. That is, after connecting to the VPN, to access any website, one has to cross the 2nd layer.

like; After connecting to VPN, want to access Facebook. Then your connection reaches the VPN server through the ISP and then through the VPN server to the Facebook server. This process is encrypted. That’s why no one knows which website you open. With the use of VPN, even the ISP does not know which website you access.

If a hacker is keeping an eye on you. Then they become safe from that hacker too. But which website do you open? This information is available to the VPN Server. The owner of the VPN server can see it. Therefore, if you want, you can use VPN by buying a server yourself. But it can be expensive.

Advantages of VPN

  1. Our connection is encrypted using VPN. Therefore our privacy is protected. By which do secure internet surfing.
  2. Due to the connection being encrypted, our data is also protected from hackers and ISPs.
  3. Using a VPN, you can change the IP address of the device. Due to which our original IP address is hidden.
  4. The location of the device also changes with the use of VPN. Due to which the person keeping an eye on us does not know our exact location.
  5. With the use of VPN, you can access the blocked website by ISP.

Disadvantages of VPN

  1. Our connection gets bigger with the use of VPN. Due to which the Internet connection becomes slow.
  2. By using VPN, our complete information is on the VPN Server. Which can be seen by the owner of the VPN server.
  3. Using a free VPN server does not protect our data. Owners of VPN Servers earn a lot of money by selling our data.
  4. Paid VPNs are expensive. Due to which not everyone uses Paid VPN.
  5. Paid VPN also has our data.

How to use VPN?

You must be thinking that VPN is an App. But you have told it to be Server. So let me tell you again that VPN is only a server. But an app is made to connect the device to that VPN server. There are many VPNs available on the Internet. Some VPN is Paid and some is Free VPN.

Now if you want to use VPN. Then you have to first download a VPN application to your device. There is also a VPN App for mobile phones and there is also a VPN App for computers . The way all VPN apps work is slightly different. To connect your device to the VPN, it is necessary to use one of the VPN apps. Below are the names of some popular VPN apps.

Best Mobile vpn

  1. Atlasvpn
  2. PureVPN
  3. NordVPN
  4. Namecheap VPN
  5. TurboVPN

Best Computer VPN Name

  1. Atlasvpn
  2. NordVPN
  3. PureVPN
  4. Namecheap VPN
  5. TurboVPN

Why not use a free VPN?

Both Free and Paid VPNs are available on the Internet. But using a free VPN can put you in danger. Many times the hackers who want to hack you. The same hackers have made their own free VPN.

So that the work of these hackers can be made easy. Because which websites are we opening near the VPN server. It has complete information. Which can help Hackers a lot in hacking you. These hackers can also sell your data for money and you will not even know.

Therefore Free VPN should not be used. Whereas those with Paid VPN keep our data safe. Because they keep earning. But not all Paid VPNs can be trusted either. Only a VPN of a good and trusted company should be used.

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