What is Web Hosting? or Web Hosting Meaning in Hindi and English

What is Web Hosting? If you do not know, then today we will answer all the questions related to your hosting. What is the use of hosting, is it available for free or is it paid on it? What is the difference between these two?

Hello, my friend Pradeep, what is web hosting in Hindi, I am going to tell you what is the meaning of it in Hindi, you will get information about it in this post today. Let’s know about hosting.

What is web hosting?

Friend web hosting is an online store where we store the file of our site which our website goes online.

If you know how to create an offline website and you want people to see your site online, then you have to host your site, that is, you have to put your site in a web hosting.

And after that you have to add a domain name, then your site will be online. If you do not understand this, then we give you an example of this. After that, we will give you more information about it.

What is Domain Name Full Information

Web hosting example

Let’s understand web hosting with an example. If you have opened this article through a link, how would you have found this article?

You would not have thought that our article is a store on a web hosting that you are reading, similarly, every site on the internet is also web hosting Store at

When you do some search, the server name associated with the web hosting gives you a copy of that word in the file of many sites by finding it.

 Web Hosting with WordPress

Friend, now that things are going on, then I would like to tell you better information. You must have heard about WordPress, it is a type of software that can be installed in your web hosting.

It is easy to make you a blog site. This software works online only. If you want to get more information about it, you can click it at the link given below.

Web Hosting Meaning in Hindi

दोस्त वेब होस्टिंग का हिंदी में मीनिंग कुछ निकलता ही नही है, लेकिन आप इसे एक बात से समझ सकते है. web को एक समय के लिए भूल जावो और hosting को हम स्टोर रूम मान सकते है अब web  यानि इंटरनेट यानि ऑनलाइन तो हम कह सकते है की Web Hosting Meaning in hindi  ऑनलाइन स्टोर रूम|

Web Hosting Meaning in English

Friend, in English, we can read the web hosting meaning i.e. we can say that Web Hosting Meaning in English Online storeroom is now if you have any questions, you can comment on us.

Types of web hosting

Friends, whatever type of web hosting we are going to tell you, it can be of 4 types and can be done, but in today’s time, most of the five people use it.

It works in some way, we have also given you the information. But some web hosting is different, I am going to tell you about them.

Top 4 Type of Web Hosting

  1. Cloud-Based Web Hosting
  2. Virtual Private Server Web Hosting {(VPS) Virtual Private Server}
  3. Shared web hosting
  4. Dedicated Server web hosting

Cloud-Based Web Hosting

Cloud-Based Web Hosting: – Hosting is very amazing if at any time more visitors come to your site and your site starts to slow down or gets crashed, then this hosting of your site.

Make a copy and add it to another server, which starts reducing the load of your visitors on your entire site, that is, not all visitors on one server are on different servers, which neither your site nor There is no breath and no slowing.

Which company offers cloud-based web hosting services, I cannot tell you right now.

Virtual Private Server Web Hosting {(VPS) Virtual Private Server}

Virtual Private Server Web Hosting {(VPS) Virtual Private Server}: – By the name, it is known that you get this private server, due to which there is no fund of a file of any other site in your hosting, this hosting gives you a better speed Will give Right now I cannot tell you much about which company you will get good (VPS) Virtual Private Server web hosting.

Shared web hosting

Shared Web Hosting: It is also known by its name that you will have to share, that is, you will be given a place to host your file with the site from which you are hosting, where many sites already exist on that web. It is available on hosting, this will result in your site will be slow speed.

Smile your site will be able to load 1000+ visitors simultaneously and can also cause a crash, due to which your website is web Osting will be deleted from the server or you will go to him too much money to run.

So, if you get Shared web hosting from any company, then think carefully that if your site is crashed, you can shut down the server of your site, but do not take more money from you by depositing the file on your site.

Right now I cannot tell you much about which company you will get good Shared web hosting.

Dedicated Server Web Hosting

Dedicated Server Web Hosting: Friends, I searched a lot about this hosting and then found out that this web hosting is very expensive, if you spend on web hosting then you will never have any problem.

In Dedicated Server web hosting, all the data is completely in your control, that is, you are given a separate hard disk in which you can host your site.

This hosting if you want to do business online, in which a lot of visitors can come to your site all the time, neither your site will ever be crashed or slow if you use Dedicated Server web hosting.

For now, I cannot tell you which site is offering the best Dedicated Server web hosting.

Where to take Web Hosting

Friend, I have told you how which hosting works but I have not been able to tell you which company can give you a good service in all these, but I tell you about a free hosting You can run a blog site and you will not be afraid of crashing the site or fear of slowing down of the site.

Friends, not all hosting is good, if you want to create a site on web hosting, then I am not going to ask you for any site. I will definitely tell you what I am using.

Yes, if I ever get a web hosting in future, I will definitely add it to this article and tell you about it, now I am running this blog in Google Blogger which is absolutely free, you can also use it. I have already given you all the information about it.

But let me tell you that only you can run a blog site there, you cannot run the file of the offline site created by you, but if you want to run it for free, then there is another way to do that too.

And safe, there will be no harm to your site. You can read this article for that. How to run your site in Google Drive for free.

Free web hosting vs paid web hosting

Some people do not know and they keep searching on internet net for free web hosting but they do not know how useless free web hosting is, it can steal your site’s data, it can get more visitors to your site.

But you can turn it off and then you can take a lot of money to start it. For this, if you have to use free hosting, then you should use Google Blogger only, it will not get anything good for you.


Now let’s talk about paid web hosting friends. In today’s time, it is difficult to tell which company offers good web hosting, which company can be trusted, but if it is free, it will be 80 percent better than free web hosting.

So friend, you have got to learn anything from this article today, so you must share this article with your friends and if you have any question, you can ask us by commenting and you can join our Telegram Group. |

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