Where to Meet Women?

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Do you want to talk to a woman and looking for a safe place to meet her? So you read this article of ours Where to Meet Women.

Here’s a hint: It’s not in clubs and bars.

Unless you’re extroverted, and unless you want to stay single and “date around,” then clubs and bars should be the LAST place you’ll want to meet women.

Here’s why: Meeting your ideal kinds of women is like hunting.

Let’s say you’re hunting elephants. You wouldn’t go to the south pole to hunt elephants, right? You’d go to where elephants roam.

Likewise, you have to go where the women are. And it’s all going to depend on the kind of relationship and the kind of woman you want.

How to meet women

How to meet women In 2023

Let Me Use Myself as an Example: Some years ago, I was at a stage in my life where I wanted to stay single while meeting lots of different women. But I didn’t want bar girls I wanted to meet women who were both well-read and physically fit.

And I found the ideal place to meet such women: Bookshops.

One woman that immediately comes to mind was the hottie I met while I was looking for a copy of Meditations by Marcus Aurelius. (Great book, by the way.)

That’s when I found her browsing in the aisle where I was. She was Caucasian, about 5’6”, had long black hair, wearing a black NY cap and black puffer jacket.

She also had one of the nicest butts I’ve ever seen on a white girl, perfectly wrapped in Adidas leggings. She fit my “ideal woman” profile to a tee.

I joined her at the checkout counter and struck up a conversation. I took a look at the book she had in her hands, which was something I’ve read and enjoyed before, and complimented her on her choice.

Soon we found ourselves talking about philosophy, books, and our mutual enjoyment of exercise and training.

That’s when I asked: “What’s your daily routine like? Because your thighs look like the end product of a master sculptor.” She loved the compliment and she continued to talk to me all the way to the parking lot.

Before we realized it, we had chatted for about 20 mins and we hadn’t even introduced ourselves yet. Yup, we clicked that well.

So we introduced ourselves, I told her we should hang out sometime, and the rest was history.

Moral of the story?

If I spent my time at bars and clubs, I wouldn’t have met her and many other women who fit my “ideal woman” profile perfectly.

A Quick Note about Peacocking Theory

In case you’ve never heard of “peacocking,” here’s what it is: Peacocking is the wearing of attention-grabbing clothes or accessories, all meant to grab women’s attentions.

Any guy can peacock, but not every guy can peacock AND make women feel attracted to him.

The key is congruence. If you peacock but your looks don’t jibe with your personality, then you’ll come off looking like a clown, and you’ll get the exact opposite reaction from women than you wanted.

Here’s how congruence works. Personally, I like wearing trendy/designer glasses. They’re not just for show:

  • One, I really do love the feel of glasses;
  • And two, I need glasses to read anyway, so I had a few tinted pairs specially made to look trendy and fashionable.

So not only do I look cool, but my glasses invite women to know me better as a person, too. It’s all congruence.

Meeting Women on the Internet

Personally, I wouldn’t recommend meeting women on the Internet. I prefer meeting them face-to-face. At best, I might use the Internet to meet new women, then quickly set up a face-to-face date, and then make the meet-up happen.

That being said, there’s nothing wrong with online dating. In fact, many happy relationships start online. So if you want to give it a try, just make sure you do it right.

Coach Corey Wayne suggests the following tips:

#1: Have fun photos on your dating profiles. Choose photos that show you having fun with other people or being in interesting places. If you don’t have such photos, then find a way take selfies, ask a friend to help you, hire a photographer, etc.

#2: Chat with women liberally. When you come across a woman who seems interesting to you or better yet, if she “Likes” your profile or e-mails you first give her your number and ask her to call you. Sometimes she’ll give you her number and ask you to call, which is fine.

#3: Set up dates ASAP. As soon as you’ve chatted with a woman enough to know she’s someone worth meeting, set up the date right away. You can tell her: “Hey, I think you’re fun, and I love how (insert another compliment here). We should meet up for coffee. When are you free this week?”

#4: Do what works for you. The key is to follow the results. If something doesn’t work for you, stop doing it and try something else. If something DOES work for you, keep doing it and make it even better if you can.

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