Why Is My Phone Charging Slow? [13 Reasons]

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Why Is My Phone Charging Slow: Discover why your phone may be charging slowly and learn how to fix slow charging issues with these useful tips and solutions.

In today’s fast-paced world, our smartphones have become essential tools for communication, work, entertainment, and more. So, when your phone starts to charge slowly, it can be a frustrating and inconvenient issue.

Why Is My Phone Charging Slow

You might be left wondering, “Why is my phone charging slow?” In this article, we will delve into the reasons behind this common problem and explore effective solutions to get your device charging at full speed once again.

13 Reasons: why your phone charges slowly

At some point, most smartphone users have encountered the perplexing issue of a slow-charging phone. There are several reasons behind this problem, which can range from hardware issues to software glitches. Let’s explore some of the common culprits:

1. Cable and Charger Quality

The quality of your charging cable and adapter plays a significant role in the charging speed. Using subpar or damaged cables and adapters can slow down the charging process. Always opt for high-quality, certified charging accessories that are compatible with your device.

2. Background Apps and Processes

Your smartphone is a multitasking powerhouse, running various apps and background processes simultaneously. While this is convenient, it can also consume a significant amount of power and slow down the charging speed. To address this, consider closing unnecessary apps and background processes while charging your phone.

3. Software Updates and Bugs

Outdated software or system bugs can affect your phone’s overall performance, including its charging speed. Ensure that your phone’s operating system and all apps are up to date. Manufacturers often release updates to fix bugs and optimize performance.

4. Battery Health

Over time, the battery in your phone may degrade, resulting in slower charging times. Factors like the number of charge cycles and exposure to extreme temperatures can affect battery health. If you suspect a failing battery, it may be time for a replacement.

5. Using Wireless Charging

While wireless charging is convenient, it’s generally slower than using a cable and can be less efficient. Make sure you’re using a wireless charger that supports your phone’s maximum charging speed.

6. High Background Usage

Running resource-intensive apps or services like GPS, video streaming, or gaming during charging can significantly slow down the charging process. These apps consume more power than the charger can replenish.

7. Damaged Charging Port

Physical damage or debris in the charging port can hinder the connection and result in slow charging. Ensure the port is clean and free of obstructions.

8. Extreme Temperatures

Both high and low temperatures can affect your battery’s performance. Charging in extreme cold or hot conditions may lead to slower charging times or even potential battery damage.

9. Charging While in Use

Using your phone while it’s charging can slow down the process since it’s simultaneously drawing power for both tasks. It’s more efficient to let your phone charge without using it.

10. Background Updates and Syncing

Apps or services that update or sync data in the background can consume power, slowing down charging. Adjust your settings to control when and how these updates occur.

11. Aging Phone Hardware

As your phone gets older, its internal components may not work as efficiently, affecting charging speed. Upgrading to a newer phone could resolve this issue.

12. Running Battery-Draining Widgets

Widgets on your home screen that continually update and display information can consume power and slow down charging.

13. Using Non-Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Chargers

Generic or non-OEM chargers may not provide the necessary voltage or current for optimal charging speed. Stick to chargers recommended by your phone’s manufacturer.

How to Fix Slow Charging Phone?

Now that we’ve identified some common reasons for slow charging, let’s explore solutions to address this frustrating issue. By following these steps, you can significantly improve your phone’s charging speed and overall performance:

1. Use High-Quality Charging Accessories

Invest in high-quality charging cables and adapters that are compatible with your device. Look for certifications like USB-IF or MFi (Made for iPhone/iPad) to ensure compatibility and safety.

2. Close Background Apps and Processes

Before plugging in your phone to charge, close any unnecessary apps and background processes. This reduces power consumption and allows your device to charge more quickly.

3. Keep Software Up to Date

Regularly check for software updates for both your operating system and apps. These updates often include bug fixes and performance improvements that can help speed up charging times.

4. Check Battery Health

If you suspect your battery is the primary cause of slow charging, it’s advisable to check its health. Many smartphones offer built-in tools to assess battery health, or you can visit a service center for a professional evaluation.


The frustration of a slow-charging phone is a common issue, but it’s not an unsolvable one. By understanding the various factors that can affect your phone’s charging speed and implementing the recommended solutions, you can enjoy a faster-charging experience and ensure that your device remains at peak performance. Don’t let a sluggish charging process hold you back—take action and keep your smartphone ready for action.

In this article, we’ve explored the reasons behind the question, “Why is my phone charging slow?” and provided valuable tips on how to fix slow charging issues effectively. Whether it’s a cable upgrade or software optimization, these solutions will help you regain control over your phone’s charging speed. Stay charged, stay connected!

FAQ’s – Phone Charging Slow

Why is my phone charging so slowly?

Slow phone charging can be caused by various factors, including using low-quality charging accessories, running resource-intensive apps, outdated software, battery health issues, or a damaged charging port.

Is wireless charging slower than using a cable?

Yes, wireless charging is generally slower than using a cable. The efficiency of wireless charging can be lower, which results in slower charging times.

How can I improve my phone’s charging speed?

To speed up your phone’s charging, use high-quality charging accessories, close background apps and processes, keep your software up to date, and ensure your battery is in good health.

Can extreme temperatures affect charging speed?

Yes, extreme temperatures, whether too hot or too cold, can affect charging speed and battery performance. Charging in optimal temperature conditions is advisable.

Should I avoid using my phone while it’s charging?

It’s more efficient to avoid using your phone while it’s charging, as using it simultaneously consumes power and slows down the charging process.

Is it necessary to use an original charger from the manufacturer?

Using an original charger recommended by your phone’s manufacturer is advisable, as generic or non-OEM chargers may not provide the necessary voltage or current for optimal charging speed.

When should I consider replacing my phone’s battery?

If your phone’s battery health is significantly degraded, and it’s causing slow charging and poor overall performance, it’s time to consider replacing the battery.

Can software updates improve charging speed?

Yes, software updates often include bug fixes and performance improvements that can enhance charging speed. Keep your operating system and apps up to date.

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