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Buy Hosting Hostinger 2024: Today we will discuss all the good and bad things about Hostinger. If you also want to know which hosting is good for beginners, and why do I recommend Hostinger’s hosting only? Which hosting do I use? What is the advantage of Hostinger?

I will cover all these things in this post today. If you have a lot of confusion that if you want to migrate from Blogger to WordPress, then which hosting should be taken, then you can clear your confusion by reading this post completely. 

Hostinger Genuine Reviews Why to Buy Hosting From Hostinger? | Buy Hosting Hostinger

Why should you buy hosting from Hostinger?

This question must have arisen in your mind that is anyone using Hostinger company’s webhosting to host their blog? If yes, can you tell about its advantages and disadvantages? 

Yes, I use Hostinger.

And before that we have also seen using Bluehost hosting. But if you are new and the traffic of your blog is less than 2 lakhs (users – not pageviews) then Hostinger’s hosting plan will continue to work great for you.

Because the traffic of this blog of mine is more than 1 lakh traffic per month, then this blog of mine is hosted on Hostinger ‘s Business Shared Hosting . And this blog of mine, you are able to see how fast it gets loaded on your browser. In this, we think the best thing about Hostinger is that if you do not like its hosting, then you can get money back in 30 days.

Web hosting with a good uptime, good speed and low load time is the best for any blog. A few years ago, we could host and run our website on any hosting and that website used to rank in Google. But today Google has clearly said that the most important factor in the ranking factor of any blog or website is website speed.

Your website speed is low and your blog takes more than 2 seconds to load, then your blog cannot rank in the top in Google. The user leaves the website or blog that opens in more than 2 seconds and goes to another blog, which will increase the bounce rate of your blog. Therefore, a good hosting for any blog increases its speed and reduces the load time, so that your site can rank quickly in Google.

Why is Hostinger’s Shared Hosting Best for Beginners?

If you are starting a new blog, then Hostinger’s Shared Hosting is the best hosting for your new blog, which gives you the best quality at a low cost. In this hosting, you get some such features which you are probably not going to get in any other hosting in this budget.

Good Quality at Low Price

In the beginning, when any blogger starts his new blog, he is not able to spend much on hosting. That’s why he needs hosting with good features at a low cost. In which he gets everything in his budget.

So Hostinger ‘s hosting is one of the best hosting for the new blogger. Which gives many features to a new blogger at a low cost. If you are a new blogger and your budget is less then you should buy Hostinger’s hosting only. Because if you buy hosting for 3 years in this, then you get hosting for only 59 rupees per month.

Premium Features

In this, you are given many such features which you will not get in any other hosting for Rs 1400. In this, along with hosting, you get a free domain, a free SSL certificate for lifetime. Which you can use on any one of your domains.

99.9% Uptime

The most important thing to keep in mind while buying any hosting for any blog is the uptime of that Hosting. Before buying any hosting, I check its uptime first and its price later.

Uptime means that your hosting keeps your blog online all the time or sometimes the user comes to your blog, then he does not see any error. I recommend buying Hostinger’s hosting because you are guaranteed 99.9 percent uptime (and really get that much uptime) ie your website will be online 99.9% percent of the time in 24 hours.

Free SSL Certificate

Whether your blog is secure or not is determined by an SSL certificate. If you have not installed SSL certificate in your blog, then after opening your blog something like this will show warning.

To avoid this warning, you will have to install an SSL certificate on your blog, if you buy any SSL certificate, then you get it online for a cost of thousands. But you get this SSL certificate for your blog for free in Hostinger’s hosting. You get this for just one website and it has a lifetime value.

Good Customer Support

Hostinger gives you 24/7/365 Chat/Email Support. If there is any problem in your website or blog, then you contact them through chat, and he solves your problem within few minutes.

By the way, customer support is not given to you over the phone by Hostinger. You can get customer support over email. I have liked their customer support very much, because in this you will get a little late support for the first time but after that you will get customer support on your email within 5 minutes.

And even if you contact through Chat, the support team reply you within 5 minutes. While buying any hosting, definitely check how the customer support is, so that if you face any problem while hosting hosting, you can take help from them. If the customer support is not good then you will not get any reply from them in case of any problem.

One Month Refund Policy

If you find a feature in which you use hosting after buying it and you do not like it, then how will you feel if you get all the money back. Yes, if you buy any hosting from Hostinger and you do not like the hosting plan, then you can get your refund back within a month.

You are refunded within 48 hours by the hosting team without any questions. And it will not happen because this hosting is such that you are given everything, which is needed with hosting, so you will not need a refund.

Hostinger company believes in itself that if everything is given to the customer, it will not ask for refund, so they have also kept Refund Policy. Which are not refundable to most hosting company customers.

WordPress Setup

If you want to make your blog on WordPress, then you will also get WordPress setup in it. Apart from WordPress, you can also direct design your website on many CMS in it. For this, it becomes much easier for you to design a blog or setup WordPress.


You do not get C Panel in Hostinger’s hosting, in this you get your own cPanel of Hostinger , you can use this H Panel with great ease.

HPanel is so easy that any person, even if they have not used WordPress before, will be able to understand and setup everything very easily. In H Panel, you get all the features of C Panel.

Different Plans

You get many different plans in Hostinger. In this you have to host Single Website, then Single Web Hosting and in this you also get Business Plan and Premium Plan.

hosting plan

Data Backup

The best feature from Hostinger’s side is its data backup, if your blog gets deleted or data is lost due to any reason, then you can get your data back by emailing Hostinger’s team.

This feature came in handy when my website was accidentally deleted, in just 10 minutes after emailing, the Hostinger team had recovered my blog’s data.

Along with this, you can make a backup of your blog from time to time, which will give you data backup. In this, you also get the feature of automatic data backup in Shared Hosting. For daily data backup or weekly data backup, where all the other hosting companies have to pay separately, you get those facilities for free in Hostinger.

Cloudflare Protected Nameserver

The Nameserver you get in this. Your nameserver is Cloudflare Protected. So that your website cannot be easily hacked in any way.

LiteSpeed Cache

In Hostinger ‘s hosting, if you create a site or blog on WordPress, then you get the option of Litespeed Cache. Due to which the speed of your website becomes very fast. Due to which it becomes very easy to rank your blog in Google. You can use it to reduce the load time of the site. This feature gives you only some 3-4 big companies.

Subdomain Feature

You get the feature of using Subdomain in all Shared Hosting Plans of Hostinger. With the help of which you can create different subdomains of your domain, as if you have a main site, then you can make it a subdomain.

Custom Email

In Hostinger, you are given a feature to create a free custom email. Where you can create your own email address. Other companies charge money separately for this feature.

Multiple Website Host

You can host 100 websites simultaneously in Hostinger’s Shared Hosting. Where the rest of the hosting company gives the facility to host 1 or 3 websites.    

WordPress Acceleration Feature

In Hostinger, you get Acceleration for WordPress website which makes your blog or website very fast. Meaning, in Hostinger’s shared hosting itself, you get the optimized server for your hosting server. 

How to buy hosting from hostinger? [BUYING GUIDE]

If you are a beginner i.e. want to start from scratch, then you can take Single Shared Web Hosting ( if you can invest a little more then take premium plan ). 

If you want to migrate from Blogger to WordPress, then you take Premium or Business Shared Web Hosting. Because you already have content on your website/blog. Never take single web hosting in this situation.

If you have more than 50 posts on your Blogger blog and you want to migrate to WordPress, then you should buy the Premium plan of Shared Hosting. 

If your blog gets traffic within 1-2 lakhs, then Hostinger’s Premium or Business Shared or WordPress Hosting is the best.

If your blog gets more than 2 lakh traffic, Hostinger’s Cloud Hosting is the best. I myself use Hostinger’s Shared Hosting only. Till today no problem came. I hope you will not face any problem. If you are in any confusion about which plan to buy, then you can ask me a question in the comment section below.Hostinger Official

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What is meant by SSD Storage?

This is what SSD (Solid State Drive) Storage means Fastest Speed ​​Storage. You will be able to understand this with the example of DVD VS Memory Card, you can compare HDD with DVD, and you can compare SSD with Memory Card.

That is, there is a disc inside the DVD which takes a long time to play. But the memory card does not have a disk, so it is much faster than DVD.

Similarly, there is no disk inside SSD, it is like a big memory card which is very fast. So whenever you buy hosting, you should buy SSD hosting only. Never take HDD Hosting, you will have to regret later. So do check it before buying hosting. Don’t buy if there is no SSD storage.

What is Domain Name?

Just like your name, in the same way, to give an identity to your website in the Internet, a name is needed, which we call Domain Name. Like – Google.com, Facebook.com, Youtube.com, digitalseolife.com, etc.

What is SSL Certificate?

SSL Certificate is an Internet Protocol, the full form of SSL is Secure Sockets Layer. This protocol provides a secure connection between the Internet browser and the website, which allows Internet users to securely exchange their data with other websites. 

SSL, commonly referred to as TLS, is a protocol for encrypting Internet traffic and verifying server identity. Any website with every web address that has HTTPS uses SSL/TLS.
Without SSL your website is not secure.

What is Bandwidth?

Bandwidth means that the content that is saved in your hosting or server, how many times on a second or in how many size (MB) your users will be able to access at a time. In simple words, the maximum amount of data that can be transferred to your user.

What is Litespeed Technology?

Litespeed is a web server software, which helps in accelerating the speed of your website. Meaning Litespeed is used to run the web server. Just like the mobile has Android or IOS, Litespeed is also the same. This is the highest speed web server.

What is Custom Email?

Custom email means you can create your own email according to you. Like – official@digitalseolife.com

What is CDN?

The full form of CDN is Content Delivery Network. Meaning your content is accessed safely and securely to your users. CDN stores your content in a cloud server, where the loading speed of your website is greatly increased and your website becomes very secure, wherever your visitors access your content, they will be loaded quickly on their browser. 

When you use CDN in your website, then your content gets to your users from different servers, due to which the real server of your website is not known to anyone and hence the percentage of hacking attack on your site is very less. it happens.

What is Control Panel?

The Control Panel is a set of programs. Which can be used for all the work of your hosting account – such as account setting, WordPress dashboard, hosting plan upgrade or renu, custom email setup & control, domain or subdomain create, CDN connect, CMS (Content Management System) control or installation, file manager, backups, databases, domain name management, cache management, SSL install, etc. Control happens. Meaning that all the control you have over hosting, you get it in the control panel itself.

What is Backup?

Backups means that whatever content you save inside your hosting, it is not saved inside your hosting permanently, if you make any mistake on WordPress then all your data or content will be deleted, so you have to save your WordPress. It is necessary to make backups of and you get those things inside the hosting itself. 

You get the weekly backup option for free in Hostinger’s single shared hosting plan, but you have to buy it inside Bluehost. But when you buy any hosting plan, there is no need to buy backup separately, in Hostinger you get free weekly backup, then you should use it. 

Even after that, when you install WordPress, with the help of a plugin, you can take backup of your site for free, which is named – Updraft.

What is Cache Engine?

When a user accesses your website for the first time, some of the data of your website is saved in their browser, such as the post that the user accessed, the page they visited is temporarily saved on all the user’s browser.

And That is what we call Cache and through whom the work of saving that cache is done, that is called Cache Engine. These are also found inbuilt in your hosting, but do not work so well, you will have to install one of the best plugins in your WordPress which is named – WP Rocket.


In today’s article (Hostinger Genuine Reviews – Why should you buy hosting from Hostinger?), we have told about why you should buy Hostinger’s Shared Hosting new blogger. About Hostinger’s hosting, we have told you about its features.

If you are also thinking of starting your new blog or want to migrate from Blogger to WordPress, then you must buy Hostinger hosting. If you want, then you can compare the hosting of other hosting company and see.

So now you tell me whether you will buy Hostinger’s hosting or not? Do tell in the comment below. See this “Hostinger Genuine Reviews – Why should you buy hosting from Hostinger?” Do share it with your friends.

FAQ’S on Hosting Hostinger

What does uptime mean?

As different hosting providers tell you 99.9% Uptime Guarantee, 99.95% Uptime Guarantee, 99% Uptime Guarantee, – this means that for how much time your blog or website stays online 24/7/365 days i.e. people Is able to access your blog or website at any time during the day. 99.9% Uptime Means Best Hosting Server Uptime.

Why is RAM needed in hosting?

Just like RAM is required to run a mobile phone, similarly RAM is also required in hosting because your content which is saved online in that storage, then when your visitors will access that content then a temporary memory will be needed. That’s it.

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