What is the WordPress ping list? How to add – Complete information

WordPress ping list is a very important part. For the search engine, whenever you publish a post on your website or blog or update any website on your website. So how does the search engine know that a new post has been published in your blog?


In today’s post, I will tell you what is the WordPress ping list, and how you can add it to your WordPress blog.


With the help of ping, you can index your blog posts fast. If I tell you about all these things, let us know.

What is a WordPress ping list?

We are also known as ping update services on the WordPress ping list. This is the service of a spring. Which we can also call informant in easy language. It works by informing a Torah.

For this, you do not need to do any separate WordPress plugin. When you install WordPress, you will find the option of these update services inside the settings.

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Whenever we update any website in our website or blog or publish any new post in the blog.

As soon as you publish, all the ping update services that you have added. A message goes to all those services that you have published a new post, and with the help of these WordPress ping list, the search engine indexes your post fast.

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So this is a very important ping list service. This helps to index your post quickly in Google or other search engines.

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How to add WordPress ping list

1. Firstly go to WordPress settings and then click on Writing.


2. Now copy the below ping list service and paste it inside the update services, and then save the setting.


WordPress PingList 2020


So this is ping update services, you can go to WordPress official website for WordPress ping list. For this, click here for update services, here you will get the list of latest ping updates.

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With the help of the WordPress ping list, you can fast index your blog post. When you update something new in your blog or you do some modification in your old post, or you publish a new post.

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In this case, WordPress update service sends all the ping service of your post, and then the search engine fast indexes your post with the help of this ping.

Your post quickly appears in the search engine.

For this post, if you liked this post, then you must tell us or if you want to ask us anything, then you can ask by commenting in the comment box below.

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