Work From Home Job in Delhi | part time job 2023

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If you live in Delhi, want to do Work From home job in delhi . So you have to do some online part time work. In which your time will also be less and you will earn. But if you want to do any part time work online then it is very important to have three things.

Requirements for online Work From Home Job in Delhi

You must have a paypal account, and computer / laptop or mobile as well as you must have internet. And you also need to have some skill. There is no need to panic. We tell you a very simple task. Which you can easily learn. and can be done easily.

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Work Frome Home job in Delhi

You have to do logo design work, you can do this work easily, we are going to tell you about a very good tool. In which you will get to create many logos. By modifying them a bit, you will give it to the front. And you will get your money.

You have to do this work on fiverr website only. Create your account on this website. You will need an email id to create an account.
You have to create a gig of your logo design, and get it published. Just after that you can start your work.

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