10 Wrong Ways to Earn Money Online [Guide 2024]

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In this article you will learn the wrong ways to earn money online. If you are thinking of earning money online. Then this article is just for you.

There are many good ways to earn money online. But there are also many wrong ways to earn money on the internet. That is, from which you cannot earn money, it only wastes your time.

wrong ways to earn money

In these wrong ways, you are told that you will earn a lot of money. But when you do, you don’t get anything and because of these wrong practices, the good ways get buried somewhere on the internet. So in this article we are already telling you some wrong ways to earn money online.

This article Explains the wrong way to earn money online. But here’s not the wrong way to do it, but how to avoid them. Because there will be many such ways to earn money online.

Which only wastes your time. That’s why it is important to know the wrong ways to make money online. So that you can find the right job for you online. Along with this, you can avoid online fraud websites and fraud people. These people only use you for their own benefit.

So if you would already know which methods are wrong to earn money online. Then you can save yourself from being fraud. Along with this, you can also save your precious time.

1. Surveys websites

There are many such websites available on the Internet. On which money is earned by doing surveys. In the survey, you have to give your opinion on any company, product, organization or any event. Many people are making money from this. But I don’t like this method at all.

It just wastes time and nothing else. By the way, many people claim that they take surveys as a job and are earning a lot of money from it. But I do not think that much money can be earned from online surveys that there is no need to do any other job.

However, there is also the option of Refer & Earn in the survey website. To earn money from this, someone has to add (create an account) to that survey website through their referral link.

So in the end I would like to say that money is earned from online surveys. You can earn too. I have also earned money from online surveys. But you cannot earn that much from it. as much as you think.

I mean to say that to earn money from this, a lot of time has to be given in it. But you are given very little money. Before doing an online survey, it is told how much money you will earn by completing this survey. But when you complete the survey. Then at the end of almost all the surveys, you get out of the survey by saying sorry and in this way you do not earn any money.

I have also done survey on many websites. Out of which, at the end of almost all surveys, I used to write like Sorry, You are not selected for this survey. But once I earned 50 rupees by completing a survey. Even after that I tried. But after that never earned money from survey.

2. Downloading the App

There are many such apps available on the internet. By which you can earn money by downloading and installing any other app. To earn money from such apps, one has to install any other app from these apps. In this, the money for installing each app is already fixed. When you install the app through them. Then you get some money daily. Let us understand this with an example.

Example of earning money by downloading the app.

For example, suppose you have installed an app that pays for downloading the app. Now in this app you will get many apps. You earn money by installing these apps. Now you can install any one app to earn money. when you install. Then you will see written there that how much money you can earn from this app.

For example, suppose you can earn 27 rupees from that app. Then as soon as you install that app. Then you don’t get Rs 27. Rather, you will get some rupees per day. For example, if you will get 3 rupees per day. In this way it will take you 9 days (9×3) to earn 27 rupees by installing that one app.

You have to install more apps to earn more money. When you install more. Then your phone may hang or malfunction. In this way you will spoil your phone for 50-100 rupees.

If you think that you can earn more money by downloading the app. Then it’s your mistake. You can never make more money than this. Rather, it will spoil your phone as well as your precious time will also be wasted. So this way of earning money online is also wrong.

3. Playing Games

Today money can also be earned by playing online games. Many people are earning money by playing games. I have also earned money by playing games. But if you think that you can earn so much money by playing online games that there will be no need to do any other job.

Then you are absolutely wrong. I myself am saying that money can be earned by playing online games and I myself have also earned money by playing games. But by playing the game, money can be earned there. Who is expert in the game.

And if you are also an expert in the game. Even then you may not make that much money. as much as you think. Almost all good gaming apps have a Participating Price in the game and the other is Winning Price.

To participate in a game, first Participate Price has to be paid. When you win the game. Then you are given your Winning Price. There is only a difference of a few rupees in Participate Price and Winning Price.

Like if the winning price of a game is Rs. Then to be the first participant in that game, Participate Price has to be paid. Which can be Rs. The Winning Price and Participate Price of each game is different.

That is, to play the game, first 3 rupees have to be paid. When you win the game. Then you will earn 5 bucks and if you lose the game. Then you will not get anything but your 3 rupees will also be gone.

In this way, very little money is earned even after winning the game and a lot of time is also wasted in playing each game. So if you are an expert in the game. Even then very few will be able to earn money from it. Along with this, a lot of time will also be wasted.

But if you don’t know how to play the game. Then instead of earning money by playing games, you will lose money. That’s why we also consider this as a wrong way to earn money online.

4. Captcha Solve

In the fourth place in the wrong way to earn money online, earning money by doing Captcha Solve is. You must have done Captcha Solve on some website at some point of time. Captcha is applied on the website to identify the robot. When you solve Captcha. Then it is proved that you are a human i.e. human. Not a boat or a robot.

But some websites and apps claim that they pay for Captcha Solve. But once you think for yourself that how the owner of the website or app can earn money by doing Captcha Solve.

And when the owners of the website and the app themselves will not earn money from it. Then why would he give you money to do this work? But some people consider it an easy task and start doing it without thinking. No such website or app can give you money. If he claims so. Then it’s fake. They use you only for their own benefit.

5. Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click As its name suggests, you get paid for each click. Such a site is also called PTC site. To earn money from this, any big URL has to be shortened and shared from these sites.

You can share this shortened URL on blog, youtube channel or any social media anywhere. The more people visit by clicking on that shortened URL. The more money you earn.

When someone visits that shortened URL. Then he has to see a lot of advertisements . Owners of these websites earn money from these advertisements. Some of them are given to you.

Almost all PTC sites have to see ads for 5 seconds. After that visit the original (large) URL and almost all PTC site gives $0.001 for a visit. According to this, to earn 1 dollar (70 rupees) money from it, you have to visit 1000 people.

which is very less. That is, money is earned from online PTC site. But as hard as you work. You are not given that much money. That’s why we can also call it the wrong way to earn money online. Because it also wastes our time.

6. SMS Sending Job

You must have read or seen on WhatsApp or other social media at some point that you can earn thousands of rupees by sending 500 to 1000 messages a day.

But don’t believe any such claim. No one can pay that much money for sending a message. This is all a way of doing fraud.

In this, you have been asked to do this work by showing you different types of offers. When you start working, you ask for money by saying Registration Fee. Even after this, some others demand money by doing something and when you refuse to give money. Then terminates contact with you. Then can never contact him again later. So in this way your time is wasted. Along with this you also get fraud.

7. Risky Online Investment Scheme

There are many ways to earn money online. If any person or company promises you to earn more money by investing a little money online. Then don’t believe in such claim.

These people will tell you that first you invest some money in it. After that you will be able to earn more money. These people also ask to invite friends to earn more money. When you invest in it. Then you can give money in the beginning.

When you have faith in them. Then you invite your friends too. But when a lot of people join them and invest money. Then they get a lot of money and these people run away with all the money. So don’t believe any such promise. All these promises are fake.

8. Online Lottery Scheme

You must have heard the name of Lottery. In Online Lottery Scheme, you can contact you through WhatsApp, Facebook, Call, Email or any other means.

You are told that you have won the lottery. Lottery in which you have never participated. But the amount of money won in lottery is so much that good people can slip.

And they ask for your bank details to transfer your winning money. After giving bank details, he asks you for Transaction Fee and many other types of fees to transfer money.

But those who do not know that it is Fake. They give money. After that all those people end contact with you. You can never contact him after that and neither you ever get the lottery money nor your given money.

So stay away from all these lottery schemes. It is a type of SCAM. Do not share money or your bank and ATM information with anyone like this. Because such people can also clean your bank money.

This has happened to me many times. Be careful online.

9. Online Gambling Scheme

Gambling means gambling. You all must have known gambling very well. No one can ever become rich by this. But it has ruined the lives of many people.

So never go towards Gambling. It only wastes time and money. There are many claims on the Internet. But it would not happen at all. Gambling should never be played online or offline. Never pay attention to the advertisement of online gambling.

10. Selling pirated content

Content over which you do not own rights. Still, doing business using it is piracy. These materials are called pirated content. Selling pirated content is a crime. Doing so can also result in jail. Today many people show movies online before its release. This too is Piracy. Strict action is taken against this.

Therefore, it can be dangerous for you to earn money by selling any kind of pirated material like: – movies, software etc. online. Therefore neither sell nor use Pirated Material.


You must have often heard in the news paper or on TV that online fraud or fraud has happened in this way. In which money is often stolen online. Today all these frauds have become common and these people always keep doing some fraud. It is as easy as earning money online. It’s more difficult than that.

Making money online is difficult then. When you get caught in any fraud people or website. Therefore, before earning money in any way online, its credibility must be tested once. Today the Internet has become so popular that you can get any kind of information from it. Therefore, before doing any work online, you can get information about it.

FAQ’s on unethical and illegal ways to make money

How to make money from wrong ways?

Engaging in illegal or unethical activities to make money is not recommended, as it can lead to legal consequences and personal harm.

What does earn money by wrong mean?

Earning money through wrong means refers to engaging in fraudulent, illegal, or unethical practices, such as scams, theft, or dishonest schemes.

Is there any genuine way to earn online?

Yes, there are legitimate ways to earn money online, such as freelancing, starting an online business, participating in affiliate marketing, or offering digital services. These methods require effort, dedication, and compliance with legal and ethical standards.

Hope this article has proved to be helpful for you guys. If you want to ask us anything related to making money online. Then you can feel free to ask. We will definitely give your answer. How did this article look to the wrong ways to make money online. Don’t forget to share your thoughts and suggestions. If you liked this article then do share it with your friends.

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