2023 Best Youtube Equipment For Beginners [Must Use]

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Must Use Best Equipment For Recording Youtube Videos 2023: Learn in detail about the equipment required for beginners to start a YouTube channel.

Best Youtube Equipment For Beginners

What equipment do I need to start YouTube channel?

4 Best Equipment for start YouTube channel: To make a good video, you should use good equipment. In today’s time people like to watch more high quality videos. Even if your video quality is low, your YouTube video will take time to rank.

1. Camera SmartPhone / Camera

First of all you must have a good quality Smartphone or Digital camera. In the beginning, you can do your work only with good quality mobile phone. For this you do not need to buy a digital camera. If you have more money then you can definitely buy, otherwise you can run your work from 10 thousand to 15 thousand smartphone also.

2. Mic

Like a smartphone, the mic is also very important, so that while recording audio, there is no outside sound and your voice is recorded cleanly. If you have put life into your content, you have made a great video, but if the voice is not heard well, then people will leave without watching your video completely, due to which your Watch Time will be spoiled and you will never Grow will not be able to

If you do not have money, then you can also record audio with the help of your earphone. But I would say that you must buy a mic because it costs only around 700 to 1000. If you want, you can buy BYM1 mic of Boya company. Today most YouTubers record their audio from this.

3. Tripod

Tripod is also a very important tool for YouTube. With its help, you can easily record your video without any problem. Once you put your mobile phone on it, then it does not move at all, due to which you can easily complete your work.

4. Green Screen

It’s not that important. You can still do your work without it. But it is very important for those who put a video by showing their face because only you will get the benefit of it. If you show your face in the video, then it is obvious that the background behind you will also be visible to the viewers.

If your video will have good content as well as good background then the audience will keep watching your video for a long time, due to which your Watch Time Increase will be there. Watch time is very important to get your videos and ranks done. With the help of green screen, you can put any background in your video.


These 4 tools are all you need to record your videos. In general, you can use a mic to start your channel. And by recording the video from your mobile phone, editing it with a best video editing app, you can upload it to YouTube.

But if you have a budget, you can start your own YouTube channel with a mic, camera, and tripod to hold the camera.

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