5Essential settings after installing WordPress

Hello Dear, welcome to your own blog Digital SEO life. Today we will give you Essential settings after installing WordPress.Domain and hosting is the most important thing to create a blog, but after that when we install WordPress. Then we do not know in which beginning we should do the settings.

In today’s post in my WordPress blog, I will tell you what should we setup after installing WordPress, which is required for the blog in the beginning.


After purchasing the hosting blogger from the beginning, they install WordPress. After that, they start posting directly.

Which is not correct. It is very important to make some important settings before posting. This important setting makes your WordPress blog SEO friendly.

This helps in bringing your posts to Google Search Engine, so let’s learn now, the important settings that you should do after installing WordPress.

5 Essential settings after installing WordPress 2020

WordPress is a free open source control management system (CMS). Which is made in PHP language. Or to say in easy language, it is an application.

Which is used to create a blog or website? So now let us know what to do after installing WordPress.

5 Necessary settings after installing WordPress

Important setup after WordPress install

First, select the timezone After Installing WordPress

The first thing to do after installing WordPress. Select the time zone, you will find this option in the General under Settings.

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Within the general option, you will get the option of timezone. On that, you have to choose Kolkata, because Kolkata comes in India, or you can choose UTC +5: 30.

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If you are from another country, then you have to set the time zone of your country. Visit this website to see the time zone of your country.


Change the default post category After Installing WordPress

Within the writing option, you have to set the default post category setting. Because this by default remains uncategorized, and whenever you write a post, you publish the post without selecting the category. So the published post will go straight into the uncategorized category.


Add ping services to Update Services After Installing WordPress

After this, you have to add update services. This is very important. When there is an update on our blog or website, it directly tells the search console, whether there has been an update on our website or not, this is also a very important setting.


Which you should do after installing WordPress. After this, you have to save the settings by clicking on save changes, for more information read this post What is WordPress ping list services. How to add to WordPress ping service update image.

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Select Default Avatar After Installing WordPress

Avatar means easy. When someone comments a photo in your blog post, then that avatar means the photo is seen with your commenters.

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So which incarnation do you want to show? Select this option, you will find it in the discussion option by going to Settings and you can change the avatar from there.
default avatar image

Select the post name in Permalinks Settings After Installing WordPress

You will get the option of post name under the permalinks in Settings, it is very important to choose permalinks. Because the shorter the URL of your post, the better. Setting up permalinks links by installing WordPress is very important for SEO.


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So this is definitely the settings that you have to do after installing wordpress. Let me tell you once again. First of all, you have to select kolkata in the timezone.

After that you have to select the default post category. Then you have to add ping services to the update service.

After that you have to change the default avatar. You will find this option within the discussion option.

After this, in the last, you have to save the settings by selecting the post name under the permalinks settings.

So these were some important settings that you have to do after installing wordpress. So you tell us how you liked this post, if you want to ask anything, then please comment in the comment box below.

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