How To Start Affiliate Marketing For Free

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If you are looking for How To Start Affiliate Marketing For Free then follow these 14 ways and start your work today.

There are many ways to promote affiliate links. Today we are going to tell you 14 such ways where you can start your affiliate marketing business for free. Friends, we told in our last few articles that you can earn $ 1000 daily by doing affiliate marketing. If you have started affiliate marketing, then you must be looking for ways to increase your affiliate income.

And looking for different ways. And if you have not started Affiliate Marketing and you are searching How To Start Affiliate Marketing For Free. So in this article we are going to tell you 14 such ways. Knowing which you can start affiliate marketing, or you can increase your affiliate earnings.

To earn money from affiliate marketing, you have to reach your affiliate product to as many people as possible. Only then people will be able to buy your product and your income will increase. In this series of affiliate marketing, today we will tell you how to promote affiliate link for free. With which you can boost your Affiliate Income by promoting your Affiliate Link. So let’s know How To Start Affiliate Marketing For Free.

Can i start affiliate marketing for free?

Yes, you can start affiliate marketing for free. By using YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook page, Instagram page etc.

Whenever a new person starts his Affiliate Marketing, he often knows how to promote through only two methods like Youtube and Blog. But in today’s article, we are going to tell you about 14 such best ways. With the help of which you will be able to promote your product easily, so let’s know 14 ways to promote affiliate link.

14 Ways to Start Affiliate Marketing for Free

14 Solid Ways to Start Affiliate Marketing for Free

There are many ways to start Affiliate Marketing for free. We are going to tell you 14 effective ways in which you will not need to invest:

1. Start Affiliate Marketing With Free Blog

Affiliate marketing from blog is very old and most popular. Today many bloggers are earning good money by doing affiliate marketing with the help of blog. Because in this, many affiliate links can be promoted simultaneously. You can start affiliate marketing by creating your free blog on Blogger.

2. Start YouTube Channel:

YouTube allows affiliate marketing. And it’s free! YouTube is a video search engine where users post, share and save “videos”. After 2019, a growing audience watching videos prefers to take information from YouTube than Google, so YouTube channel is the best way to do affiliate marketing. Because at today’s time you have thousands of millions of audience on YouTube. You have to make a video of the product and add your link to your description.

3. Create WhatsApp Group:

To do Affiliate Marketing from WhatsApp, you have to create your own group on what’spp. To add more and more members to your group, you can promote your WhatsApp group by joining other’s group, and then in their group. You can easily do affiliate marketing of Amazon products on WhatsApp. Find the best product from Amazon and send its affiliate link to that group. You can also do this work very easily with the help of your smartphone.

4. Start a Facebook Page:

With the help of Facebook page, you can easily do Affiliate Marketing. For this you have to create such a page. On which you can gather the audience associated with one of your topics. Like if you have knowledge related to dog training. So you can gather that kind of audience by posting dog training videos, photos, and text messages on a Facebook page. People who are interested in dog training. After that you can promote Affiliate link related to your dog training on Facebook page from time to time.

5. Use Twitter Trends:

With the help of Twitter, you can easily earn up to $100 by starting affiliate marketing without any followers from day one. For this, you have to take advantage of the trailing #trains running on Twitter. You can promote your affiliate link using trending #tag.

6. Set up Profile on LinkedIn:

To do affiliate marketing with LinkedIn, you have to post about your product on LinkedIn daily. As your post gets in front of people, the chances of clicking on your link will increase and your sales will start. You can also promote by writing a review article on LinkedIn and giving an affiliate link of the product or service in it. You can also do affiliate marketing by posting in LinkedIn groups.

7. Start Instagram Page:

Like Facebook, you can do affiliate marketing on Instagram page by adding the product’s affiliate link to your bio. Now you have to put in Daily, Post story and Reels and promote your affiliate link.

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8. Start YouTube shorts channel:

There are many ways to promote Affiliate link, but this method is very easy because google is currently promoting youtube shorts a lot, it is easy for you to reach here. YouTube shorts are a very easy way to bring a successful sale by uploading shots videos. For this, you have to make a 30 second video and put it in YouTube shorts. And you can promote the link in the comment.

9. Use Short Video Application:

You can use short video application to do affiliate marketing. Platforms like Tiktok, YouTube Suite, Instagram Reels, MX Takatak can be very beneficial for affiliate marketing. If you are not getting sales from anywhere, then once you do regular work here, you will definitely get good results.

10. Join Telegram Group:

You can promote your affiliate link on Telegram by joining the group on Telegram. This is a very effective method. Which I have personally used many times. You will find lakhs of group members on Telegram Group. Where you can promote your link. And you can start earning from day one. You can also do affiliate marketing by creating your own Telegram group. Read this How to increase members on Telegram Group?

11. Start Email Marketing:

You can promote your affiliate link by email marketing. You can easily send 100 free emails in 1 day on Gmail, which you get to use absolutely free. That is, you can send 700 emails in a week and 3000 emails in a month from Gmail. This is absolutely free and the right way. You can also use this method. Which I have personally used many times and I have got very good results from it. Read This The 15 + best email marketing tools for your business.

12. Post on Reddit:

You can also use Reddit to promote your affiliate products. This is a social application. Which you can easily use in your mobile. To do affiliate marketing, you have to create your first account on it. After that you have to set up your profile. After that you can post your affiliate link here.

13. Post a Pin on Pinterest:

You can start affiliate marketing by posting a pin on Pinterest. Here you have to post images every day and you can start estate marketing from here for free by attaching your affiliate link with the images. To create images, you can use canva application, which provides you free created images, and you can also create your custom images there.

14. Start Giving Free PDF:

The kind of airfleet product you are promoting. Related to that, promote it by making a knowable PDF from free resources. Like you share that PDF in Instagram, Facebook, Telegram group and WhatsApp group. It will gradually spread on its own. And it is very important to have your affiliate link in that PDF. This is a very good way from which you will keep earning. To do affiliate marketing where you have to work only once and your affiliate link will continue to be promoted with the help of a PDFs.

You will have every chance of getting sealed from day one. If you have selected a good favorite product. But let us tell you one thing, you cannot share the direct affiliate link on the social website. If you do this repeatedly, your account will be suspended, and your affiliate account will also be suspended. We suggest you to create a landing page instead of direct posting your affiliate link on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube. And by adding your affiliate link on it, you promote that landing page. Due to this neither your social account will be suspended nor your affiliate account will be suspended.

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Related FAQ

Is it necessary to have an online source like blog, website or youtube channel to do affiliate marketing?

By the way, you can earn money by doing Affiliate Marketing on any online platform. But because you need visitors, having a blog or YouTube channel will make you money easily.

Can we use Google Adsense and Affiliate program together on a blog or website?

You can use any ad network together with Affiliate program on your blog or website. You will not have any kind of problem with this.


I hope, today’s article explained. All the information related to Affiliate Marketing will be very helpful for you. Hope now you know how to promote different types of affiliate link and you can start affiliate marketing for free.

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