What is Browse Features on Youtube? [Traffic Sources % Split]

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What is Browse Features on YouTube?: If you are a Vlogger and upload your videos on YouTube, then you must have heard about Browse Features at some point or the other. When you see the stats of your YouTube channel, then the browser features are also written under the traffic sources. But what is it and what are its benefits?

You will know the answer to these questions in this article. At the end of the article, I will also give you some tips with the help of which you can grow your YouTube channel.

browse features youtube meaning

What is browse features on youtube?

Youtube Browse Features Traffic Sources Meaning: A source of traffic to your YouTube videos. This includes Home, Watch History, Subscriptions Feed, Watch Later, Trending, Youtube Shorts and Personalized Playlists.

This simply means that when a user watches your videos from the above-given sources, it is counted in the traffic count of Browse Features. For example, suppose a user has previously watched a video of your own, which is immediately added to his watch history.

When the same user again clicks on your video by going to his watch history section, then it will be counted in the traffic brought by Browse Features. In this way you must have understood what comes under Browse Features and how it is triggered. You can also call it inorganic traffic.

What comes under YouTube Browse Features?

I have already given you a brief about what comes under Browse Features. But now I will inform you in detail about it:

1. Youtube Home Screen:

Talking about traffic sources under Browse Features, YouTube Home comes first. The first interface you see when you open the YouTube app or go to YouTube.com is YouTube Home. If someone clicks on your video from Home then it will also come under Browse Features. 

If you want to gain traffic with the help of YouTube Home, then these tips will help you:

  1. Be sure to use the end screen in your video.
  2. Be sure to add cards to the video.
  3. You can add other related videos of the channel in the channel description and comment section.
  4. Focus on creating a playlist.

2. Youtube History

I have already told you briefly about Watch History. When a user sees your video for the first time, your video will be automatically added to his watch history. When the same user later goes to his watch history section and clicks on your video again, it will still come under browse features.

If you want to get traffic with the help of Watch History, then for this you have to go to quality content production . You also know that the video we watch once, the chances of watching it again are almost negligible. 

But, we do not shy away from watching Educational, Cooking, How to videos even again. You can create channels in these niches.

3. Watch Later

Watch Later also comes under Browse Features. When a YouTube video is very valuable and informative but the user does not have time to watch it, then he puts the video in the Watch Later section.

When the same user later clicks on the same video from the Watch Later section, it is considered a traffic source under the browse features.

 If you want people to add and watch more and more of your videos in the Watch Later section, then you have to pay attention to High Quality Video Production. Any user puts a video in the watch letter only when the video is valuable.

4. Subscriptions

Subscriptions come under Browse Features only. Subscription means when a user subscribes to your channel, the channel gets added to the user’s subscription section. 

After this, if the user clicks on your video from that subscription section then it is counted in the subscription traffic source of the browse features. If you want your traffic source to include subscriptions as well, then you have to focus on making quality videos. 

You should focus on increasing your YouTube subscribersMany users like to be shown only those videos which are from the channels subscribed by them. Therefore, this traffic source is good for the growth of your YouTube channel.

Trending/Explore also comes in the traffic sources coming under Browse Features. You must have seen the option of Explore and Trending in YouTube. You can also see the below screenshot in which I have placed this feature from red box. Most of the same topics are displayed under Explore, the topics on which you are currently watching videos. Also some topics:

  • Trending
  • Gaming
  • Music
  • Sport
  • Films
  • News

In this section, only those videos are added whose views and CTR (Click Through Rate) are high. In such a situation, if you also want to get a place in this section, then you have to increase the views on your videos, increase CTR by creating great thumbnails.

6. Youtube Shorts

Recently YouTube added a new feature to browse features. In which short videos of the creator can be seen. The length of these YouTube shorts varies from 30 seconds to 1 minute. More and more people have started passing this feature on YouTube.

7. More Browsing Features

Youtube browse feature has many more features. Eg: There are many other features like search box and filters. With the help of which you can search the video according to you. Apart from this Youtube browse feature has library, guide builder which we call browse channel. You get to see features like YouTube Premium, YouTube Kids, YouTube TV, YouTube Music, YouTube Studio etc.

What is the difference between browse features and suggested videos?

The difference between YouTube browse features and suggested videos and which one is the best:

Youtube browse features

YouTube automatically promotes your videos, so your videos get more views, and your earnings are higher. If your video comes in Browse Features then your video can also go viral. If it doesn’t go viral, then too many views will start coming to your video. If the video comes in Browse Features, then there is a possibility of watching the video word wide.

To get into Youtube browse features, you will have to follow the video and all other necessary steps on the trending topic related to your channel. Only then your video will start appearing in Youtube browse features.

Suggested videos

If you have a video in the suggested videos. So you have very less chances of getting views. But if your video comes in the suggestion below a viral video, then you can also get more views. But it is up to the user whether he sees your video or not.

To come in the suggested videos, you will have to follow a channel like yours and create the same content as them. Only then your video will start appearing in suggested videos.

How to Increase YouTube Video Traffic with The Help of Browse Features?

If you want to increase YouTube traffic, then you have to take care of some things.  If you want to increase traffic on YouTube and want to gain maximum subscribers then you have to maintain consistency. First of all make a schedule and on that schedule you have to put the video. Uploading 4 videos in a week and 1 video in the next week will be harmful for your channel.

Browse Features
High Quality Video ProductionAnother important tip is that you should create and publish high quality videos. You can also shoot and edit a great video with the help of your smartphone.
Clickable Thumbnails And Title & DescriptionImportant step is that you should create thumbnails that the user clicks on seeing. You can do a little clickbait in Thumbnail. Apart from this, you should also keep eye caching the title of the video which will force the user to click on the video.
YouTube SEOFinally comes YouTube SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization for YouTube. With the help of this, you can rank your videos in a better position and can also get millions of views. For more information about this, visit How to rank youtube videos on google.
Youtube video BacklinkTo rank videos, many people generate backlinks in a wrong way, due to which their channel comes in the spam category, and then none of their videos rank. If you also want to know how to make good backlinks so that your videos also start coming in YouTube Browse Features, then definitely read this “Use Youtube Backlink Generator Tools” article of ours.


In this article on YouTube Browse Features, I have told you in detail what is YouTube Browse Features, what comes under it and how to increase browse features traffic. If you have any other questions in your mind, then you can ask them by commenting, which I will definitely answer.

Faq’s on browse features youtube

How to get on youtube browse features?

To get your video on YouTube browser feature, you should follow some simple steps, make high quality video, write title and description well, seo video well, and make backlink of video properly. For your convenience, we have given below full details links.

What is Browse features traffic sources meaning?

YouTube automatically promotes your video, due to which your video gets more views, and your earning is more.

Is YouTube the Best Traffic Source for Videos?

Browse features are considered to be the best traffic source for YouTube videos. This is also true because YouTube automatically starts promoting your videos for free. Because of this, the video goes in trend.

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