7 Best Blog Website Templates For Blogger

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If you want to start your own blog in 2024, you might be thinking about cool website designs, right? Well, good news – it’s super easy now. Thanks to sites like Squarespace, WordPress, and Wix, making a blog is a breeze.

You can also make your website on WordPress using our awesome Themes. They make your site look stunning without any fuss.

Blogger Website Templates

Now, let’s chat about 7 awesome templates we really like for bloggers. We’ll talk about where to find them, what’s cool about each one, and how you can grab them for yourself. Ready to make your blog look amazing?

7 Best Blogger Website Templates

1. Anartisis

Anartisis - News & Magazine Blogger Theme

Anartisis, a cool Blogger theme made for writing articles and blog posts with no sweat. It’s awesome for publishers, magazines, newspapers, bloggers, and anyone into Blogspot. Anartisis works well for lots of topics like politics, fashion, gaming, videos, music, business, publishing, food, and world news.

This theme is built on the latest Bootstrap 4 framework, making it fully responsive – your site will look good on any device. The files are neatly organized for the Blogger Theme Designer tool, making it easy for you to tweak your site’s appearance. Give Anartisis a try today and kickstart your perfect magazine website.

2. Setiva

Setiva - Responsive Magazine Blogger Template

Setiva, a stunning and modern blogger template. It sports a clean and fresh design with vibrant, flat colors. This responsive blogger template is super user-friendly, making it a great choice for news, magazine, and personal websites. If you’re into a neat and modern look for your blog, Setiva has got you covered.

3. News Mag

News Mag - Responsive Magazine Blogger Template

The News Mag blogger template – a clean and beautiful design that’s also responsive and user-friendly. This theme is not only easy to navigate but is also SEO-ready, making it perfect for news, magazine, and personal websites. If you’re looking for a sleek and functional template for your blog, News Mag has got what you need.

4. SpredMag

SpredMag Responsive Magazine Blogger Template

The SpredMag template – specially designed for magazine-style blogger blogs. This clean template rocks a neat 2-column layout and comes with some cool modern features like inbuilt post by label, automatic generation of video thumbnail previews, an image slider, and more. If you’re after a sleek and feature-packed design for your blog, SpredMag has got you covered.

5. Mega Mag

Mega Mag - Responsive Magazine Blogger Template

Mega Mag, a beautiful and modern blogger template. With its clean and fresh style, this responsive design is not only easy on the eyes but also super user-friendly. Tailored for news, magazine, and personal websites, Mega Mag is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a theme that combines aesthetics with functionality. Your blog will look both sleek and inviting with Mega Mag.

6. Intense

Intense – Responsive Portfolio Blogger Template

Intense, a beautiful and modern blogger template. It boasts a clean and fresh design with flat color aesthetics, making it responsive and highly user-friendly. This theme is perfect for portfolios, blogs, and personal websites.

Intense isn’t just visually appealing; it’s clean, elegant, and fast-loading. Whether you’re creating a portfolio, one-page site, product page, CV, or review site, this template is customizable and flexible to suit your needs. With its many awesome features, Intense enhances your web page, ensuring a high-quality browsing experience for all users. Dive into the world of Intense and elevate your online presence.

7. MagOne

 MagOne - Responsive News & Magazine Blogger Template

MagOne stands out as a top-selling responsive newspaper and magazine template for Blogger on ThemeForest. It’s a hit because it lets you easily drag and drop elements to create your own magazine website in just a minute. With MagOne, building your Blogger site becomes a breeze.


The world of Blogger templates offers a diverse range of options catering to different preferences and needs. From the sleek and modern designs of templates like Mega Mag and Intense to the specialized features of SpredMag for magazine-style blogs, there’s a template for every taste.

The popularity of MagOne, a best-seller on ThemeForest, underscores the demand for responsive newspaper and magazine layouts. Its user-friendly drag-and-drop functionality makes it a standout choice for those looking to swiftly establish an engaging online presence.

Whether you are inclined towards a clean and fresh aesthetic like Setiva, a 2-column layout with modern features in SpredMag, or the feature-rich versatility of MagOne, these templates make the process of creating a stylish and functional blog or website accessible to all. It’s an exciting era for content creators as these templates empower them to showcase their work, share their stories, and engage with audiences seamlessly.

So, whether you are a news enthusiast, a fashion blogger, or someone looking to craft a personal portfolio, the diverse range of Blogger templates mentioned provides an array of options to kickstart your online journey. In a nutshell, the world of Blogger templates is vibrant, user-friendly, and ready to transform your digital space into something truly remarkable.

FAQs About Blogger Website Templates

How do I change my Blogger template?

To change your Blogger template, log in to your Blogger account, go to the “Theme” section in the left sidebar, and click on “Customize.” Here, you can choose a new template or upload one. Remember to save your changes.

Are Blogger templates customizable?

Yes, most Blogger templates are customizable. You can modify elements like colors, fonts, and layout using the Blogger Theme Designer tool. Some templates may offer additional customization options depending on their features.

Can I use third-party templates on Blogger?

Yes, you can use third-party templates on Blogger. Simply download the template file, go to the “Theme” section on Blogger, and click on “Backup/Restore.” Upload the template file, and your new design will be applied.

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