Best Push Notification Software and Service For WordPress

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If you are looking for the best push notification software and service for WordPress then try Larpush Web Push Notification Software. For this we have used LaraPush web notifications ourselves.

Today we will tell you why Larpush web push notification software is better and cheapest push notification service than other push notification software.

best push notification software

What is LaraPush Push Notification Software?

LaraPush is a self-hosted Push Notification Software panel that comes with a one-time cost and lets you add unlimited domains, collect unlimited subscribers, and send unlimited campaigns for an unlimited period.

LaraPush Features

When we crafted LaraPush, we didn’t hold back – we gathered every top-notch feature from the industry and packed them into one powerful tool. Our goal? To ensure that you never have to worry about any limitations when considering our product:

1. WordPress Plugin

LaraPush give WordPress Plugin. You Send push notifications seamlessly. With just one click, or set it to fire off as soon as you hit that publish button.

2. Fastest Push Delivery

Our notification delivery doesn’t just keep up; it surpasses what’s available with other SAAS solutions. Lightning-fast delivery is our promise.

3. Advanced Analytics

Get the full picture of your audience. Dive into various parameters like URL, location, and more to understand your readers better.

4. Segmentation

Tailor your notifications. Segment your audience based on various parameters, including the page they subscribed to.

5. Customizable Prompt

Make it yours. Customize your prompt with your logo, a catchy heading, subheading, and button texts. You can even hide that deny button if you want.

6. AMP Compatible

We’re officially in with Google’s AMP. Boost your blog posts‘ visibility on Google Discover and watch your subscribers grow like crazy.

7. Campaign Report

Go beyond the surface. Gain detailed insights into how your notification campaigns are performing. Optimize them for top-notch results.

8. API for Developers

Calling all developers, We’ve got a REST API for you to let your creativity flow. Build your custom integration or automation seamlessly.

9. Security

Your tokens, your rules. Unlike SAAS, in our self-hosted push notification panel, your tokens stay put on your server. Nobody can use them unless you say so. Your security, our priority.


  • Register Unlimited domains
  • Collect Unlimited Subscriptions
  • Send Unlimited Notifications
  • For as long as you want
  • By just paying a One-time Fee
  • Full Control
  • Good Customer Service
  • The highest deliverability
  • Awesome Automation


  • It’s not free?
  • You will need hosting to run it.

Taking Automation to the Next Level with LaraPush

  • AutoMagic Push: Imagine the ease of pushing notifications without a second thought. With AutoMagic Push, simply select a random post from your most recent X posts and schedule push notifications at your desired frequency.
  • Drip Notification: Nurture your subscribers effortlessly. LaraPush lets you create personalized and timely messages through our powerful drip campaigns. Keep your audience engaged with content that’s just right for them.
  • Push On Publish: Want your new posts to make a splash? With Push On Publish, send push notifications to your subscribers the moment you hit that publish button. It’s not just about notifying; it’s about boosting your post’s visibility and ranking higher in search results.

And Don’t Worry, We’ll Migrate You.

Already using another push notification service? You won’t lose a single subscriber. We’ve got your back. We’ll seamlessly migrate all your existing tokens from your current push notification service to your LaraPush Pro Panel – no hassle, no stress. Your transition will be smooth, and your subscribers will stay connected.

Larpush Alternative 7 Push Notification Software and Service For WordPress

If you’re looking for push notification tools, you’ve got quite a few options to choose from. Let me break down some cool ones:

  1. PushEngage: This one’s pretty popular, and it’s like a messaging champ, sending out over 15 billion messages every month.
  2. OneSignal: It’s a neat choice, plus it’s free, And the best part? It’s super easy to use, handling push notifications for both websites and mobiles.
  3. iZooToo: This guy is all about eCommerce. It’s designed to help online shops get more sales and keep customers coming back for more.
  4. Webpushr: Unlimited notifications, anyone? This software not only lets you send as many web push messages as you want but also throws in cool features like segmentation and automation.
  5. PushAssist: Wanna send personalized push notifications? This software’s got your back. Create and send messages that really hit home with your audience.
  6. WonderPush: Need to keep things GDPR-friendly? This software’s got your back. It’s all about legit push notifications, and it works on different devices and languages.
  7. Pushnami: This one’s like the brainiac of the bunch, using artificial intelligence to make your push notification game strong. It’s all about optimizing campaigns and raking in that sweet revenue.

Remember, this list isn’t the end-all-be-all. There are more options out there. Your perfect fit depends on what you specifically need.

What are the features of PushEngage?

PushEngage comes with a bunch of cool features. You can send personalized push notifications, set up automated campaigns, and even target specific groups of users. It also gives you analytics to see how well your messages are doing. Plus, it supports different devices like computers and mobiles.

How much does OneSignal cost?

OneSignal has a free plan that you can use to send push notifications. If you need more advanced features or have a larger audience, they do offer paid plans. The cost depends on the specific features and the number of users you want to reach.

Can I use push notifications for mobile apps?

Push notifications aren’t just for websites. You can use them for mobile apps too. Both PushEngage and OneSignal, for example, support push notifications on mobile devices. It’s a great way to keep your users engaged and informed about updates or promotions on your mobile app.


LaraPush is not just a push notification panel; it’s your ultimate solution for hassle-free, cost-effective, and feature-rich communication. From unlimited domains and subscriptions to powerful automation and seamless migration, LaraPush empowers bloggers to take control of their notification strategies without breaking the bank.

With advanced features, security, and a commitment to user satisfaction, LaraPush is not just a tool; it’s your ally in the journey to engage and connect with your audience effortlessly.

FAQ’s on Push Notification

Is LaraPush suitable for all types of blogs?

LaraPush is designed to cater to bloggers of all niches and sizes. Whether you’re a seasoned blogger or just starting, LaraPush provides the features you need to enhance your communication strategies.

Can I migrate my subscribers from another service to LaraPush?

We’ve made the migration process seamless. If you’re currently using another push notification service, we’ll transfer all your existing tokens to LaraPush without any hassle, ensuring a smooth transition.

What sets LaraPush apart from other push notification solutions?

LaraPush stands out with its one-time fee, offering unlimited domains, subscriptions, and notifications. Our focus on features, security, and automation takes your notification game to the next level without recurring costs.

How does LaraPush handle security and user data?

Your security is our priority. In our self-hosted push notification panel, tokens remain on your server, providing an added layer of security. We prioritize the protection of user data to ensure a safe and reliable platform.

Can I customize the push notification prompts with LaraPush?

LaraPush allows you to personalize prompts with your logo, heading, subheading, and button texts. You have the creative freedom to tailor the notifications to align with your brand.

Is LaraPush suitable for developers looking for custom integrations?

LaraPush provides a REST API for developers, empowering them to create custom integrations and automations, giving you the flexibility to tailor the platform to your specific needs.

What is a push notification?

A push notification is a short, timely message that pops up on a user’s device, such as a mobile phone or computer, to provide information or prompt an action. Push notifications are a powerful tool for engaging users, delivering personalized content, and encouraging specific actions, contributing to a more dynamic and interactive user experience.

What are some examples of push notifications?

Here are some examples of push notifications: Reminders, Updates, Deals, and Authentications etc. These notifications Reminders, Updates, Deals, and remind users of in-cart actions, sign-ons, and next-step actions.

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