5 Best Video Editing App for Android [Free + Paid]

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If you are looking for best video editing android app to edit your youtube, instagram, facebook videos then try these 5 best apps.

Now you can edit 4k video from your mobile phone because we have 4k video editing app for android. To edit a good video, we have to use a good video editing tool. We have seen people search for best video editing app for android without watermark.

Kinemaster Best Video Editing App for Android Free

You get free and paid plans of the applications that we are going to tell you. If you use the free application then you get limited features and if you take its paid plan then you get extra features.

But if you use these best video editing app for android mod apk, then you can take advantage of their premium features for free.

1. Kinemaster

One of the most requested editors for making videos is KineMaster. With a friendly interface and the ability to add multiple options, the application promises an efficient way of creating and editing. It has quite a few filters that you can add according to your favorite theme, so you can add effects to your videos in a very simple way. It also includes lighting effects, explosions, humidity, and more.

That way you can give it a better theme. Saturation and brightness options can improve clarity. This is very useful if your phone has a low resolution or if you are recording in areas with poor lighting. These options are very necessary when editing. Lighting is the first thing people pay attention to in a video. KineMaster also lets you add elements such as stickers, text, photos, and even videos on top of your videos.

When it comes to arranging another video, you can put it in a small frame, you can record several shots and combine them with this application, you can make a collage, all these All of the techniques in can also be applied to any photo you want to add to your project.

The biggest problem with creating videos with Android apps is that the app loads a lot of content and the system stalls. Fortunately, however, KineMaster takes up 35MB of space and is a lightweight editor, making it easy to use and without the hassle of having to re-edit if you lose work you’ve already done. there is no.

A feature of this editor is that it can be handled more easily by using the phone in landscape orientation. And when you enter, the first thing it offers is the option to choose the size of your video, but if you want to upload it to YouTube, Facebook, etc. you need to know, to answer this Editors lend themselves well to TikTok editions.

KineMaster also has a premium version that has the option to remove the watermark and costs $3.70/month and $22.51/year to work without ads. I think that there are many people who want to produce results in a short amount of time when editing videos on their smartphones, so for that reason, it is necessary to choose wisely which application to use.


  • Application is fast. The work doesn’t take much time.
  • It brings you the most used options in video editing.
  • Easy to use, perfect for beginners.
  • It uses very little storage space compared to other applications.
  • Perfect for creating videos for social networks.


  • Its latest update brought problems to the system.
  • Free optional watermark.
  • High resolution video is not supported.
vimeo create Best Video Editing App for Android Free

2.Vimeo Create

Vimeo is a platform dedicated to creating and promoting videos. Over the last few years, a popular site that has firmly established itself in this category has launched an application that allows you to create high-quality videos, upload them to the platform, or use them for other purposes.

This application is Vimeo Create. As its recognizable name suggests, it is primarily used for editing high-definition footage in professional projects. Videos are typically over 50MB and are shot with professional cameras or high-end mobile phones. These videos are edited in the application and hosted on various platforms.

Vimeo Create is an application for professionals as it requires a notorious investment. However, considering that high-quality videos get attention, it’s more than enough of a lucrative investment. The service of this application costs $24.99 per month, weighs 23MB, and works very fast.

This application is useful for all kinds of effects and even allows us to add sounds, voices and music and is often used to create short films and music videos.

As you type, the application first asks what your video is for. Whether you’re promoting your business, capturing precious memories, or creating a professional project, we’ve got you covered. What sets Vimeo Create apart from other professional editors is that it works perfectly on Android devices.

In other words, while other programs require you to have a computer with enough storage space in addition to having good video material, Vimeo Create allows you to edit in a simple way, allowing you to I was able to give it a professional touch.


  • It helps in making quality materials.
  • It is a successful platform dedicated to video broadcasting.


  • There is no limit to the number of times you can use it unless you pay a monthly fee.
  • Higher cost compared to other publishers.
filmora go Video Editing App for Android Free

3. Filmora GO

Filmora has a Windows version and an ‘OS’ version and we’re happy with our users, but today we’re launching an Android version that will make our job easier. You can easily cut the video without any loss of image quality, and in a short time, the application will not suddenly stop or quit. Very low error rate.

You can place different types of sounds. You can also add music stored on your device. Sounds placed in the picture will sound the same as in your device’s player, and their quality will not be degraded and will not affect your production.


  • Convenient interface.
  • It also helps me create works on social networks like YouTube.


  • Not all Android devices are supported.
  • The application has many complaints compared to the Windows version.
in short Best Video Editing application for Android Free

4. Video editor InShot

InShot has snatched the title of the most practical editor for Android devices. Like other models, you can add many options such as effects and stickers, but this time it has a simple interface and a tutorial is displayed every time you use it.

It supports light to large videos and is very suitable for creating video tutorials and projects for social networks. It is mainly known for its watermark, as the free version offers too many options for people with no editing knowledge.

Additionally, watermarks can be removed for free by watching ads, but keep in mind that this option is limited and you will have to pay if you want to remove it permanently. However, the free version still offers useful options.


  • Easy to use.
  • work early.
  • Save time editing
  • You can remove the watermark for free.


  • It does not support high-definition videos, so it is not very effective for high-investment videos.
Power dirrctor 4k video editing app for android mobile.

5. PowerDirector

For just $5.38 a month, you can share your creativity with the world. PowerDirector is an application for beginners and professionals alike, and the most complete as it allows you to make both short and feature films. Application.

We also offer different types of offers such as $10.57 for 3 months and $28.99 for 1 year. The purpose of this app is to motivate beginners to continue their creative activities and to motivate professionals to continue their creative activities.

It can be used horizontally and is available on most Android devices. It doesn’t take long to learn how to use it. You can create and learn at the same time, and there are always different types of offers when it comes to purchasing more specialized options.


  • Intuitive operation is possible.
  • Improved user experience
  • 4k video editing app for android


  • There are very few free options.
  • Advertising overload.


Well, if you explore these great applications, you’ll find that they are all good in their own way, but there are many details to consider when choosing an editor. Also, remember that the usefulness of this editor is highly dependent on the projects you want to do and the effort you put into it. However, there are many quality editors out there, so I think there is a good chance that they will do a good job.

FAQ’s On Best Video Editing App for Android

Which video editor is best for Android?

When it comes to video editing on Android, the best video editor is Kinemaster. It offers a user-friendly interface and a range of features. Other popular free video editing apps for Android include InShot, Filmora Go, and PowerDirector. These are widely used by YouTubers for editing videos on Android devices.

Which is the No 1 video editing app for Android?

Kinemaster is the number 1 video editing app for Android. Because Kinemaster Application is fast. The work doesn’t take much time. It brings you the most used options in video editing.

Can we edit 4K video on mobile?

Yes, you can edit videos in 4K quality using the PowerDirector application. And you can share on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

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