How To Find Business Ideas in India?

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How To Find Business Ideas in India: Hello friends, today I will tell you the right way to find business ideas from James Altucher’s book The Choose Yourself Guide to Wealth. If you want to be rich then this book can help you a lot.

The author of this book has not only written many best selling books but has also started and successfully run 20+ companies, so if they are telling how to find business ideas, then there is no reason not to trust their words. The reason is not.

How To Find Business Ideas in India

How To Find Business Ideas in India

Do you want to be successful only on your ideas?

If you want to be successful then you should work on your ideas and not on the ideas of others and to work on your ideas it is very important that you train yourself in such a way that many good ideas come to your mind. are. To generate good ideas, it is necessary that you turn yourself into a machine for developing ideas.

How to become an Idea machine?

To do this, first you buy simple writing pads, these writing pads are very easy to carry and are made in such a way that you have to write everything in short. After this you have to generate 10 ideas every day and when you do this, in less than 6 months you will become an idea machine, and you will also have the power to change your life. In this article, I will tell you further how easily you can think of new ideas.

Why Daily 10 Idea?

How To Find Business Ideas in India

That is because if you want to increase the power of your thinking and generating ideas, then you need so many ideas, the initial 4-5 ideas come easily but after that your brain starts getting tired. But when you work hard to generate 10 ideas, then in a short time your mind becomes strong and you can think of more ideas.

This is exactly like building muscles in the gym, when you put tension on your muscles and repeatedly push their limits, they start to grow. You also have muscles in your brain, when you activate them, you will push their limits again and again, they will become strong,

Do you know why people’s memory is getting weak nowadays?

Because we are using our brain very little. A lot of the work of our brain does our phone’s contact book, calendar and facebook.

We don’t remember the birthdays of people close to us, as Facebook tells us. Can’t even remember their phone numbers.

Let me give you an interesting example of how our memory is getting weak –

You, your family members and your friends must have taken jio sim and I can say this with certainty do you not remember the new number of any of your family and friends,

You have saved it in your phone by writing jio in front of his name – brother jio, didi jio, mother-in-law jio, father-in-law jio, wife jio, mummy jio, papa jio, in the name.

I have also seen many such people that they do not remember their own numbers. That is to say, we have stopped remembering things. So our brain muscles are getting weak. Due to which we are becoming more forgetful.

Push the Brain

How To Find Business Ideas in India

When you push your brain, you will put effort to think of new ideas. In the beginning, you will find it difficult as it seems in the gym initially, but later your brain will become powerful.

Slowly many ideas will start coming in your mind. The question will come in your mind that what kind of ideas you have to generate, well every day amazing business ideas cannot come in your mind.

Even, 10 good ideas are very difficult to come by, but that is not our target either.

Our effort should be that ideas keep coming to our mind everyday and it should be included in our habit, so that this process continues.

How to find business ideas?

How to find business ideas?

To find ideas, it is not necessary to sit in one place and do research, ideas are around you, you just need to pay attention to your surroundings. Whenever we face any challenge or problem, there may be some business ideas within that problem.

For example – When Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith used to work in Apple, they used to have problem in exchanging their personal notes, there was no way so that they could exchange their notes without getting it.

So to solve this problem, he created the world’s first free webmail service, which we know as Hotmail. Which he later sold to Microsoft for $400 million.

Similarly, Phanindra Sama used to work in Bengaluru, he had to go to his house in Hyderabad to celebrate Diwali, but he could not get any bus ticket and could not go to his home.

Then he thought that I wish there was such a platform where tickets for any bus can be booked online like train and flight tickets, and how they converted this desire into,

That’s how bus tickets can be booked online and he and his 2 friends started the website together.

Do your business ideas need to be unique?

Your business idea does not need to be completely new and unique, you can create some new business by taking old ideas and mixing them with new ones.

Google is not the world’s first search engine, Facebook is not the world’s first social media platform, Youtube is not the world’s first video sharing website, Whatsapp is not the world’s first instant messaging.

So you can create a completely new business by putting some new ideas in an old business idea.

Before the arrival of Whatsapp, Yahoo Messenger used to run on PC, it also had audio calling, files were also transferred. This is a 2003-2004 thing.

Whatsapp came in 2009, it did not even have audio calling, it was just an instant messenger,

The founders of Whatsapp did something new that whatsapp used to run on mobile,

You did not need to use PC to send text messages to anyone for free.

So this mobile idea went on and it went on so much that it has not stopped till today.

How business ideas come out of the problem?

There is a person, I do not know the name, only his story is known. A few years ago, his ex-wife had imposed many cases on him.

He used to visit the court for 3-4 days in a week on the date of different cases. Her cases also went to the supreme court, fighting these cases, she became so expert that people started taking advice from her,

And then he started giving paid consultancy and his business started. Whatever they are doing even today, then this is how business ideas emerge from the problem.

So whenever there is a problem in life, do not panic, you have to see if there is any business idea hidden in this problem of mine.


So friends, how did you like our article today (How To Find Business Ideas in Hindi), do tell by commenting below. And what did you learn from this article, do tell in the comment below? Which business are you going to do?

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