How to Write Script for Youtube Video? (Simple Guide)

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How to write script for youtube video: If you are thinking of opening a YouTube channel or have opened but you are having trouble in writing YouTube scripts then you should read this article till the end.

In today’s article you will know How do you write a script for a video? Creating videos without a YouTube script becomes difficult, especially for newbies.

How to write script for youtube video

Apart from this, the advantage of having a script is that it allows you to speak more confidently and in an ordered manner. Apart from this, with its help, you are able to optimize YouTube video description, title and tags well. But, if you do not know how to write a great script?, then this article will be helpful for you.

What is YouTube script?

YouTube script is a type of document in which it is written in detail what will be the content of any video and how to present it. It mainly comes under content writing and many YouTubers also get it written with the help of a freelancer.

It is of many types like:

  • Vines script in English and Hindi for youtube
  • Roasting video script
  • Script for making funny videos
  • Educational video script
  • How-to YouTube scipts

They are written for many other purposes and with their help it becomes very easy to make videos. It also has many benefits, which I have mentioned below.

Benefits of YouTube Video scripts

A video or YouTube script has many benefits:

1. Saves Time

Its biggest advantage is that with its help it takes less effort to shoot the video and your time is also less. This is because you already know what you are going to say or do. Without this, you will shoot the scenes again and again and will waste a lot of time trying to make it perfect.

Personally, I do script writing before I create and publish videos for my channel. If you are a newbie YouTuber then you must do script writing first.

2. Saves Money

Time = Money i.e. time is money, so if your time will be saved, then in this way you will be able to create and upload videos in less cost. If you shoot long videos or run a heavy budget channel, then with the help of scripting you can save a lot of money.

For example, if you make a video by script writing in a short time, Then electricity, man power, rental equipment etc. will be used only for a short time and this will save your money.

3. Creativity increases in video production

With the help of video or YouTube script writing, you can make your videos more creative. It proves to be more helpful when you get it written with the help of a freelancer. An experienced content writer will write the best script and give you the best. With this, you leave the rest of the tension and focus only on video production.

Think of it in such a way that when you get a script already written without any hard work, then you put all your attention only in making the video and making it better. You do not have to think new to do something separately and the whole plan is in front of you.

4. Increases Satisfaction and Decreases Frustration

When videos are made with the help of YouTube script, it is perfect and creative. This makes viewer retention much better as everything is placed perfectly. This has the advantage that you and your teammates are also yourself and avoid frustration. You must have faced frustration while making the video if things are not going in the desired manner.

If you haven’t, you will continue because it’s almost impossible to get everything done at once. A video script removes your frustration and brings satisfaction closer.

How to Write Engaging YouTube Video Scripts?

How to write script for youtube video

I have told you in detail about all the benefits of script writing. Now you will be ready to write a great script. If you get it written by someone else it will cost you money. But if you write it by yourself then your money will also be saved.

Step 1: Write everything in brief first

Avoid rushing to write a YouTube script and first of all write briefly how you are going to do video production. While writing this, you have to keep some questions in mind:

  • Why are you making this video?
  • Who is the audience of this video?
  • What will be the topic of this YouTube video?
  • How will the audience benefit from the video?
  • How will the video help you?

These points should be kept in mind before writing any video script. With this you will be able to write scripts better. Before writing this, you can also discuss it with your team and get their opinion. In this way, there will be no problem of any kind while making the video.

Step 2: YouTube script start writing

How to write script for youtube video

Now you already have a brief in which you have written about the topic, motive, audience etc. of the video. With its help, now you should start writing the complete script. Keep in mind that writing a video script doesn’t necessarily mean writing an essay. Your video should be such that your audience can connect and listen to you.

You should write everything in the script according to the headings and subheadings. Apart from this, it is also very important to write bullet points, important notes, actions so that you have a complete plan while making the video.

Step 3: Write in conversational tone

I already told you that it should not be like an essay at all. That is, you do not have to forget the conversational tone at all while writing it. Try to write as if you are talking to someone and explain everything to them in as easy language as possible. In this way, those watching you will see your video and will watch till the end.

If you need help to write in conversational tone, then you can also sit a person with you and say what you wrote and ask if it is natural. There is absolutely no need to worry, you will have to do this in the beginning 3 to 4 youtube scripts only after that you will become experienced yourself and you will get practice in writing.

Step 4: Introduce yourself with the channel

It is very important that you initially tell about yourself, the name of the channel and the benefits of watching the video completely. With this your audience will not bounce back immediately and your viewer retention will increase. With its help, personal and channel branding also helps, so do not forget to give introduction.

For example, you can take help of this Intro script for YouTube:

Hello friends, my name is Samar and welcome to Digital SEO Life Youtube channel. In this video you will know write script for youtube video. At the end of the video, I will also tell you about some interesting facts related to Youtube Video script, so stay tuned till the end of the video.

Sample script for YouTube video

According to the above example, you should write video scripts. With this, your audience will watch the video till the end out of curiosity. However, don’t use fake promises and clickbait at all.

Step 5: Write with an Audience

Obviously, you would not want to give gym tips to your 45+ audience at all, nor would it be beneficial for your channel. If your channel is focused on the aged generation, then you should create content according to them. For this, first of all you have to decide who is your audience and which age group it belongs to.

When you wrote the brief, only then did you decide what type of audience you would make videos for. So do not deviate from it at all and write YouTube scripts according to audience language, demography, age group, interests etc. and then make videos.

Step 6: Try to write short YouTube script

With time there has been an increase in the demand for shorter videos. You can see that reels and short videos are trending at the present time. There are many such video platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Moz where short videos are being consumed a lot, so you should write YouTube script keeping this in mind.

Try to write a video script of at most 3 pages so that your video is not big. Apart from this, you can remove unnecessary texts by reading that script again and again. It also has the advantage that short scripts ie short videos so that you will have to work less hard in editing. Along with this, read your script aloud so that you can remove the inaccuracies in it and at the same time you can also know whether it is conversational or not.

Step 7: Practice in front of the Camera

Now that you have written the entire YouTube video script, practice it once in front of the camera. Practicing the entire script on camera will boost your confidence and you will also know what is missing, what mistakes are being made and where your tone is not converging. I recommend you to do camera practice before making the final video on the script.

Apart from this, you should try that you can memorize as many scripts as possible so that you do not face any kind of problem while making the video. After reading aloud 2 to 3 times you will be able to memorize almost everything and this will give you no time while making videos.

Youtube Video Script Generator

If you are facing problem in writing YouTube video script, then you can take help of some YouTube video script generator available on the internet:

  • Idearocketanimation
  • Invideo
  • Biteable
How to Write a Script for a YouTube Video (Made Easy!) Video By think media youtube.


If you run or are thinking of making a YouTube channel, then you must follow the tips given in write script for YouTube video. Apart from this, How do you write a script for a video?, What is your opinion on this article? do tell by commenting.

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FAQ’s on write script for youtube video

Do Youtubers script their videos?

Yes, many YouTubers script their videos. Scripting allows YouTubers to plan what they want to say and organize their thoughts, ensuring that their message is clear and concise. It also helps them stay on track and avoid stuttering or getting sidetracked during the video.

What is the format of video script?

The format of the video script can vary depending on the preferences of the YouTuber or the type of video they are making. However, there are some common elements that are usually included in a video script, such as: Introduction > Main Content > Transition > Call to Action > Conclusion.

Do I need a script for a video?

Whether or not you need a script for a video depends on the type of video you want to make and your personal preferences as a content creator. In general, having a script can help you stay organized and focused, but it’s not always necessary, especially if you’re comfortable speaking on camera and can convey your message clearly without a script. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide what works best for your content and your personal style as a YouTuber.

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