Best Bigcommerce Premium Templates [100% Responsive]

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Picking a cool look for your BigCommerce store? You might think a free theme is the way to go because, well, it’s free. But, hold on There’s more to it than just the price tag.

Imagine this: Shoppers are in a rush, and you’ve got less than a minute to grab their attention and make them stay on your site. So, you need a theme that’s not only easy on the eyes but also loads super fast and works great on any device.

bigcommerce premium templates

Lucky for you, BigCommerce has a whopping 220+ themes, and guess what? 15 of them are free. They cater to all sorts of stores, whether you’re selling one product or running a mega-store with loads of stuff.

Now, to make life simpler, I played around with a bunch of these themes and found four awesome free ones for online stores. And if you’re feeling a bit fancy, I also dug up some premium themes that won’t break the bank. Take a peek and find the one that screams “you.

Top 7 Best Bigcommerce Premium Templates

1. Beautica

Beautica - Responsive Multipurpose BigCommerce Stencil Theme

Presenting our amazing eCommerce website template: Beautica for Health and Beauty – specially crafted for the health, beauty, and cosmetic industry. This template is all about showcasing your products in a captivating and professional way, with a mix of stunning visuals and user-friendly features.

The homepage grabs attention right away with its clean and modern layout. The color scheme, blending soft pastels and vibrant accents, creates a visually pleasing vibe that perfectly suits the beauty and cosmetic world.

Navigating through the template is a breeze. Customers can easily explore different categories and product pages. Thanks to smart filters and search options, finding the exact items they want is a piece of cake, making their shopping experience smooth and enjoyable.

BEAUTICA comes with some top-notch features like Advanced Mega Menu, Quick Shop, Quick Edit Cart, Product Images Swap, Exit Popup, Color Comparison, Brand Page Layout A-Z, Product Labels, Lazy Loading Images, Brand Slider, Multi-tasking Function, and more. These features make this template absolutely perfect. It’s definitely worth considering.

In a nutshell, our Beautica – BigCommerce Stencil Template takes your online business to the next level. Use this template to showcase your products in a way that captures attention and turns visitors into loyal customers.

2. Brooklynk

Brooklynk - Fashion BigCommerce Stencil Template

Tired of searching for the perfect fashion theme for your website? Well, your search ends here. We’ve listened to all our customers’ wishes and kept up with the latest trends to create the ideal solution: Brooklynk – Responsive Fashion Bigcommerce Template (Stencil Ready) – offering a clean look and a professional feel for your fashion store.

We know that first impressions matter, so we’ve got eye-catching Full Width Slideshow banners and trendy homepage blocks like The Shop, Top Sellers, and Trend Now. Plus, we’ve added powerful features such as an Advanced Mega Menu with banner images, Newsletter pop-up, Product Images Swap, Variant Colors Option, Instagram Module, Login Popup, FAQs Page Layout, and more – all designed to attract and engage customers.

And what about responsiveness? Brooklynk is designed and tested to be 100% responsive, ensuring flawless display on all electronic devices, including Desktop, iPhone, iPad, Android Smartphone, and Android Tablets. Your customers will enjoy the best shopping experience, no matter what device they use or where they are.

Built with Stencil, our theme is compatible with the latest BigCommerce platform. Worried about installation? Don’t be, We provide a detailed theme manual and instructional video, making it easy for you to set up and configure everything on your own.

And here’s the best part – Brooklynk isn’t just for fashion products. It’s versatile enough to match with Luxury Jewelry & Accessories Stores, Luxury Bags Stores, Shoes Stores, and much more. Don’t miss out – take your store to the next level with Brooklynk – Responsive Fashion Bigcommerce Template NOW.

3. Revo

Revo - Multipurpose Stencil Responsive BigCommerce Theme & Google AMP Ready

The BigCommerce Theme – Revo is crafted with the robust Stencil Framework and the latest BigCommerce technology, enabling you to effortlessly customize your online store. Notably, Revo offers a delightful blend of a minimal layout and trending features, including Bootstrap 4.x, an Advanced MegaMenu, Unlimited Color Options, Sticky Navigation, Product Badges, Photoswipe & Zoom, and more.

Equipped with numerous built-in functionalities and a powerful admin dashboard with a theme editor, Revo BigCommerce Theme is an excellent choice for a wide range of eCommerce online stores, whether you’re in the fashion industry, selling accessories, or dealing with technology products.


caros responsive car parts autom. large preview Best Bigcommerce Premium Templates [100% Responsive]

In the rapidly growing Cars & Auto Parts Automotive industry, where countless online retailers are flourishing, you can truly stand out by having an impressive Cars & Auto Parts Theme for your website. Enter CAROS – Cars & Auto Parts Automotive BigCommerce Theme (Stencil Ready).

Firstly, CAROS is a well-designed, responsive, and visually appealing template that places your products in the spotlight. It can significantly boost your sales with its attractive banners, product blocks on three different homepages, three stunning product page layouts, and other premium theme features.

What sets CAROS apart is its incredible UI/UX and Mobile Optimized layout, ensuring that visitors using mobile devices have a seamless shopping experience. Explore the numerous powerful features built on the Stencil framework, highlighted in our theme spotlight, along with the full range of theme features listed below.

Just like our other fantastic themes, CAROS isn’t limited to Cars & Auto Parts. You can also seamlessly adapt it for other stores like Supermarkets, Electronics, Tools, Powersports, Motorcycles, and more. Grab CAROS now to swiftly create a modern and professional e-commerce website store.

5. SarahMarket

SarahMarket - Large Store Grocery Responsive BigCommerce Theme

Imagine the thoughts that pop up in your head when you hear the name of the theme – SarahMarket – Large Store Grocery BigCommerce Theme. These thoughts are interesting, exciting, and tempting for you. And, when you walk into the demo, it is exactly what you want your customers to feel while shopping in your online supermarket. It’s like a dream closet they never had, inspired by the stunning Sarah. You’re now showcasing items that were once on their wish-lists, giving them a chance to experience the allure of being that stylish Sarah.

The theme is well-designed in the most fashionable way you can imagine. SarahMarket Grocery BigCommerce Theme has everything to trigger the shopaholic part in girls. Since the theme can evoke that feeling, it can make customers experience the same excitement while shopping in your online store. Therefore, the theme simply works best in boosting sales.

With Google AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages enabled, your website will display super fast, instantly on Google Search results. This means you can increase the conversion rate, click-through rate, and boost your sales up by 150%.

6. AP Alaska

AP Alaska - Responsive Bigcommerce Theme Template

Introducing Ap Alaska, a fully responsive BigCommerce theme that adapts seamlessly to various devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. This flexible theme is designed for diverse e-commerce sites, catering to products like fashion, gifts, accessories, shoes, bags, and more. Ap Alaska is not just any theme – it’s a unique template.

With a perfect blend of colors, sliders, banners, and layout, Ap Alaska is crafted to be visually appealing. The theme features full-width sliders and multiple banners to showcase new arrivals and promotional activities, instantly capturing the attention of your customers.

The bright background and clean layout of Ap Alaska highlight your products, creating an attractive display. Social networks and blogs are prominently displayed, allowing customers to stay informed about store promotions and coupon codes.

Built with the Stencil BigCommerce framework, the core that powers all modernized BigCommerce theme templates, Ap Alaska supports CSS3, HTML5, Foundation, Font Awesome, and more, ensuring the creation of refined web pages with semantic accuracy.

Ap Alaska comes with numerous built-in functionalities, including a powerful admin dashboard and theme editor. These features make it easier and more effective for customers to manage their site. Experience the versatility and style of Ap Alaska for your BigCommerce store today.

7. Razor

Razor - Electronics Store Bigcommerce Theme

Razor, a responsive BigCommerce theme designed for digital stores, offering highly customizable admin settings. It’s suitable for all types of online stores and aligns with the SEO standards of major electronics. Razor boasts a fully responsive design, ensuring compatibility with all mobile devices. Elevate your online store with the versatility and adaptability of Razor.


Whether you’re seeking a captivating Cars & Auto Parts theme like CAROS, a stylish and sales-driven theme for the Grocery industry such as SarahMarket, or a flexible and responsive digital theme like Razor, BigCommerce offers a diverse range of themes to meet your unique business needs.

These themes not only enhance the visual appeal of your online store but also come equipped with features that can contribute to a seamless shopping experience, boost sales, and elevate your brand in the competitive e-commerce landscape. Choose the theme that best aligns with your business goals and start creating an engaging and successful online presence.

FAQs About Bigcommerce Theme

How do I search for a theme in BigCommerce?

First, you log in to your BigCommerce account. Then, you go to the “Storefront” section and click on “My Themes.” There, you can search for a theme by typing its name or some keywords. When you find one you like, you can preview it and if you’re happy with how it looks, you can apply it to your store.

How do I change my BigCommerce theme?

To change your BigCommerce theme, log in to your BigCommerce admin panel, navigate to “Storefront” and then “My Themes.” From there, you can browse available themes and apply the one you prefer.

How much does BigCommerce cost?

Now, about the cost of using BigCommerce. They have different plans depending on what you need. There’s the Standard, Plus, Pro, and Enterprise plans. Each one has its own features and support levels. To know how much it costs, you can check their website or talk to their sales team. They’ll help you figure out the best plan for your business.

Can I use a third-party theme on BigCommerce?

BigCommerce supports a selection of third-party themes available in the BigCommerce Theme Marketplace. Ensure that the theme is compatible with your BigCommerce version before installation.

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