21 Part Time Weekend Jobs Near You To Earn Extra Income

Ever wondered how to make the most of your weekends? Well, I’ve got some ideas for you. You see, the weekend starts on Friday evening and ends early Monday morning, giving us a whopping 60 hours to fill.

Now, we all need some of that time for sleep and fun, but what about the rest? If you work a regular job from Monday to Friday, you’ve got around 16 extra hours each weekend.

Part Time Weekend Jobs

Sure, we often spend our weekends sleeping in, watching TV, doing some chores, and maybe hanging out with friends or family. But there’s still plenty of time left.

If you’re wondering how to make the most of those spare hours, I’ve got a suggestion for you: consider finding a part-time weekend job nearby. It’s not just about making extra money (though that’s nice); it’s also about learning new skills and staying productive.

So, if you’re curious about some great part-time weekend jobs in America that pay well, keep reading.

21 Best Part Time Weekend Jobs Near Me

Finding the perfect part-time weekend job nearby is easier than you might think. Just hop onto the websites of your local stores, restaurants, and businesses. You’ll often find job openings for the weekends there. Why? Well, places like local stores, restaurants, motels, and hotels tend to get busier on weekends. So, they often need extra help to make sure their customers have a great experience.

Now, I’ve put together a list of 21 awesome weekend jobs that not only give you extra cash but also pay well. Here it is:

1. Retail Sales Associate: Average pay per hour: $10-$15

If you enjoy interacting with people and helping them find what they need, working as a retail sales associate might be an ideal weekend gig for you. In this role, you’ll assist in various tasks, such as ensuring products are stocked on shelves, guiding customers to their desired items, and managing the checkout counter. The best part? You can earn an average of $10 to $15 per hour while doing it.

2. Server/Waiter: Average pay per hour: $8-$12 + tips

If you have a friendly demeanor and enjoy working in a dynamic environment, consider becoming a server or waiter/waitress at a restaurant. Your responsibilities will include taking orders, delivering food, and ensuring guests have a pleasant dining experience. On top of your hourly wage (typically around $8 to $12), you can also earn tips, making this a potentially lucrative weekend job.

3. Bartender: Average pay per hour: $10-$20 + tips

Do you have a knack for mixing cocktails and creating unique drink blends? If so, working as a bartender on weekends could be a fun and profitable choice. Bartenders work in stylish bars or even at private parties, crafting delicious drinks and providing excellent customer service. With the opportunity to earn tips, your hourly wage (typically ranging from $10 to $20) can add up nicely.

4. Barista: Average pay per hour: $9-$14 + tips

For those with a passion for coffee and a knack for creating delightful brews, becoming a barista is an excellent option. Baristas specialize in brewing various coffee drinks, using espresso machines, different coffee beans, syrups, and toppings. They also take customer orders and handle payments. Your pay can vary, but on average, you can expect to earn between $9 and $14 per hour, plus tips.

5. Delivery Driver: Average pay per hour: $10-$20 + tips

If you own a vehicle and have a valid driver’s license, working as a delivery driver on weekends could be a convenient choice. Numerous delivery apps, such as Amazon Flex, Postmates, DoorDash, Saucey, and Grubhub, allow you to select your working hours. This flexibility enables you to choose when you want to make deliveries. With average hourly rates ranging from $10 to $20 and the potential for tips, it’s a job that can be financially rewarding.

6. Tutor: Average pay per hour: $15-$30

Nowadays, there are various tutoring opportunities available in the USA. You can choose from different types of tutoring, such as visiting students’ homes, inviting them to your home, providing online lessons, or creating and selling courses online. Tutoring is a great way to share your knowledge and earn extra cash, with hourly rates averaging between $15 and $30.

7. Freelance Writer: Average pay per hour: $15-$50 (varies based on experience)

The term “freelance writer” encompasses a wide range of writing roles, including content writers, reviewers, journalists, feature writers, and columnists. If you have excellent writing skills and a passion for a particular subject, offering your services as a part-time writer on weekends can be rewarding. Your earnings will depend on the type of content you create and your clients. News media outlets tend to offer the highest pay for quality work, which can range from $15 to $50 per hour.

8. Pet Sitter/Dog Walker: Average pay per hour: $10-$20

Caring for pets is a special skill that not everyone possesses. If you’re one of those individuals with a natural affinity for animals, consider working as a pet sitter or dog walker during weekends. Apps like Woof and Rover make it easy to find pet-related jobs in your area. You’ll have the opportunity to spend time with furry friends while earning between $10 and $20 per hour.

9. Event Staff: Average pay per hour: $10-$15

If you enjoy socializing and meeting new people, working as event staff can be an enjoyable weekend gig. Event management companies and businesses often require extra staff for various events, including birthdays, weddings, ceremonies, funerals, company events, product launches, expos, and roadshows. Your role may involve assisting with event logistics and ensuring guests have a great time. Typically, event staff earn between $10 and $15 per hour.

10. Fitness Instructor: Average pay per hour: $15-$30

In a world where many people lead sedentary lives, there’s a growing demand for fitness instructors to help individuals stay in shape and achieve their health goals. As a fitness instructor, your job is to design and lead exercise routines and plans that cater to your clients’ needs. This rewarding role can earn you an hourly rate ranging from $15 to $30.

11. House Cleaner: Average pay per hour: $12-$20

If you’re meticulous and enjoy creating clean and organized spaces, working as a house cleaner could be a great weekend job. Apps like TaskRabbit can connect you with cleaning jobs in your area. These jobs typically pay well, with hourly rates often falling between $12 and $20. Depending on the task, you may work for as little as one hour or as long as eight hours per day on weekends.

12. Gardener/Landscaper: Average pay per hour: $12-$20

Who doesn’t appreciate a beautiful garden? If you have a green thumb and enjoy gardening, consider working as a gardener or landscaper on weekends. This job allows you to relax while tending to gardens and landscapes, making it an excellent stress-reliever. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to make new friends with the homeowners whose outdoor spaces you maintain or enhance. On average, gardeners and landscapers earn between $12 and $20 per hour.

13. Tour Guide: Average pay per hour: $10-$20

America is rich in history, culture, and attractions, and chances are your city has some unique sights to offer as well. If that’s the case, working as a tour guide can be a fulfilling weekend job. You can find such opportunities at travel and tourism companies near you. Often, city and area sightseeing tours are organized by large tour operators, and you’ll have the opportunity to guide passengers while earning between $10 and $20 per hour.

14. Photographer: Average pay per hour: $15-$50 (varies based on experience)

Photography enthusiasts, listen up. Your weekends can become even more exciting by working as a part-time photographer. You can capture special moments at events and parties or take your own photos and sell them on stock photo websites. To succeed as a part-time photographer, invest in high-quality lenses to capture stunning shots. You can also promote your services through platforms like Facebook and YouTube to attract potential clients. Depending on your experience, photography can earn you between $15 and $50 per hour.

15. Personal Shopper: Average pay per hour: $10-$20

Personal shoppers play a crucial role in helping people find the best deals and make smart shopping choices. If you have a knack for spotting bargains and enjoy assisting others, consider working as a personal shopper. Some personal shoppers even take online orders and deliver products to customers, similar to services like Instacart. With flexible hours and the potential to earn between $10 and $20 per hour, this is an excellent weekend job that can help you earn extra income.

16. Babysitter/Nanny: Average pay per hour: $12-$18

Parents often seek babysitters or nannies when they want to enjoy a private dinner, catch a movie, or simply take a break during the weekends. This role involves caring for children and ensuring their safety and well-being. Babysitters and nannies are typically paid per hour, and rates can range from $12 to $18. The best part is that parents often require care for several hours, and if they have more than one child, your earnings can increase accordingly. This job requires knowledge of childcare and the ability to connect with young ones.

17. Virtual Assistant: Average pay per hour: $15-$25

The role of a virtual assistant (VA) is one of the fastest-growing online jobs in the USA. As a VA, you’ll work as an online secretary, often for high-net-worth individuals or businesses. Your tasks may include managing emails, making travel arrangements, scheduling appointments, handling social media posts, and maintaining accounts. The specific responsibilities can vary depending on the employer. Virtual assistants can earn between $15 and $25 per hour, making it a flexible and potentially lucrative weekend job.

18. Customer Service Representative: Average pay per hour: $10-$15

Major retail giants like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and major banks in the US frequently require customer service representatives. This role is crucial for assisting customers with issues that may arise over the weekend, such as lost cards or fraud concerns. Unlike AI-based systems and interactive voice recorders, human intelligence is essential for handling complex customer needs. If you’re an extrovert with strong communication skills, consider exploring this opportunity, where hourly pay ranges from $10 to $15.

19. Lifeguard: Average pay per hour: $10-$15

Municipalities, sports clubs, hotels, and resorts often hire lifeguards to ensure the safety of swimmers and water enthusiasts. You’ll typically find lifeguards stationed near pools, ponds, lakes, riversides, and beaches, where people gather for water-related activities. To work as a lifeguard, you’ll need to have essential lifesaving skills, including CPR and first aid. Lifeguard positions offer hourly wages ranging from $10 to $15.

20. Receptionist: Average pay per hour: $10-$15

Many upmarket establishments such as clinics, salons, beauty parlors, and dressmakers remain open for business on weekends. However, due to the high volume of customers, their experts may not have the time to meet clients directly. This is where receptionists come in, helping manage appointments and assisting customers while they wait. If you have a friendly personality and excel in customer care, working as a receptionist can be a rewarding weekend job, offering hourly wages ranging from $10 to $15.

21. Online Content Creator: Average pay per hour: $15-$20

If you enjoy making videos or sharing your thoughts through blogs and social media, consider becoming an online content creator. Platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and personal blogs offer opportunities to showcase your creativity. You can earn money through ad revenue, sponsorships, and affiliate marketing. While income can vary widely, successful content creators can make a substantial income over time.


Looking for a great weekend job in the USA is not too tough at all. You can find these jobs on websites like Indeed.com, ZipRecruiter, and Glassdoor.com. First, see how much they pay per hour and think about what you’re good at. And guess what? You can even talk about your pay. The numbers I talked about earlier are just rough estimates. So, go ahead and explore some cool weekend gigs.

FAQ’s On Part Time Weekend Jobs Near Me

What are good part-time weekend jobs?

Good part-time weekend jobs encompass a variety of options, including retail positions, serving in restaurants, freelance gigs, or online tutoring. It ultimately depends on your skills and interests.

Why are all part time jobs on the weekend?

Not all part-time jobs are on the weekend; it may seem that way due to the availability of retail and hospitality roles. However, part-time jobs span across various days, so you can find options to suit your schedule.

What are some good part time weekend jobs?

Ideal part-time weekend jobs could include event staffing, pet sitting, or even delivery driving. Choose one that aligns with your preferences and commitments.

How to find part-time weekend jobs?

To find part-time weekend jobs, explore job boards, company websites, and inquire at local businesses. Networking and referrals can also be valuable in your search.

Where to find part time weekend jobs?

Look for part-time weekend opportunities on job search websites like Indeed or Monster, visit local job fairs, or check with nearby businesses. Your ideal job might be closer than you think.

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