I Have A Laptop How To Earn Money In India? (Guide 2023)

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You will know some better Latest ways to earn money from laptop. If you are looking for i have a laptop how to earn money in india?

I have a laptop from 2015. With whom I have earned $1000 dollars every month by working online. I have worked in many different ways. I have experience of so 5+ years, so I know that by doing what work we can earn from laptop.

But some skills that I learned earlier, only then I have been able to make money from laptop online. You may also have to learn many simple skills first. Because without any skill we cannot apply for jobs anywhere. You don’t need to panic.

I am also going to tell you the source of learning what I am going to tell you. It will take you hardly 1 to 2 weeks to learn any one skill. After that you will be able to do that work comfortably.

You will need some skill in some work, then there will be some work in which you will not need any skill. If you want to earn money from laptop, then read this article to the end and know all the ways by which money can be earned.

I Have A Laptop How To Earn Money In India

How can I earn money from my laptop in India?

If you also have this question in your mind, How do I make money using a laptop? We are telling you from our experience Solid and Easiest Ways to earn passive income using Laptop. Latest 16 ways to make money from laptop 2023.

16 Easiest Ways to Earn Money With Laptop in India 2023

Start Freelancing

1. Start Freelancing:

You can do freelancing as a part time or full time job. For this, you will need any one skill, such as website design, logo design, banner design, photo and video editing, etc. You can provide services with the help of an online laptop. For this you need to have internet facility and a paypal account, laptop, and any one skill. You can earn money by giving service.

Start Blogging

2. Start Blogging:

Make money from laptop: Blogging is one of the best online work from home for those who have a Laptop / Computer. Because it is very easy to manage a blog from a laptop. You must make a blog, if you want to earn from laptop sitting at home.

There are hundreds of people bloggers in India who are earning several thousand dollars every month. I personally know dozens of popular bloggers who started their career when they were students but now they are earning every month from blogging in many ways. He started his company from a blog and today many people are working with him.

Start Affiliate Marketing

3. Start Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing is a very good job that you can do easily with the help of a laptop. For this you have to create an audience first. For which you can start a blog or YouTube channel.

Create Youtube Channel and Earn Money

4. Create Youtube Channel and earn from laptop:

Creating a YouTube channel is also a good idea. You start making and posting very good tutorials, vlogs, video clips on YouTube. The more views you get, the more you will earn. I personally know a lot of people, who are running many channels on youtube, on different topics and in different ways are earning money from youtube. They can only help with the laptop.

Online survey jobs

5. Online Survey Jobs:

I made my first earning from online survey jobs only from my mobile phone. After that I worked on the same website on my laptop and got better surveys and my earnings increased. Although I do not do this work now but it is a very good work which you can do and earn money from laptop sitting at home.

Online teaching

6. Teaching:

If you know a Subject very well, then you can also teach people online and with the help of laptop this work becomes even easier. You will be able to do this work easier and more quickly by preparing the lecture by creating slides in Power Point. So start this work today.

Content Writing

7. Content Writing:

The work of Content Writing is for those people who like to type. It does not end with just typing, you should also have knowledge about the subject that is going to be written. Or you should know to do research so that you can collect information on that subject.

Sell Photo And Earn Money

8. Selling Photographs:

There is a unique business of selling photos online. Because in present time many blogs and many youtube creators need photos and videos for their content. If you are a very good photographer or you know how to click such photos which are perfect.

So you can earn by selling them. By editing a photo a little, you can sell it on such a website. Where photos are sold and bought. We will give you information about some of the best websites. Where you can sell your photos: Shutterstock, SmugMug Pro, & photojobz.com.

Photo Video Editing Work

9. Photo Video Editing Work:

It is the best work and its demand is also going to increase in the coming time. So you can start it but first you have to learn. Which is most important. If Photo Video Editing Work will not come, then how will you start.

Social Media Marketer

10. Social Media Marketer:

The demand of Social Media Marketer is also increasing. But no beginner gets this job. You have to learn it well first. You can do it for others and you can also do it for yourself like you can earn good money by doing affiliate marketing with its help. This is a huge part of digital marketing itself.

Earn Money By Filling Online Job Form

11. Earn Money By Filling Online Job Form:

You can earn money by filling online forms of people near you. Many forms of government jobs, and government schemes keep coming out. You can start this work. A printer will also have to be taken for this.

Online Jobs

12. Create and sell nft:

This work is trending a lot in 2023. Millions of people earn $ 1000 dollars a month by doing this work. All you have to do is create your own nft and sell it. You will get commission every time as many people go to buy it.

13. Publish your e-Book:

Our next method is that you can create and publish a single e-book with the help of your laptop. You can use Amazon Kindle to publish. Where your e-book will be sold world wide. You can use Microsoft Office, canva.com to create an e-book. There are many other platforms where you can create a good attractive e-book and publish it on Amazon Kindle.

14. Trading:

If you have knowledge about share market then you can start trading. This is a business that can give you a lot of money overnight. But if you do not have experience in share market. If you are not aware about it then you should learn about it first.

We know you want to make quick money. But investing inside the stock market without any experience can waste your money. That’s why we suggest that you first start this work only after knowing the stock market well.

15. Become a Subject Expert:

If you are an expert within a subject, that subject can be any subject like Hindi, English, Mathematics, Engineering, Medical, Science, Computer and many more such subjects. About which students keep asking for solutions.

If you have any such subject in which you are very expert, then there is good information about it. So you can answer people’s questions. This work can be easily done sitting at home with the help of laptop.

You can start working from today itself. No investment of any kind is required. All you have to do is create your account and start your work.

16. Starting an Online Course:

If you like to teach then you can give online tuition classes. Or you can launch a course of your own. You can record your course on udemy.com for free and sell it there.

udemy.com will automatically promote your course and keep some commission after the sale of the course. Will send you the rest of the money inside your account. You have to do this work only once. After that udemy will automatically promote your course and you will keep earning.


These were some such things that you can earn money by doing with the help of laptop. I hope I have been able to answer your question i have a laptop how to earn money in india? & How to earn money with a laptop and internet well. And I want to give you an advice that you should learn it before doing any work. And definitely start blogging. This is the best and highest earning way.

I have a laptop how to earn money in india? – FAQ

If you have some other questions in your mind, then we will know them too. You must share this article.

  1. How to make passive income using my laptop?

    Ans: There are many ways to earn passive income using your laptop like blogging, affiliate marketing, freelancing, youtube channel, content writing etc.

  2. How to earn money online without investment?

    Ans: You can earn money online without investment. You can earn by doing YouTube channel, freelancing, or online survey jobs. This is such work in which you do not need to invest even a single rupee.

  3. How can I quickly earn money?

    Ans: If you want to earn money quickly then you can start online survey work. You can create your account on ysense.com. Here you will be paid from $1 to $10 for completing a survey. Which you can withdraw within your PayPal account, Amazon wallet or bank account.

  4. How to earn $10,000 per day?

    Ans: If you have any skill then you can start freelancer work. Create your account on fiverr.com to earn $10,000 every day. And start selling your service by making a gig there. You can earn from $10,000 to $10,0000/M.

  5. How can I make extra money with my laptop?

    Ans: Yes you can make extra money using laptop. To earn money from laptop, you can do things like freelancing, content writing, blogging, and online surveys and you can earn from $ 100 to $ 1000 every day sitting at home.

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